Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Never Ending Discharge System

 Key System Number Three From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Never Ending Discharge System

System number three from our Infusionsoft training guide, the never ending discharge system. So what’s this? Well, it’s a systematic way of keeping in touch with our patients long after their care finishes. It is a sequence of automated emails pre-written to engage with, and constantly connect with patients. On discharge, the patient gets entered into Infusionsoft via another one of these webforms.
So this time it’s obviously not the secretary. At the final session, when care is over, you know, that initial phase of care, our therapist will have access to this webform through a link again, through URL, they’ll keep this on their laptop or on their iPad, and they just fill out. And you can see what we have there. We have some information, so we don’t just want to know that they’ve been discharged. What we want to be able to do is know what circumstance is the discharge. So we will have been speaking to them about all the things that we can offer them. You know, massage packages, orthotics, my book, Pilates Class etc. maintenance, plans, year of care, whatever. So we put that in the primary interest, then we put some comments for the follow-up team.

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So Johnny might be telling Vicki…so Johnny the therapist might be telling Vicki that this person is very interested in staying with us, you know or coming back to us in the next few months. And then we’ll put a follow-up priority. We’ll have high, medium or low. So if Johnny thinks that this person is a high priority, he’s much likely or very likely to buy more sessions from us very quickly, he’s class as a high priority. And we can see he was discharged, discharge completed by. He hit Submit, and then Vicki starts to get all of the information that’s been entered into this webform.
So Vickie’s in my follow up team, the person who brings out and is one of the most important departments in my physical therapy clinic, she can get on the phone. She knows the name. She knows what they’re interested in buying, and she knows the type or the mindset of the… you know, where the person is right now, and what else they’re looking for.


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So this is a huge for our cash-up sales, and this is how we make probably anything up to $10,000 equivalent to our practice right now because of this one single webform. I promise you, like infusion… if you know what you’re using Infusionsoft for, which is what this webinar is about to show you how to use Infusionsoft, then what possible for Infusionsoft, and then ultimately what’s possible for your business as a result of Infusionsoft, and you do it, there is no debate whether or not it is worth the value.
Going with the cheaper providers often cost you significantly more money because of what you can’t do. So if you’re planning on using this type of thing, and you are somebody who get stuff done, this stuff is powerful for your business and your profits at the end of the month. So Infusionsoft will send an appropriate email to the patient to say, “Hey, thanks. You know, thanks for coming to see us. We really appreciate you, so we give you some gratitude,” but it will also send a task notifier. So that’s something that goes to Vicki, or Sarah, or the appropriate person in my office to remind them to make a phone call to the person.


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So we make 24-hour and 30-day phone calls, and the plus term is quality control calls, and we just ring up and say, “Hey, how did you do? How did it go? Did you love what we did for you,” etc. And then at that point when they said, “Yeah, I had a great experience. Thanks very much. We got a care.” “Well, listen, Johnny said that you are also interested in A, B or C,” so it’s an up-sale opportunity. And those two calls there are responsible for, right now, my practice, $10,000. If your practice is bigger than mine, it will be more, if it’s less it will be smaller, but I promise you, as your business grows, that figure grows as well if you use this system.
The 30-day phone call brings three out of 10 patients back to us because we ring them up and there’s 30 days left, they may not be 100%. And that’s what we do, is just have that conversation. But this system from our Infusionsoft training guide works because it reminds the people in my office that this task needs to be done, and it will never stop sending them a task reminder until the task is done.


This is how you get stuff done. You don’t just ring up to the staff member or email a staff member saying, “Did you make the phone calls?” You go inside Infusionsoft and find out if they made the phone calls, because one thing’s for sure, it’s Infusionsoft will not have a day off. Your staff member might not be feeling great or might be a bit lousy that day, but Infusionsoft doesn’t care. It will keep telling them that Mrs. Smith needs to be called, do it, and you can see whether or not they’ve done it.


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So that’s what it starts to look like inside the account, okay? I’m not going to go too deep into the ins and outs, you know, the tech aspect of Infusion, because it really isn’t important. What’s important is that you know how to use it, and what you want from it. This is just the tech aspect of it, and you know, we can provide this type of training for you if you do choose to move forward. But ultimately, this is what happens.


These are called campaigns. These are marketing campaigns, and it really starts to help you understand the journey and the flow that a patient goes on. So we’ve got the Start button there. It can says, “That’ needs to be followed-up.” That cycle in the middle, it says, “Follow-up, make phone call,” that’s telling Vicki or Sara, when that webform gets filled out that I showed you, that this person needs a call, needs to call back tomorrow, needs to be called back next week, etc. Remove them from the sequence when it’s done. So you can see the Stop button, until somebody hits stop, because the person’s been called, they keep getting a reminder to call the person.


There’s a little of tagging going-on, and we can use time is to say, “Hey, after one day, do this, two days, do that.” So again, this is the kind of tech side of it, and these are the campaigns that you build out inside of Infusionsoft. Do not worry about these. These are the actual easiest aspect of it, and we know how to drop all of these into your Infusionsoft app if you did wanna kind of get it. This is about what you can get from Infusionsoft. And if you know that, this technical aspect of it is a doddle. Unfortunately, most people do the other way around. Most people who start here thinking that they need to know the tech aspect of it, and it doesn’t produce the results that they want. If you start with what you want from it, the tech becomes very, very easy. There are a lot of people who can do the tech, very few people who understand how to make the strategy all work.


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So what does this system do for us? It’s more referrals, more friends, and family of patients using the information we give them. We can get success stories. We ask people in the emails that we sent to them as they get discharge would be willing to come and do a video. We can ask for reviews online.


So remember, physios filled out the form. I’ve now got my team on the phone to them, but I’ve also got emails going out now asking for referrals, asking for reviews to be left on Google and Facebook, connect with us on social media so I can build life-long relationships. All of this is going on as a result of this discharge system. And we’ll give them opportunities to buy other products and services.


So the system will go on forever after they get to charge. You can have 12 months worth of emails, 24, whatever you want. And in the different emails that you’ll send them, you’ll say, “Hey, you know, did you know that we did massage packages? Hey, did you know that you could get orthotic? Do you know that we do workshops? Do you know that we have health and posture classes,” whatever. It talks to them on our behalf forever. So we can also ask them to come back and see, is it six and 12 months for a review or a top up? So every point of the journey, you know, different patients go into the system each day, and obviously, when they get to the appropriate six-month or 12-month phase, they’re gonna get an email that says, “Hey, are you ready for a review or a top up?” And my staff get that as well.


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So they get a task notifier at sixth month that says, “Mrs. Smith, she’s been gone for six months. Do you want to give her a call and see how she’s doing?” They’ll get another one after 12 months that goes, “Hey, you know, Joe hasn’t been in for twelve months, give him a call and see how he’s doing.” So we’re getting this stuff done. And it’s not that the people in your business won’t do it, it’s that the people in your business don’t get reminded to do it regularly. It’s that they don’t get prompted to do it. Nobody serving them with the absolute, this is being 12 months, and this is what Infusionsoft lets you do. It’s the driving force behind my business, and it helps me to get the best out of the people. You can only leverage two things in business, one is people, and one is systems. And this is how you get the best out of both.


So why do you need this? Well, here’s why. Most physical therapy businesses, the last thing that the patient remembers is the sound of the credit card machine taking their money. So this is my chance to ensure that full value for their money is received and felt. I don’t give up on the relationship just because they aren’t giving me any money now that they are better. I’m using software and I’m using technology to put my people back in front of them, and to continue to send them communication pieces through email, through postcard, through direct mail, through whatever, all thanks to Infusionsoft.


It also ensures that the first thing that they felt and the last thing that they remember is controlled by me. Not matter where I am in the world, remember, I’ve got my valued added welcome sequence, which has me on video, and our staff on video, I’m controlling that initial. Remember, the first impression is the most important. but the thing that they feel at the end is just as important. Most of what goes on in the middle, yeah, they’ll be, you know they’ll be very… they’ll talk about that, and it’s very important. But if you can control the first thing, and you control the last thing, those are the really the two things that human beings remember when they do interactions with any business. So you can control it thanks to these systems.


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Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Past patient reactivation

 Key System Number Four From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Past patient reactivation


All right, number four key Infusionsoft system from our Infusionsoft training guide is called past patient reactivation. This system works for us to get more past patients coming back to us on autopilot. After patients get discharged from our care, they also enter. So remember, this form that I told you, the physical therapist fills out the form, and he just has to do the form. It takes him like three seconds, and all of this stuff now goes on behind the scenes.


So it’s not a big job for anybody, because once you set this up, it’s just a form getting filled up, three seconds, anybody can do it. We also put them into a 12-month sequence of emails, right? One every state it is. Now, listen because this is genius, which tells them about what we call a health awareness campaign, all right? We might be running a health awareness campaign that month, and we were putting different messages and offers that the past patient can get, and we offer them information if they’re suffering with anything mentioned in email.


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So the email might be about back pain. The email might be about knee pain. And what happens is, the patient will reply to these emails asking for the different information, such as back pain tips or, you know, report, or knee pain, or whatever, and when they do, it’s a signal to us that they are suffering with something we can help with so we’re able to call them up and we start the conversation.
So this is them kicked off by the physio as part of the discharge system. Also, sends a different email. And as a result of this system, our patients or they’ll obviously tell their friends about it, they come back and see us very frequently for different injuries that may not have done unless we prompt them using Infusionsoft, so that makes sense.


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Every 30 days because of Infusionsoft, my patients get an email framed as, “It’s back pain Awareness Month at Paul Gough Physio Rooms. We’ve got some free information that we’d like to give you if you or somebody you know are suffering with back pain.” The mail goes to them 30 days, and then 30 days later about neck pain and we ask them to reply. When they reply, my secretary jumps on the phone and says, “Hey, what’s going on?” Because if they’re replying to an email about back pain, they’ve obviously got a problem that you know how to solve. It’s like getting them in the store. Once they’re in the store, have a conversation with them about how you can help them. It bring so many people back to the business, it’s untrue. Why is it important? Because patients procrastinate over everything, their health included. And sometimes they need to be prompted or a signal to do something and make an easy fast step.
So this system responsible for the sign that the patients were looking for to start the process of them coming back and see us. And that’s when I say the sign, it’s quite funny because that’s often what patients will say. It’s like, “Will you send me that email about back pain? It was like a sign that I had to do something because I’ve been waiting to do something for weeks, I just hadn’t got round to it.” It’s like, “Yeah, it was a sign. Like we put that there on purpose to encourage you, to nudge you to come back and to see us.” And it’s absolutely responsible for the huge volume of people who come back to see us without us having to do anything except start the system when they finished our care.


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So again remember, that’s two system started by one webform. Three seconds, all of this happens, three seconds, anybody can do this. Like I said, it’s not the technology that you obsess over, it’s what you want the technology to do. How do you want this to play out? How do you want this to impact your passions? That is what this is about, and why Infusionsoft is so powerful once you know how to use it.



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Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Win-Back System

 Key System Number Two From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Win-Back System


So key Infusionsoft system number two from our Infusionsoft training guide, something I call the win-back system. So what’s the win-back system? It’s a way of winning back a patient who told you, no. So a lot of times it happens. You don’t want a two patient tell you, “No, not right now. Can’t afford it, want to cheaper option,” or whatever. And the galleys used to think that that was a given, that just patients said no, and that was it, it was done.


There’s nothing else that could happen, until I put this system in plan. This is easily one of my most profitable systems. Most patients leave a physical therapy clinic and the owner thinks that it was down to the money that the patient said no.


So if you ever get push-back from co-pay or deductibles, or costs, or just halfway through the treatment plan, they tell you they found somebody cheaper, you can naturally show him that it was all about the money. Now, it isn’t always about the money. Oftentimes, they’ll just give you excuses, because it just isn’t the right time. It doesn’t mean that you’re not right, it doesn’t mean that your price is not right, it just means that right now, in that world, it’s not right. And that’s the messed and most important thing. So it’s important to understand that, that the price might be all right next month, but this month, it’s a problem. Okay, good. Let’s just build a system that factors that in.


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And when you grow and as you scale your business, this will become more of a factor. So in the beginning, you know, if you’re the only therapist, or you’re still heavily involved in patient care, you can control a lot of these things, and you keep the stuff in your head. But as your business gets bigger, and you start to expect PTs to call these people back or you relying solely on a physical therapist to make this call back to get them back on schedule, it’ll happen. And if it’s a frustration of a lot of business owners that, is that they expect the PT or the expect the front desk person to call these people back.
And with all the will in the world, it’s not gonna happen. Even if they do generally set out that day to call the three people back who dropped off schedule or, you know, you do, all this stuff gets in the way. So having a system working for you means that these patients can be coming back to you while you’re treating somebody else and/or doing something else because Infusionsoft is doing the hard work for you. So it’s got nothing to do with the money for most people. It’s a timing issue for most people, or they’re just weren’t ready for it right now, same thing. So they often make excited decisions at the beginning and come and see you, and the expense was the only thing that they could think of to slow the decision making process down.


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So often a month or two letter, that patient still hasn’t received the care or the outcome that they needed, nothing changed except they know accept that they need what you do. So if they leave your care to their, you think they’re going somewhere else, and most of the time they’re not, because if it wasn’t the right time with you, it wasn’t the right time with anybody else. So nothing will have change, most of them will still have that chronically knee pain or back pain. But what will have gone on is they’ve had another two months to realize how valuable and the need for your service actually is. Patients are very likely to call you back. This is why this works.


Out of their own free will, we wish they would but they just don’t. Six to eight weeks later when they’re still suffering with that knee pain or back pain, and they haven’t got it solved, they don’t call you back. If only they did, but they don’t. The reason is they’ll often feel silly and stupid for saying no to you a few weeks ago. They might think that you think they’re tight. You know, we live in a very judgmental world, and they may think that it probably isn’t true, but it’s their perception of it that matters. And all of this is gonna get in the way from them ever coming back to see you even though they want to or need to.


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So have a system built inside Infusionsoft for nurturing the patient back to my physiotherapy clinic. It started by a receptionist who enters the details into another webform. So we have another one of those webforms, which just kick-start another system of communication to that particular person. We just put their name, telephone number, and email address into the webform, and boom, Infusionsoft starts talking to them on our behalf. So I don’t need to worry about my secretary or physio remembering to do it today. The system will do it for me.


And on average, we win-back around about six of 10 patients within three months, and they always come back better patients because they’ve either tried some other crappy provider, or they’re in a worse condition than they were because under the two months of back pain, they’ve got even tighter or stiffer or the chronic pain is the inflammation is whatever. So they often come back as better patients. So the win-back system from our Infusionsoft training guide is incredible.


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Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Value Added Welcome System

 Key System Number One From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Value Added Welcome System

So key system number one of our Infusionsoft training guide for Physical Therapists; here we go! This is something that I call the value added welcome system. What is it? Well, simply it’s what we do to make the patient feel special and welcomed before they even arrive at our practice. It helps us to give them a clear understanding of what they’re really paying for before they are asked to pay for it, because at my physical therapy clinic, they’re not just paying for physical therapy; we like to provide an experience. We like to be judged on the experience that we provide for patients, the time that we give to people, the decision that we help them make. We like to brighten the day and have some fun with people, and we want them to judge us on that not just as a Physical Therapist.


A problem that lots of physical therapy clinics are running into is that they are commodities. They have people calling up and asking the price and then looking for somebody cheaper, or canceling appointments because they found somebody cheaper halfway through the cap line. That’s because you’ve let them judge you on the Physical Therapy, okay?


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Now there are hundreds of thousands of physical therapists around the world, so the game becomes, how do we get them to judge them on something else? How do we get them to judge us for something other than physical therapy? So in my clinic, we are being judged on the people of the business and the experience that we provide, and how we make people feel in terms of how special they feel when they enter our world, not just on how well we’ve recovered their ankle or their knee.


When you hit like that, it’s pretty dreadful. When you want to be judged on the outcome of a knee pain or a back pain, anybody can do that. What’s important is that they judge you on something that nobody else is providing, which is the experience and how you make them feel as a result of doing business with you. So the value added welcome system from our Infusionsoft training guide helps us to do that.


How we do it? Here’s a quick example from day one. Patients are entered into a simple webform, which I’ll show you in a moment, that’s connected to Infusionsoft.


They can be sent a sequence of emails telling them more about our physiotherapy practice. We get to reinforce our USP, which is, what our unique selling proposition is, and explain who we help and how. So when we communicate with patients who we help, so we say, “Hey, somebody just like you come to see us every single day,” they become part of our physiotherapy community. They feel more part of a community. They feel as though they’re part of a tribe of people just like them rather than simply going to a physiotherapy clinic.


Again, when you hear it, it doesn’t sound a lot better? Would you be prefer to be part of a community of people like you, or to go to a physical therapy clinic? And we also educate them on how we will help them, okay? We talk to them about the why and the how, and what we will do for them before they even arrive, so that there’s no fear about giving us their money, no fear about giving us that time. We’re educating them before they even arrive because it makes this wonderful thing called a prescription of care a lot easier for the therapist come the day of evaluation.

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So when we have to look them in the eye, and we have to sit down and say, “Hey, you need nine sessions or 12 sessions of physical therapy to solve this problem,” it becomes a lot easier because we’ve already helped them to understand what they’re going to get from us before we come along and tell them. These prescription of care sessions, you know that one hour that you have with a patient, you think that they’re listening to everything and they’re not.


Human beings can only take in 7% of the viable message. Probably cut that in half, given that our patients are actually in a lot of pain, stress, worry, fear, uncertainty, doubt in that first session, that’s the irony. Towards the end, when you’ve got that incredible relationship with them, they’re hearing more about what you’re telling them because they’re not as closed off, because they’re not in as much pain or worry.


So at the start, you’ve got to do everything that you can to open them up, to get them to feel relaxed, to get them to feel comfortable, to have already read ahead something that you repeat in the prescription because now, all of a sudden, it feels familiar. How do you get trust? The familiarity. The familiarity breeds trust, so the purpose of the value-added welcome system from our Infusionsoft training guide is to build trust already into the relationship before they start to even get to the practice.


So we put them at ease with videos and information that confirms they made the right decision. We don’t want buyer’s remorse when they arrive at my practice. And because they’ve been further informed and enlightened, patients show a warm and are happy to say, yes, at much higher prices than anybody else around here.


So most clinics, the patients show up with nothing but a bunch of insurance forms and questions about how much it’ll all cost. We eradicate all of that before they arrive, okay? They are just showing up, they kind of aware, they are excited to see us, we’ve got them excited, we’ve given the warm fuzzy feeling, and all thanks to the infusionsoft system that does it, and the content and the material that we put into the system, powered by Infusionsoft.


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I call it giving the patients the warm fuzzy feeling before we exchange expertise for cash, all right? You will be judged on expertise, you will beat. Somebody will come around the corner, we’ll do the same physical therapy for cheaper, so you can stay in that model, not anymore.


There are too many options for these patients, and we’ve got to move into a whole new model of running a physical therapy practice (using infusionsoft), the experiential model of running a business, and using systems to provide that experience.


So here’s an example of what we do in our Infusionsoft training guide. So we use Infusionsoft that sends an email saying, “Hey, welcome to our physical therapy clinic. You’re now a member of our practice”… (keyword: member)… and we email out again within 24 hours of the booking this appointment, so they haven’t been in to the practice yet. And they get an email with the subject line, “Do I have to take my clothes off?”
Now, that’s the video that they get. Thousands of people now watch that video, and it tells us true story. As you can see the email, “Hi Joe(?), it’s Paul here again, please let me continue to welcome you to my clinic. What I want to do today is make sure you saw this video. And it’s a video, that’s of three of my staff, and the one in the middle; Vicki, actually came to see me as a patient.


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Now, this was seven or eight years ago. She’s now the manager of my business. She walked into my treatment room with a shoulder problem, didn’t really understand you know, what physio was. I wasn’t doing any of this stuff back then. She came in, and I took for granted that she knew the procedure. So she asked me the question, “Do I have to take my clothes off?”


Now, I was walking out at the room, this is a true story. I was walking out the room to get something, and I said, “No.” She obviously didn’t hear me. I left the room, I came back in and she was in the middle of taking her clothes off. Okay, pretty routine for most, you know, patients and therapist. Patients sometimes have to take clothes off in front of you, we all know that.


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What the story that unfolded was obviously, as I walked back in, I said, “No, no, you know, you don’t need to get your clothes off blah, blah, blah.” Vicki was very embarrassed, even more embarrassed that within a couple of weeks, I’d offer a job at my practice and you know, obviously that kind of relationship all of a sudden then became she almost took her clothes off in front of her boss. Now, that is a completely different thing altogether.
So what happened was, when Vicki got the job, she started tell her patients this story, that she came to see me and she didn’t really understand what was going on, and she almost took her clothes off in front of me, and patients thought it was hysterical. Patients loved it. They found it hilarious, and it really put them at ease.
So I continued to encourage Vicki to tell that story more often, and then we realized there was a better way than to do it when they arrive. “Let’s tell it to them before they arrive.” So now we use Infusionsoft to send them this email and to ask them to watch this video, and as well as answering the question, “Do you have to take your clothes off?” which is a very common question that even if they don’t ask it, they wanna know the answer to it.


We answer some of the FAQs of physiotherapy, so we’re helping them, we’re putting them at ease. We regularly get replies to this video every single day, and patients telling us that they know they’ve made the right decision, you know, they’re already at ease. They have a laugh, they have a joke, they have a giggle, they’re so happy that we sent it to them, and they will sum the whole thing up by saying, “I’m glad I chose you. I know I’ve made the right decision.”


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Now, bear in mind that we haven’t even looked at their knee or their back yet. All that we’ve done is use some marketing systems from our Infusionsoft training guide; we’ve used Infusionsoft email funnels to send this type of thing to make them feel warm and fuzzy about coming to see us. They are already in love with what we do because we’ve made them feel special, and we put them at ease, the experience game.


Can you understand now how easy it would be for my physical therapist to come along and say, “Hey, you need nine physical therapy sessions, or you need 12 sessions and this is the fee,” because these people are warm and comfortable and familiar with us already due to the infusionsoft marketing funnel and nurturing.


Now again, you can it gives my patients comfort to know who will actually be serving them and looking after them tomorrow, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or whatever day it will be when they arrive at the physical therapy practice.


So how does infusionsoft help? Well, physical therapy is what you expect or what they expect us to do. The experience is the thing that they didn’t expect us to do. They did not expect that to happen. They did not expect us to have some fun and a laugh and to giggle with them before they arrive, you know, they didn’t want that. So they didn’t expect it. They didn’t ask for it, but we give it to them through infusionsoft. And everybody wants that type of thing to happen.


So we can be good at what we do in the treatment room, but if you’re focusing on it, you will lose to the physical therpaist who gives you a better…who gives these patients a better experience. So if you’re not focusing on it, we will lose to the physical therapy business around the corner who does do it.

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So since we started implementing the marketing systems from our Infusionsoft training guide for physical therapists, we got less no-shows, and less resistance to care plans, and even if one of my secretaries is having a bad day, the patient still gets to experience what we’re really all about as a physical therapy clinic.


So what I mean by that is, again, you could have a receptionist who’s just had a bad day, she’s not feeling well, she’s having problems at home, or he’s having problems at home, or just is having an off day because humans do. Even if that is happening, and the phone doesn’t get answered as well as we want it to, and we know that that influence is whether or not people show up and how much they pay, and whether or not they feel confident in the decision that they’re about to make, the patient still gets to experience what we really all about as a physical therapy clinic.


So this is me starting to show you a little bit now about Infusionsoft. This is a webform that we use and the systems are kick-started by a simple. So that is a marketing strategy that we build inside an Infusionsoft email funnel marketing campaign. So my secretary there can use that webform. It sits on her computer, on the desktop. She can enter the patients’ name, type of client, how they found us.


She can enter some you know, a little welcome chitchat that says, “Hey, Steve, you know great to talk to today, dah, dah, dah, where does it hurt?” Other things that we put in there just in case it isn’t back pain, or knee pain, or whatever it’ll be, how long have they suffered? Person’s main concern, what stops the person from doing, number one thing person would like to achieve, all right?

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‘Booked physical therapy appointment by’, so we can put Vickie’s name or Becky’s name in there. We can put the physio’s name. We can put the clinic location. We can mail match the time and the date. Pretty much everything that gets entered into that webform, gets mail merged into an email.


So within 60 seconds, they get a completely customized email to them literally delivered in a heartbeat, and that form takes like 60 seconds for my receptionist to fill out. When the patient gets it, it looks like the email has taken 10 minutes to write because of the infusionsoft system
So we’re saving time, but we are basically putting into that webform what they are telling us they are looking for. So it confirms to the patient very quickly that we listened, we understand it, and we know what they want to achieve. That is what drives certainty into decisions. And certainty causes people to show up, to pay confidently and to stay on schedule. And that’s what I love about Infusionsoft.


There are very few if any of the software or the equivalent CRM systems out there that compete with infusionsoft. You know the cheapest of that you might be considering that lets you do this type of thing, and that is the justification, you know, for kind of moving forward, or something like Infusionsoft, because it allows you to create.


These are just simple webforms. You go inside, you create them, you enter the details, and the automation takes over after that. And you access it you know, if you think, well, how you access the webform. You create it inside your app. You get an application, and you go in and you make the webform.


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And then you get a link. You get a URL like this just like a web link, or, you know, a webform, or whatever, Infusionsoft will give you the form. And I give that link to my secretaries who have it on their front desk. We have it open in our tabs. Whenever we want to go to it, we just click it or if it’s already open, obviously, it’s there for the staff to access.


So a lot of the systems get kick-started by these types of webforms at the beginning, and then it kick-starts all of the emails in the communication that goes out after. It started by you, and it saves you so much time moving forward.


This one system from our Infusionsoft training guide has alone significantly increased our arrival rates and complete plans of care. So before Infusionsoft, we had an 89% arrival rate, and since Infusionsoft, it’s 95.5%. We’re almost hovering around the 95% arrival rate. So 6% is a significant difference that becomes more valuable as you grow.

4 Price Rises In 6 Months – And You Think SHE’S The Crazy One?

3-Day Marketing Workshop: More Cash, More Profits 2017 

At my 3-Day Marketing Workshops I focus a lot on Profitability.


Because so many Business Owners are so busy, being busy (like bees), that they forget to actually make some of it.

In true 80/20 fashion, and often without realizing, your time and energy is spent focusing on the wrong things that produce little if any noticeable difference.

Ever felt like that?

One of the reasons it happens is that often what NEEDS to be done, is what we don’t WANT to do.

Or, as is most often the case, we think that it CAN’T be done because no-one else is doing anything like that.

Take price rises for example…

One of my clients has so far raised her prices “4” times in the last “6” months (gasp!)…


When I told the group at my recent 3-Day Marketing Workshop WHAT she had done, their response was not HOW did she do it – as in “tell me more”…

…it was “that’s crazy” – as in, “that can’t be done!”

My response:

“You think she’s crazy for doing it – I think your crazy for NOT doing it”

Ask yourself this question:

“Which world do you want to live in?”

A world in which you are continually dumped on by everyone else around you as they all raise their rates and fees meaning you are actually LESS profitable, year on year…

A world were you are waiting for years and years – adopting the “when-then” philosophy to finally find the courage to raise your rates by a measly “$5” which would barely get you a bag of chips if you lived in California…

A world that says “when you get a bit more experience – then you will be profitable”..

A world that thinks “when I get a better premises THEN I’ll raise my rates…”

A world that thinks the first consultation HAS to be more expensive than the Eval’ – even though doing so actually de-values the work being done by your hands, that the PATIENT values most…

OR, how about this one?

A world in which taking control of your own destiny is the “norm” and raising rates and making more profit becomes more of a regular occurrence than the words “Donald Trump” and “Breaking News” coming out of Anderson Coopers Mouth on CNN.

Cos’ that is regular.

Anyhow, here’s a the real Breaking News:

Profit often comes before cash.

But cash is king.

It’s handy to have both.

If you want some more of both, join me at my aptly named “More Cash, More Profit 2017 ”3-Day Marketing Workshop.

10 seats max

Details here:

3-Day Marketing Workshop: More Cash, More Profits 2017 >


Paul Gough


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Accelerator – Do Any Of These “7” Things Resonate With You?

Sign up for Accelerator here >

In the last “72” hours I have been reaching out and asking all of the PTs who have signed up for Accelerator, “WHY” they signed up…

As in, what is the biggest challenge/frustration that they want solving as a result of joining the Accelerator Masterclass Program.

Below are the top “7” reasons – have a read and see if any of them resonate with you:


1. Website/Webmaster Frustration!!!

Most Websites are NOT designed for the new “search to task completion” rules that Google is looking for – that means Google is pushing those websites to page 2.

We will show you how to make simple changes to your website so that your Website becomes a profitable asset – rather than stuck in the graveyard of page two on Google.

2. Not enough Profit and uncomfortable with raising rates!

Most PTs are not charging anywhere near what they could be.

Most Cash PTs are drastically underselling their services and struggling financially as a result.

We will show you what to do so that you increase your services by at least $50 per session.

3. Social Media content being IGNORED and OVERLOOKED!

Most PTs are putting out content on Social that is being ignored – and yet, creating the right social media content is one of the best ways to bring new patients to you.

We will show you how to create the right content to resonate with the people happy to pay your new, higher fees.

4. Unable to make Facebook Ads fire!

Most PTs are struggling to make Facebook ads work and because of that they are getting frustrated, wasting time and ad dollars- not to mention missing out on patients.

Things have changed on Facebook – and we’ll bring you the latest updates to make sure you can get new leads and patients from Facebook.

5. No idea where to start with Marketing

Most PTs have absolutely no-clue where to start when it comes to “Marketing to the public” – as such, they are overlooking opportunities to get noticed using Traditional Marketing Media AND reach No.1 on Google.

Accelerator will show you how to do both…

6. Pi**sed with low Insurance Company reimbursements!

Most insurance companies these days are hardly paying enough to cover expenses – never mind to make a profit.

One of the goals we have for Accelerator is to put you into a position to drop 20% of your worst payers inside 12 months – and replace them with higher paying cash patients.

Very few PTs realize you CAN be more profitable by seeing LESS patients.

When you get some more cash pay in your clinic – you will see what we mean.

Others are already doing it – why should you miss out?

7. Ignored/Overlooked by Doctors!

Isn’t this the biggest kick in the teeth ever?

The doctors who PTs have to ask/beg for referrals – barely even take the time to speak to us…

Worse, PTs probably know more about back/knee/neck pain etc than they do – yet we sit below them in the referral chain.

Oh the irony.


So there you go – if any of those sum up how you feel right now, then we invite you to enrol in Accelerator.

There will be “50” PTs on this program – and my best bet is that you are likely to be facing a business challenge or obstacle that they are about to have solved…

Go here to join us – we have “5” space left and we always fill up..


Paul Gough


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What’s The Difference Between A PLAN – And A Marketing System?

In comes a question from a PT from Oregon just a couple of days ago:


“Paul, I am some-what confused over what is a PLAN – over a Marketing SYSTEM…

I hear you talk about both.

Can you shed some light on the difference between the two as I am pretty sure that I need both – I just don’t know which one to start with”.

– Mike, Turning Point PT, Oregon.


“Great question”!

And, let me answer it for you.

A Marketing Plan is something that acts as a road map – a route – a GPS – towards the target on the wall.

What’s the “target on the wall”?

Well, that could be something like $10,000 per month revenue from cash-pay patients, or direct-access type referrals.

If you are an In-Network Provider – setting a PLAN like this – and executing it – is likely to be the best money you’ll ever earn.


Because if 80% of your business, that is reimbursed by Insurance, is averaging $110 – and you can bring in an additional 20% of revenue at a cash-pay rate of, lets say, $170, then the additional $60 profit is all YOURS.

All of it.

This is called LEVERAGE – and it exists inside of every business when you choose to look closely at the REAL income streams happening in it…

(You do look at this, right?)


If you are a CASH-PAY clinic – having a Marketing PLAN is an absolute must…

…In-Network providers have an out-let – a “go-to”, if you like – in Doctors, so they can, for now, always fall back on the doctors-luncheon trap in the absence of a PLAN…

You and I don’t have that luxury.

So what is a Marketing System?

Well, a SYSTEM – that’s how you do the work of FULFILLING the plan…

A SYSTEM helps you to hit the numbers that you set out in the PLAN – more easily and faster.

So the inevitable question is, which one should you concentrate on first?

I guess that’s up to you to decide…

If you need a PLAN, take a look at this:

Where to get your New Marketing Plan.>

And if you are wanting to create a scalable Marketing System, then look at this one:

New Patient Accelerator: Highlights of Module 2 – creating a System

Both are vital – and the order, I guess it depends upon YOU…

Some people like to dive straight into creating a Marketing System and then later realize that the System would be more efficient if it was working towards achieving a goal set out in a PLAN…

…others, they want to do the ground work FIRST, line all the ducks-up in the right spot – THEN get the system running.

It doesn’t really matter…

What matters most?

That you make a start!

Just pick one – and actually DO IT! 😉

Get a Plan here.

System details here.


Paul Gough


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Tour Update: House hunting in “Encinitas”, San Diego

It’s day 22/48 of the Tour.

I’m in Terminal 4, Gate B25, of Phoenix Sky-Harbour Airport – and I’m waiting to board my flight back to San Diego.

(Fish Taco’s for Dinner when I land 😉

In between new-house (…”Encinitas”) AND office hunting (…Downtown San Diego) on Saturday (…thanks to the help of top Chiropractor, “Ben Ramos”), I spent the weekend flying between Las Vegas and Phoenix…

I love life on the move…

Of course, it gets a little hectic – trying to run two businesses from the air (and an Uber) really stresses/tests how robust your businesses are…

But so far, so good.

Here’s a great picture of some TOP LAS VEGAS PTS that was taken in Summerlin, Las Vegas, on Friday night at the Nevada Meet-Up:

(Starring: Jeff Moore, Jerry Durham, RJ Williams, Matthew Villages, Arturo Hernandez, Eric Christiensen, and many more amazing PTs..)

So the best of the conversations I’ve had this weekend??

Let me think…

Aaah yes, how about this one:

“The vulnerability that comes with
starting anything new – or worthwhile…”.

A lot of PTs are telling me that they feel overwhelmed right now at the prospect of having to change their business/marketing model…

Well, I know how that feels.

In my own life right now, I feel like I am almost starting again…

I am “walking away” from a successful 7-Figure business, a beautiful home, an office that I own and call my own, staff that I am familiar with – and a life that is, on paper, everything and more I ever dreamed of having…

These days?

I’m looking for a new office – likely to be shared with people I don’t know in a place far, far away…

I am up-rooting my family “6,000” miles across the pond – from living in a gorgeous home we call our own, to most likely renting a home, half the size!

I’ve got NO staff that I know, like or trust – so I am going to have to go back to hiring slow (maybe firing fast) methodology at the same time as learning Californian employment – and tax law…

I’m so far out of my comfort zone right now that if I didn’t have a very clear reason WHY I am doing what I am doing in starting a new business here in the USA, I think I might turn back.

So how do I continue to push forth??

I always go back to my “why”.

So what is my “why” for the disruption?

It’s to give my family the BEST POSSIBLE SHOT at an incredible lifestyle that would mean my kids spending more time outdoors (than indoors) – and me learning just how “good” I really am at this game of business…

I’ve done it in the one country – but can I do it on a global scale?…

(I’ll let you know, lol)

So whenever I get scared or a little confused about what I am doing this for – I just go back to the why.

If I can learn something about myself in the next 5 years – and if my kids and Natalie get to enjoy new experiences – and immerse themselves in a new culture that they’ll not get anything like or close to back home, then it’ll be worth it…

For you?

Maybe that’s part of what you gotta’ do, as well?..

Many of the people who follow my work tell me when we get face-to-face that they just KNOW that they need to do something – they just don’t know HOW or WHAT?

Yet when you have the WHY taken care of – the HOW becomes less challenging and the WHAT becomes obvious.


Paul Gough

P.S Do you need a completely new Marketing Plan for your clinic to get more Cash Pay Patients into it??

3-Day Marketing Workshop: More Patients, More Profits 2017 >

If you have started the year NOT as well as you had hoped – and things remain much the same as they were in 2016 – then lets get that changed for you…

My 3-Day Marketing Workshop will do that – and it is already beginning to fill up…

At this Marketing Event you’ll get the chance to work with me for 3 days – and I’ll personally create for you a 12 month Marketing Plan to help you avoid the cost of losing out on patients that should be coming to see you.

What’s ironic is that some PTs will turn their noses up at investing in a Marketing Training like this because it’s “too expensive” – yet that same person is happy to look at their empty schedule week after week, failing to do the math and realize that these things cost a lot LESS than a schedule constantly half empty.

(Know what I mean??)…


The last Event that we did completely sold-out – and this one will do the same.

(How your 3-Day Learning Experience with me will look).

3-Day Marketing Workshop: More Patients, More Profits 2017 >

If you want to work with me so that I can get to know yo personally – and help you to create a solid Marketing Plan to attract 10,000 + cash paying patients, go here for the details:

3-Day Marketing Workshop: More Patients, More Profits 2017 >

Seats allocated by application only.


Click here to find out more about the “More Patients, More Profits 2017” 3 Day Marketing Workshop – and when I’ll be in a city near you!…

Click here to watch The Paul Gough Physio Rooms Show EP:021 Helping Patients Overcome The Resistance To Booking PT >

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How to Raise Prices at Your Physiotherapy Clinic – Without Losing All Your Patients

This article is written by Physio Paul Gough – founder of the Paul Gough Physio Rooms, a successful 4-clinic Private Physio Practice in the North East of England. Paul is a former professional football physio, a published author, host of a top rated Business Podcast on iTunes, winner of the “Small Business Icon” award – and he now helps Physiotherapy Business Owners in America and across the world to grow their clinics profits using internet and direct marketing strategies.

If you are a UK or Ireland based Private Physiotherapy Clinic Owner – chances are that you’re not making the profits you deserve.


Simply because so many private physio’s are charging way LESS than they should be…

And it’s hard to make a profit if you’re only charging £35-£40 per visit.

Every successful Physiotherapy Clinic has one thing in common – they are able to command DRASTICALLY higher prices than their competition.

They are not only able to charge higher prices than most – they’re able to do it without the fear of loosing any patients.

At my own clinic – the Paul Gough Physio Rooms – we are charging “£65” for a 30 minute visit – and “£99” for a 60 minute visit.

And that’s in a small, economically challenged town in the North East of England – “Hartlepool”.

For context – most of the private physio clinic owners in my area are charing “£40” (at best)…

So how can we charge 50%-120% more than them for providing the “same” service – and without fear of losing all our patients?

Well, here’s how:

The REAL problem that most physio clinic owners have is that there is an abundance of choice when it comes to a patient choosing a private physio (not to mention the free NHS option)…

If I search in your small town for a physio on Google – I won’t have to scroll to far to find a few numbers of who I could call.

And that’s what a lot of patients are doing….

Now lets say that the person looking, decided to call each one of those physio’s and asks the question:

“How much is a each session?”.

Now what happens next is what is vital for you to understand…

Given that every physio in that town is all looking at what each other is charging, they’re all going to be round about the same.

Lets say for argument’s sake your competition is charging £35.

You might go “brave” and charge £40 per session just because you believe that you provide a superior service.


But the problem with that is, you are still within sight of the clinic round the corner in terms of the perceived value that you offer.

And PERCEIVED VALUE is ALL that matters in the beginning.

Lets face it, is anyone really going to miss that extra £5?..

Especially when it comes to their health?..

Of course not.

But because “£35” and “£40” occupy the same space in the brain when it comes to the decision to buy something – the person thinking about buying comes to the conclusions that because the price is “similar” – almost exactly the same – there’s not going to be that much difference in the quality of provider.

How can it be? Their fees are so similar…

And in the absence of any other reason to buy, people will always come down on the side of the cheaper provider (for everything).

The key word there are: “In the absence of any other reason” – which most businesses never provide to a consumer thinking of making a purchase.

Now lets look at what happens when someone calls my clinic:

If they ring my competition, they are comparing a provider who says their skills are worth “£35” – with someone (me) who says their skills are worth “£99”.

If you are the patient, your first instinct is to think “what the hell are these guys going to do differently if they are charging £99?”.

We are so far above the competition – that we are in a league of our own.

They are not making a decision on price anymore.

They are now making a decision that is about RISK…

DO you RISK the “cheaper” health care provider.

Or go with the more expensive one?

Very few people can not sit comfortably with choosing the REALLY cheap option.

And if they do – you don’t want them in your clinic.

We create such a gap between us an our competition that we attract people to us who WANT to pay that higher fee because they’re buying into the certainty that comes with choosing a company that feels confident enough to command a much higher fee.

Sure, you’ll lose one or two patients – but in our experience, they are not the type of clients that we would want to work with any ways…

…and most people who do object to our prices – when you ask them, they would never have paid £30 – never mind £40 or £45.

So you really have got nothing to loose.

At best, you’ll see less patients – and make more profit.

Isn’t that the reason you are in business in the first place??

I put it to you that this type of Price Strategy is happening to YOU everywhere you shop – and in every decision that you make as a consumer…

…why not make it happen for you as a business owner??

If you believe that your service is more superior than your competition – and that the value you add to your patients life goes way beyond the “average” £35 per session that most physios accept, then why not do something about it, starting today?

All that stands in the way is a little “mind-set” shift on how you see what you – and what you stand for.

To help you, here are 5 simple strategies that make raising your fees much easier:


1. Give people an option and let them decide what they want to pay – have a higher priced session and a lower priced session (less time) that lets them go lower and start there if they want to.

2. Offer Packages – people like to buy packages and it’s much less “painful” to pay once, upfront, than it is to keep paying at the end of every session

3. Communicate what makes you different – this is called your “USP” (Unique Serving Proposition). It’s how you describe to people why and how you are different to all of the other options that they have got (including the NHS where it’s free)

4. Spend more time talking to the patient on the phone – The more time you talking about THEM and their problems on the first phone call (we aim for 20 min first calls), the more that you are able to custom tailor a solution that is perfect for them – one that they will be happy to pay more for.

5. Create “Deal Flow” – this is where you have so many people wanting to hire you that you can pretty much charge what you want because people need you more than you need them. Most physio businesses never ever experience this situation in their lives because they do not invest in their Marketing – at all.

Instead, they rely upon “word of mouth” referrals or those coming from third party like Medical Agencies or Insurance companies and are there never in a position of authority to set the fees they want.


So there you have it…

Start with understanding how people do actually make their purchase decisions – not how you “think” or “feel”…

People do not make decisions to always buy the “cheapest” – if they did, they would all be driving rusty second hand cars, wearing the cheapest clothes, eating in the worst restaurants and no-one would ever be going to anywhere nice for their holiday.

How people make purchase decisions is very simple and very predictable and the more that you invest the time to learn about these types of things – the more successful your physiotherapy clinic will be.

That’s it for now, if you want more information like this from me, be sure to go here to listen to the Podcast that I created on this topic:

And, join my email list to get notified of when my podcasts, blogs and video training get released.

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Successful PT Clinic Owners – Stuck In “No-Mans Land”

“Hello from the other side”

It’s day 2/48 of my latest USA Tour.

It’s 4.38am CST (gotta’ love jet lag!) – and I’m writing to you from my hotel room, just 6 blocks away from Austin’s “The Capital” building, on Congress Street.

So far I’m “2 for 2” on old-pit style Texan BBQ food for dinner – and I’ve already had the pleasure of spending time with some of the best PTs in America…

Pull up a chair – and let me tell you more:

Yesterday I took a trip out to a town called “Lakeway” – the home of top PT “Paul Hendricks” who is the founder of “Body Balance PT” a clinic that is set up to help athletes and golfers.

Paul already runs an incredibly successful clinic and he invited me into take a look around and talk strategy for his businesses growth.

Pauls story was interesting – and very familiar to me:

See, he’s been growing his business for the last “12” years by “word of mouth” referrals…

And by his own admission, he’s done “ZERO” external Marketing.

I sensed a little hesitation in his voice as he said it – as if he KNEW, that he could and should of been doing more…

Now one of the things I always point out is that although “word of mouth” is obviously good for business…

…the problem is that it can be slow – and very unpredictable.

And this is, by the way, chief culprit and reason no.1 why most clinics do take 10,15, 20 years to get to the point where the business owner – you – can start to step back.

But my question to that business owner – and to Paul – is always this:

“Why wait 20 years?”


“Who told you it has
to be that way?”

(Because it doesn’t – not in 2017).

And as I walked around Paul’s gorgeous clinic it was clear that he really is the REAL DEAL when it comes to his ability to help golfers both stay fit – and get fit!

So I asked him…

“How far do people travel
to come to see you?”

“From all across Texas”, he replied.

So it’s safe to assume that he’s pretty good at what he does (PT) – and people are talking about him…

My follow up question:

“What about all the 100,000’s of
golfers who don’t know you exist…?”

And my next question:

“What are you putting out on Social Media to connect with these golfers to show that you’re the expert – and how are you using Facebook to find more top golfers in the state?”

There was silence…

And then came the realization for “Paul” at just how much possibility lay ahead for his clinic’s growth in the next 12-18 months…

If he’s got this far without any Marketing, how far and how fast can he grow with the right Marketing Plan??

All that it takes to speed up clinic growth is the execution of the right Marketing Pan.

Without a Plan, it’s easy to get “stuck”.

And as I step-in-side and go eye-ball to eye-ball with PT clinic owners on this 48 day Tour, I suspect I am going to hear the same story daily…

A clinic doing “ok” – that has taken 10,15, 20 years to get going – and an Owner currently working too hard who now wants to step back to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

The big QUESTION is, then:

“How do you get across
“no-mans land”?

From that point where you have just enough referrals coming in to keep you busy…

…but not quite enough yet to feel comfortable in hiring another staff PT or front desk to do everything for you.

Is that you??…

Because the reality for most Business Owners is they stay STUCK in that “no-mans land” for years…

…and that’s because they don’t do the one thing that every single business on the planet has to do if they want to SCALE.

Which is???

Drum roll please…

“Acquire more new patients at a rate faster than they can accommodate the demand”.

And with things like Facebook, Google Ads, Newspapers (cheaper than ever), Re-marketing, Social Media, Emails, and countless other platforms to get your message out there to the right person you want to help…

…there really has never been a better time to run a PT Clinic – anywhere in the world – if you step out side of the “word of mouth” and “doctors luncheons” trap most are still stuck in.

Can you do it??


Paul Gough


Click here to find out when I’m in a city near you this Feb/March! 

New USA Tour Dates For Feb/March 2017 – Want To Come And Meet Me In A City Near You?

Dear US Physical Therapist,

Over the next 7 weeks….

I’m taking in “8” different cities, attending business meetings, Masterminds, conferences and most importantly – meeting up with more amazing PT’s like you.

As well as that, I am also actively looking for my first US business office – in the San Diego Area.

I’m taking in “8” different cities, attending business meetings, Masterminds, conferences and most importantly – meeting up with more amazing PTs like you.

As well as that, I am also actively looking for my first US business office – in the San Diego Area…

Anyhow, here’s the dates of where you can find me in the next 7 weeks:

Want To Come And Meet Me?

Here’s My Tour Dates And Venues For The Next 7 Weeks:

Catch up with friends, colleagues and visit a clients clinic – “Stephen Dunn” – PLUS, dinner with Dr.Jared Carter and other top PT’s in one of the coolest cities on earth.

…CSM! “10,000”+ PT’s in one city – PLUS, enjoy a beer or two on the
gorgeous river walk at the end of each day

…Guest speaker at the Mastermind Event
of the top numbers man, Andrew Vertson

…”Base camp” for the majority of the trip, My family join the Tour at this point… I land at 6pm, my two kids and girlfriend land at 8pm on their flight coming over from London before taking an Uber to our place in La Jolla

…Guest speaker at Jerry Durham and Jeff Moore’s Patient Experience Event – maybe get to re-watch Britney 😉

…I am now an official “certified partner of the software “Infusionsoft” and for two days I am meeting with the top guys of the company to map out a plan to bring this amazing software to more top PT’s across the world

…Spend some time with Natalie and the boys, maybe head to the “Zoo” to keep “Harry” happy, and then over to “Coronado” for cocktails at sunset to keep his Mammy happy lol 😉

…Natalie LOVES to shop and maybe I’ll bump into Jerry Durham
while we are there for a few days

Host 2-Day Business Planning/Development Event in La Jolla for 40 top PT’s who are part of my Mastermind Program. This 2-days will be Epic – look out La Jolla

… Guest speaker at the Washington State Private Practice
Section Annual Conference in Chedale

Fly back to Terminal 5, Heathrow, London and return to overseeing the running of the Paul Gough Physio Rooms and plan for family’s next trip out to the USA in May

So there you have it…

My tour itinerary for the next 48 days…

If I’m close to a city near you – why not come and say “hello”??

Email, Skype and video are great – but nothing beats the warmth and connection of an in-person, face-to-face meet, wouldn’t you agree???

I’m excited to get to meet more of my community – and I’ll be keeping my Social Media channels a-wash with updates, selfies, videos and footage from the tour.

Be sure to keep up by joining the community here.


Email me: if you want to meet up for a beer or grab coffee in any of these locations!

I’ll see Y’all soon – starting in Austin!

Paul Gough 🙂

Two Little Words (Said By A Receptionist That Costs You $$$)

On the face of it, “probably won’t” – isn’t all that much of a phrase that you would ordinarily pay much attention to…

But with some context, it becomes so.

For example:

When it’s said by the well-meaning secretary of an in-demand PT explaining why “you probably won’t get to see him after the initial Eval’”, to a new patient calling…

…then all of a sudden it’s worth paying attention to what it means to the person hearing it.

Or, more importantly, how it makes that person FEEL about doing business with you.

Think about a typical patients journey…

They pick up the phone to talk to a stranger…

They admit that they have a problem to that stranger (not easy to do…)…

Then they are then told that the person they want to see CAN SEE THEM…

…BUT, that it’s unlikely to be for anything more than one session.

What’ll happen next??

“Who knows”…

(They don’t know either).

Will I get the outcome?

Will I be seen as many times as I need?

Will I get the service that I’m looking for?

And you want me to pay “how much” out-of-pocket for this???

And so it goes on and on – and on…

Doubts raised about the CERTAINTY in which the patient will get the outcome that they plucked up the courage to call for – and will have to *pay* for…

Value is something that a patient PERCEIVES.

It’s a concept.

It’s a feeling.

And when enough of a feeling “conjures” inside, people take action – and sometimes do stuff they otherwise wouldn’t…

It’s like I keep saying…

There’s NO money problems in this world…

There’s a reason the US and UK collectively are in multi-TRILLIONS $$$ worth of debt…

And that’s because people with “no-money”, often buy things based upon how the words of the people offering it to them made them FEEL.

How are your marketing and office staff making your patients FEEL about paying your fees?

To wrap up:

The secret to cash-pay or self-referral success for ANY PT clinic, anywhere in the world, is found in the way that you are able to make someone FEEL about WANTING to do business with you…

It starts with what you say in your Marketing – and continues on the phone.


Paul Gough


Click here to listen to – podcast EP:001: Marketing 101 – How To Tap Into The 93% Of People In Pain, Currently Being Overlooked… 

And Click here to watch Youtube Show EP:022 – Giving My Staff A License To Thrill

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Accelerator Method – Achieve Price Freedom (Part 6)


Week 6 of Accelerator is here and I can’t believe it’s our final class…

First a quick re-cap:

Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Accelerator were all about teaching my students how to increase the number of people who want to do business with them…

You can catch up on the highlights here…

Accelerator Week 1
Accelerator Week 2
Accelerator Week 3
Accelerator Week 4
Accelerator Week 5

This week I showed my group of great Physical Therapy business owners how to achieve ‘Price Freedom’.

What is Price Freedom? It’s the ability to charge whatever prices you want (the prices you deserve) without losing patients, and growing your business at the same time.

It’s all about creating a price structure that makes you more profitable AND offering other products and services that are aligned with your perfect patient, that they’ll want to buy from you… forever.

So with that said, lets get into “10″ of the biggest highlights from the final week of the New Patient Accelerator Program, week 6, so you too can discover how to MAXIMISE the cash value of your new patients…

Key Takeaways

#1 The Number 1 Thing That Allows You To Charge Higher Prices…

Raising prices is often hard for many business owners – we get emotionally attached and worry that people will say ‘no’ to paying what we really want to charge.

But there’s a way around that – GREAT Marketing (and continued investment in your clinic Marketing)

Which is why your Message to Market match is so vital…

It’s the job of your Marketing to attract your perfect patients to your clinic with messages that resonate with them so powerfully, that they wouldn’t ever dare risk going anywhere else.

Get that right and you’ll be able to charge more than your competition.

#2 Patients Really CAN Afford Your Fees

A lot of business owners face people telling them ‘they can’t afford their fees’ – it happens in every industry, in every town…

And unfortunately it’s happening more and MORE in the PT industry, especially as the cost of health care rises!

So do you have to suffer? Nope!

This is another reason why investing in your clinics Marketing is KEY to being more profitable… If more people know who you are, and more people want to do business with you, then essentially you’ll have a steady stream of people lining up in your waiting room – so you can confidently raise your prices.

(And not live in fear of losing one or two people just because you’re charging a higher fee).

#3 Selling Is An Exchange Of Value

When you can get your customers to understand the value of what you’re selling (the benefit to them of a monthly massage, or maintenance Physical Therapy) they will be more inclined to spend money with you.

If you don’t present the value to them on a sliver plate over and over and over again – a LACK of value will automatically be assumed.

The day you STOP communicating the value – is the day they drop-off.

People don’t buy ‘massages’ and ‘PT’ – they buy how it makes them feel.

Get this right and you’ll bust this next thing I’m about to tell you…


#4 The Myth About Higher Prices

One of the most worrying myths in business is that people buy primarily on price.

NOTHING could be further from the truth – we’ve just been conditioned to believe it’s true.

If people bought primarily on price, we’d be driving the cheapest, oldest cars, we’d never eat out in restaurants, very few people would own iPhones or iPads.

Again, this is why we need provide value up front (over and over again), and give them tons of information first – then they’ll be happy to exchange $1000 to do business with us.

#5 Remove The ‘Professional Ego’

And I mean this with total respect…

…As PT business owners we’ve got to throw our ego under the bus otherwise it can stand in the way of having a conversation about the value of what you’re providing with someone who questions price.

This is the reason WHY I do free telephone consultations…

WHY I hold free ‘discovery visits’…

Because these free options I give to people, who need to know more before they say ‘yes’ to my services, don’t cost me money, they make me money in the long-run.


#6 The Wrong Way To Set Prices

One of the big mistakes a lot of Physical Therapists make when it comes to setting their prices is that they either:…

  • Look at their competition and base their pricing on the average (who wants to be average?!)
  • OR they pull a number out of thin air that THEY are comfortable with.

BIG mistake – these pricing strategies are what will keep you from making a profit and charging what you deserve.

Which brings me onto this:

#7 The Best Person To Decide What You Charge

And nope, it’s not you – in fact, you’re the WORST person to decide what to charge.

Simply because you’re too close to your business and customers. So, who should make the decision??

Your customers!

When you test your prices, your patients will tell you what they’re willing to spend.

So go ahead, test it, don’t be fearful – you’ll soon find out 😉

(And I bet most people won’t even notice)…

#8 Don’t Become A ‘Commodity’

Most PT clinics allow for ‘apples to apples’ comparison.


When you do that you’re allowing customers to assume that all Physical Therapists do the same thing – which means they’ll ring round alllll the other clinics in town and ask about the prices they charge.

If you take part in this – you’ll become a commodity, and people will assume they can get what you do – for less.

Now, I know you’ll be wondering…

‘What are some ways I can avoid this
and charge MORE than other clinics??’

So I’ll let you in on one…

#9 Change The Name Of Your Services

A simple way to remove yourself from the “apples to apples” comparison trap is to get creative with the NAMES of your services.

People LOVE walking into a shop, purchasing a product, and being certain of what they have bought – but the problem with PT is, that people are not really sure what they’re buying – no one really knows what we do!

By giving a patient the service they’re buying a name, they’ll feel as if they’re paying for something special that they’re certain of (and it’ll make compliance much more likely!)

As well as PT services, do this…

#10 Offer Something Else!

You may have heard of a “cash up-sell”…

A cash up-sell is an added bonus – once you’ve been able to attract your Perfect Patient…

…once they see the value in what you do, and once they have experienced your unique service…

They usually want to come back for MORE.

Just think how easy it would be to offer a massage package or pilates class to a lady in her 50’s… if your entire clinic is packed with these 50 year old ladies then it becomes very easy to offer this to them – and for you to be successful with it.

It doesn’t have to be massages, and it doesn’t have to be 50 year old ladies…

…what that is, is an example from my clinic. And it’s so successful that our cash up-sell process covers just about all of my expenses… meaning that the actual PT service is 100% profit.

So in your clinic – once you know who your perfect patient is, you’re then much more likely to be able to offer a Cross Fit athlete some sort of cash pay option that is in-line with keeping him fit and healthy so that he can stay in the gym.

To sum it up: you can only raise profits in “3” ways:

1. Increase the number of people who buy from you
2. Increase the amount they spend with you


3. Increase the FREQUENCY of times they spend money with you

It all starts and ends with knowing your perfect patient…

…adding value to their life…

…building that TRUST, and getting them to the point where they will want to buy from you at your rates – including any other service you’ve got.

Which is 100% possible using the Accelerator Method.

If you’d like to get notified of when this class next becomes available – please click here and we’ll be sure to add you to the early priority list, next time.

Here’s to charging higher prices like you deserve.


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Why I Took The Longest Route To Get To Las Vegas On The Impact Tour

As I wrote this to you I was getting ready to set off on my trip to Las Vegas…

…or, “Lost Wages” as SouthWest like to call it! 😉

But here’s the thing:

I’ve decided not to fly the one hour 5 minute flight and instead, rent a car from Dollar.


Well, it was a Wednesday – and every Wednesday we “staff train”…

So I thought I’d use the time wisely (en-route to the APTA P.P.S Conference) to work with my staff.

See, I’ve flown two of them over from the UK to attend this event with me…

And, I know we can spend the “5” hours together in the car more wisely than jumping from an Uber to a line, into another line, waiting around a departure lounge – hoping that the flight takes off on time – and then getting back into another Uber when we land at McLaren airport…

Staff training is important.

On my list of the top “3” things that have helped the Paul Gough Physio Rooms to become so successful would be the time we have dedicated to investing in my company culture and excellence.

To be precise – 3 hours every week.

3 hours of relentlessly pursuing growth and learning so that my staff are never falling behind…

…because every week your staff don’t, they do! (Fall behind.)

Now when I tell people just how much time we put aside to train staff, many  “GASP” with disbelief that I would do such a thing and ask how it’s even possible (profitable) to do so.

My answer?

“It’s NOT possible to NOT do it
and still expect to be successful”.

One thing I’ve learned about running my own business – and now helping others all over the world – is that once you get to a certain level in business, as much money is lost by your staff as it is actually made.

Not “lost” as in someone forgot to call a new referral…

…but the significant difference between what the patient MIGHT have given you VS what they actually did give you.

See, it’s the little things that make the difference…

Like telling a patient that “you take patients with Anthem Blue Cross – but you don’t directly bill Anthem Blue Cross” that keeps them on the phone long enough to show them the benefits of your service…

(If you’re Out Of Network)…


Asking “3” of the right questions, in the right order, BEFORE a patient agrees to become a patient that completely changes the way they feel about you, meaning they’re happy to comply and spend more with you.


Having a therapist trained to take the time to actually find out why the patient is REALLY there in the first place – and not lazily assume that it’s “just” to ease low-back pain.

Tip: they are rarely ever there to just “ease back pain”… it’s always something much deeper than that and most PT’s who experience push back at their Eval’ simply haven’t addressed it.

Of course…

Those same PT’s will have you believe that “the patient just didn’t want to pay”…


And so it goes on…

The more training that we do, the more successful we get.

Just a thought…

But as 1000’s of PT’s head to the APTA conference today I’m 100% certain that the conversations in and around the event will be about how difficult the situation is for PT’s right now…

…and how “something needs to be done, by someone”…

Maybe that something is to spend more time on learning how to help people to make better decisions about their health – and using time wisely to set your self apart from everyone else??

Just another thought.


Paul Gough

P.S Here’s a picture of two of my amazing staff – Amy and Rachel – just after landing in San Diego on Saturday night:

Needless to say they are loving being part of the IMPACT TOUR and are excited to meet up with many of the successful PT Business Owners we have helped over the last year or two…

The full IMPACT TOUR dates are here – and it’s not long before I make my way to the EAST COAST.

P.P.S Did you see last weeks Paul Gough Physio Rooms show?

– Click here to Watch Episode 31 of the Show!

This one is LIVE from LA and is helpful for anyone who wants to grow and scale a CASH based practice.

Watch then Subscribe.

Accelerator Method – Get More New Patients Online (Part 4)

Week 4 of ‘Accelerator’ is here…

…and this week it’s all about how to use the internet to boost your online profits.

In the new health care economy, your Internet Marketing Strategy is an absolute vital component to your clinic success.

And without it – it’s going to be pretty tough to keep up!

In this post I’m going to share with you exactly why you need to be online to attract an ongoing stream of visitors to your website and convert those visitors into paying patients, 24/7, and how to use it to your advantage.

With that said, here’s the 10 biggest takeaways from week 4 of ‘Accelerator’ that I shared with my students – which are quite simply some of the newest, essential ways, to attract new patients online.

Key Takeaways

#1 Online Marketing – What Is It All About?

…It’s all about collecting leads.

But not just anyone and everyone you can get a hold of in your town – you want to use the internet to collect leads who are MORE like the type people that you WANT to be doing business with.

That are less hassle, and more enjoyable to do business with, a.k.a. your perfect patient.

Forget the out of date, Dinosaur ways of getting new patients the “Marketing Guru’s” are teaching you…

(You know… like putting out a ‘one time’ ad with your name, number and pretty logo on it with a big announcement that you’re a great PT so they should call).

That way just won’t cut it anymore.

People’s attention is harder to catch – so you’ve got to be everywhere they are and take advantage of all these different sources you can find them on.

Which brings me onto this…

#2 The No.1 Place To Find New Patients Online


Paid Facebook advertising is the “New Patient Gold Rush” – perfect for LEAD GENERATION.

But here’s the thing, a lot of people think the purpose of Facebook is to book appointments…

It’s not.

It’s job is to capture leads.

These days as well as hanging out in coffee shops reading the paper, your perfect patients are also spending a lot of time engaging and connecting on Facebook.

So when you get yourself on there, Facebook makes it really easy to do this…

#3 Use Facebook To Build Relationships

One of the BIG mistakes I see business owners doing on Facebook is trying to sell something – like a free visit, or asking someone to book an appointment.


Success on Facebook is all about targeting your ‘Perfect Patient’ and giving them free information, in exchange for their contact details.

Think of using it in terms of a romantic interest.

If you fancy someone – you’re not going to ask them to marry you on the first date, are you?

It’s the same on Facebook.

Use it to build a relationship with your perfect patient and nurture them down the path to coming to see you. And you’ll win.

#4 Familiarity Breeds Trust

I’m not saying offline advertising is dead, and not to use it at all…

I’m saying it’s important these days to make use of every platform you can, that your patients are using – so you’re in front of them!

Familiarity breeds TURST and remember, trust is one of the things that I need to win over if I want to access the “93%” who have been overlooked.

So, what I might do is run the SAME ad on Facebook – as I do in the newspapers…

This way I can keep in front of my prospects, every corner they turn, so they’ll see my message everywhere, and come to see me when they need help… Because I’ve made the decision process easier.

So, what message should I be putting out there?

#5 Don’t Advertise ‘PT’ Or Your Services

It’s one of the biggest online marketing mistakes I see.

I know having great skills is one of the things we pride ourselves on most – and we know it’s what most people need to get back to living life on their terms!

But I’m NOT, in a million years, going to run an ad that is all about physical therapy.


Because that’s NOT what my perfect patient is looking for.

Mary (my patient) is in need of a solution – but currently she doesn’t even know that solution she needs CAN even be physiotherapy.

So my ad in the newspaper OR on Facebook has to advertise a solution to her problem…

#6 Use Your Marketing To Solve ‘Internal’ Problems

Internal problems can be anything from:

* Fear of a life time dependency upon painkillers

* Risking dangerous spinal surgery for chronic back pain

* Losing independence or mobility…

So when you realize all of this, you can create an ad that talks about how your clinic can solve these PROBLEMS.

…And the companies that solve INTERNAL problems generally are a lot more successful – especially when the price is over “$100”.

#7 Keep Your Ads Specific To Your Perfect Patient

Instead of my ads running on Facebook to EVERYONE within a 5 mile radius of my clinic…

…I’m only running my ads to females in their 50’s and 60’s.

And all I’m doing is talking about the problems that she’s living with – and offering some easy way to make a difference.

So, when you talk about these internal problems in your marketing, to the specific person you want to target – a lot more people that you want to do business with are NOTICING you…

…giving you their attention…

…and much more likely to take action.

I can also find my perfect patient here:

#8 Google – The Best Way To Build Authority…

…And generate more leads!

This is a powerful short-cut to new patient riches on the internet.

And yet, almost no healthcare business owners are using it at all… Which blows my mind!

Because if people are scrolling through their phone on Facebook, they’re also scrolling through Google and searching for solutions to their problems of a night too.

Using Google allows me to be in front of them ANY time of day.

And if you’re on Facebook, Social Media, in the newspapers, and on Google too – patient’s will feel more confident about doing business with you.

As well as that, Google is also famous for this:

#9 The FASTEST Way To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Done right, there’s no quicker, or effortless way of getting hot prospects to your website than Google Ad Words.

Not sure what Google ad words is?

With Google you’re paying for your website to be in front of the eyes of people actively searching for ‘back pain’ advice.

And the reason why you need to do this, is because you can even capture those people who are living right by your clinic!


Now it’s clear to see why being online is essential for your business.

But, what about those people who DID visit your website, but never took action?…

#10 Introducing – Re-marketing

In a nutshell, this is when people who visit your website, or click on your Facebook ads, are tracked and then followed around by an advert from your clinic.

This is what sets you apart from your competition and keeps you ahead, because Re-marketing creates that ‘top of mind awareness’ that allows you to have a greater influence over people’s decisions, every time.

Not everyone is going to take action the first time they land on your website, it might take them a while to build that confidence in you first – but one thing that’s certain is that re-marketing stops you from losing them forever, and keeps you in front of them everywhere they go on the internet.

To sum it all up:

There’s an INFINITE number of ways to get noticed by your ideal patient ,but what always remains the same is the STRATEGY to make it work.

1. Pick the perfect patient.

2. Get their attention by offering them something of value…

3. And then give them more information about what ELSE you can do to build the relationship.

It’s that simple…

Stay tuned as next week – we’ll be showing you how to use ALL of this… to profit from your website and social media.

And how to actually turn all of those leads and visitors into paying patients.

See you then 😉


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