Telehealth: Is A Marketing Funnel Needed Right Now?

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This past week I had a digital healthcare expert, Mark Milligan on to share his insights into the Telehealth world as well as answer some burning questions.

One of the first topics brought up was the process of a Marketing Funnel when dealing with digital healthcare.

Before I continue, let’s see what Mark had to see about his process…

“The biggest marketing strategy for me has been social media and ad marketing. I target specific age demographics, and area demographics as well as target marketing by zip code. The latter has been very powerful for me being in Austin, TX because there are unique zip codes.

I then typically offer a free telehealth consult. I admittedly am not a high-level marketing funnel man. Paul is by far and away the marketing genius when it comes to those things. So, I’m a pretty simple marketing person on that level. I offer a free digital screen and then if they want they can either do a mobile practice, hybrid or go all digital.”

Everything Mark has said is bang on. IF this was the pre-COVID 19.

However, there are two phases you’re gonna market this in.

There’s the phase where the most important marketing tool is the funnel. And you know everything I’ve taught in the past about giving your potential patients lots of love, time and educating them and so on.

But the phase that you’re in now? It’s not needed.

Because right now, you’re looking for, two or three people, out 10 to snag. Where they need this now and they don’t need educating or information.

They have a problem and genuinely need to speak to somebody because the fear of not being able to get some help is building and brewing and making the problem worse.

But if you’re planning on doing this long term, you may need the nurture forms and you may need the follow up with the blog’s and the videos and the customer testimonials.

But right now you’re only looking for a pocket of people in a big bucket to say yes to Telehealth, so you can get through to where you need to be in the next few months.

My advice? There’s no need to be fancy.

Right now focus on bombarding your social media and your Facebook ads and having your web page say “Open for Business”.

And then well people call, if you’re open, offer a hybrid, if not, offer digital and let them make the decisions. From then it goes down to selling.

And you know your selling ability after that.

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