Accelerator Method – Get More New Patients Online (Part 4)

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Week 4 of ‘Accelerator’ is here…

…and this week it’s all about how to use the internet to boost your online profits.

In the new health care economy, your Internet Marketing Strategy is an absolute vital component to your clinic success.

And without it – it’s going to be pretty tough to keep up!

In this post I’m going to share with you exactly why you need to be online to attract an ongoing stream of visitors to your website and convert those visitors into paying patients, 24/7, and how to use it to your advantage.

With that said, here’s the 10 biggest takeaways from week 4 of ‘Accelerator’ that I shared with my students – which are quite simply some of the newest, essential ways, to attract new patients online.

Key Takeaways

#1 Online Marketing – What Is It All About?

…It’s all about collecting leads.

But not just anyone and everyone you can get a hold of in your town – you want to use the internet to collect leads who are MORE like the type people that you WANT to be doing business with.

That are less hassle, and more enjoyable to do business with, a.k.a. your perfect patient.

Forget the out of date, Dinosaur ways of getting new patients the “Marketing Guru’s” are teaching you…

(You know… like putting out a ‘one time’ ad with your name, number and pretty logo on it with a big announcement that you’re a great PT so they should call).

That way just won’t cut it anymore.

People’s attention is harder to catch – so you’ve got to be everywhere they are and take advantage of all these different sources you can find them on.

Which brings me onto this…

#2 The No.1 Place To Find New Patients Online


Paid Facebook advertising is the “New Patient Gold Rush” – perfect for LEAD GENERATION.

But here’s the thing, a lot of people think the purpose of Facebook is to book appointments…

It’s not.

It’s job is to capture leads.

These days as well as hanging out in coffee shops reading the paper, your perfect patients are also spending a lot of time engaging and connecting on Facebook.

So when you get yourself on there, Facebook makes it really easy to do this…

#3 Use Facebook To Build Relationships

One of the BIG mistakes I see business owners doing on Facebook is trying to sell something – like a free visit, or asking someone to book an appointment.


Success on Facebook is all about targeting your ‘Perfect Patient’ and giving them free information, in exchange for their contact details.

Think of using it in terms of a romantic interest.

If you fancy someone – you’re not going to ask them to marry you on the first date, are you?

It’s the same on Facebook.

Use it to build a relationship with your perfect patient and nurture them down the path to coming to see you. And you’ll win.

#4 Familiarity Breeds Trust

I’m not saying offline advertising is dead, and not to use it at all…

I’m saying it’s important these days to make use of every platform you can, that your patients are using – so you’re in front of them!

Familiarity breeds TURST and remember, trust is one of the things that I need to win over if I want to access the “93%” who have been overlooked.

So, what I might do is run the SAME ad on Facebook – as I do in the newspapers…

This way I can keep in front of my prospects, every corner they turn, so they’ll see my message everywhere, and come to see me when they need help… Because I’ve made the decision process easier.

So, what message should I be putting out there?

#5 Don’t Advertise ‘PT’ Or Your Services

It’s one of the biggest online marketing mistakes I see.

I know having great skills is one of the things we pride ourselves on most – and we know it’s what most people need to get back to living life on their terms!

But I’m NOT, in a million years, going to run an ad that is all about physical therapy.


Because that’s NOT what my perfect patient is looking for.

Mary (my patient) is in need of a solution – but currently she doesn’t even know that solution she needs CAN even be physiotherapy.

So my ad in the newspaper OR on Facebook has to advertise a solution to her problem…

#6 Use Your Marketing To Solve ‘Internal’ Problems

Internal problems can be anything from:

* Fear of a life time dependency upon painkillers

* Risking dangerous spinal surgery for chronic back pain

* Losing independence or mobility…

So when you realize all of this, you can create an ad that talks about how your clinic can solve these PROBLEMS.

…And the companies that solve INTERNAL problems generally are a lot more successful – especially when the price is over “$100”.

#7 Keep Your Ads Specific To Your Perfect Patient

Instead of my ads running on Facebook to EVERYONE within a 5 mile radius of my clinic…

…I’m only running my ads to females in their 50’s and 60’s.

And all I’m doing is talking about the problems that she’s living with – and offering some easy way to make a difference.

So, when you talk about these internal problems in your marketing, to the specific person you want to target – a lot more people that you want to do business with are NOTICING you…

…giving you their attention…

…and much more likely to take action.

I can also find my perfect patient here:

#8 Google – The Best Way To Build Authority…

…And generate more leads!

This is a powerful short-cut to new patient riches on the internet.

And yet, almost no healthcare business owners are using it at all… Which blows my mind!

Because if people are scrolling through their phone on Facebook, they’re also scrolling through Google and searching for solutions to their problems of a night too.

Using Google allows me to be in front of them ANY time of day.

And if you’re on Facebook, Social Media, in the newspapers, and on Google too – patient’s will feel more confident about doing business with you.

As well as that, Google is also famous for this:

#9 The FASTEST Way To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Done right, there’s no quicker, or effortless way of getting hot prospects to your website than Google Ad Words.

Not sure what Google ad words is?

With Google you’re paying for your website to be in front of the eyes of people actively searching for ‘back pain’ advice.

And the reason why you need to do this, is because you can even capture those people who are living right by your clinic!


Now it’s clear to see why being online is essential for your business.

But, what about those people who DID visit your website, but never took action?…

#10 Introducing – Re-marketing

In a nutshell, this is when people who visit your website, or click on your Facebook ads, are tracked and then followed around by an advert from your clinic.

This is what sets you apart from your competition and keeps you ahead, because Re-marketing creates that ‘top of mind awareness’ that allows you to have a greater influence over people’s decisions, every time.

Not everyone is going to take action the first time they land on your website, it might take them a while to build that confidence in you first – but one thing that’s certain is that re-marketing stops you from losing them forever, and keeps you in front of them everywhere they go on the internet.

To sum it all up:

There’s an INFINITE number of ways to get noticed by your ideal patient ,but what always remains the same is the STRATEGY to make it work.

1. Pick the perfect patient.

2. Get their attention by offering them something of value…

3. And then give them more information about what ELSE you can do to build the relationship.

It’s that simple…

Stay tuned as next week – we’ll be showing you how to use ALL of this… to profit from your website and social media.

And how to actually turn all of those leads and visitors into paying patients.

See you then 😉


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