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“Who Else Would Like To Join Dozens Of Other PT Industry Experts Who Share Secrets To Financial Security, Creating Time Freedom And Even Discover How To “Fast Track” PT Clinic Marketing Success In The New Health Care Economy… All Currently Inside This New, Advisory & Mastermind Coaching Program For Success Driven PT Owners…?”

“The Only Question Is, Of Course, When will YOU be Joining Us All…?”

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Before we tell you more about it, here’s what some of our other Members are saying about this new program…

I have been in private practice for 16+ years and have tried many marketing tricks to bring people in the door. I have done past patient mailings (spending hundreds of dollars) with no ROI.

In just a few months I have seen a constantly steady rise in prospects and new patients. Last month I ran an ad in the Sunday paper and had 40 prospects call/email and ended up turning 8 into paying patients in the first week - an ROI of 332%. Using the skills I have learned from Paul I also e-mail my past patients and have brought in 20 past patients who otherwise would have remained lost. The ROI on my investment in this program, easily triple digit, month on month!

– Andrew Vertson, Intecore PT. Orange County, (Ca)

In just a few months of joining this program, we’re already getting to the point we don't have to do ANY physician marketing – thankfully, I am over that! Knowing what I know now, I would rather spend the time marketing directly to, and on the phone with potential patients, and NOT rude MA's, office coordinators, and cocky physicians.

Paul’s strategies have completely transformed my business… this is the most excited I’ve been about PT in 5 years since opening!

– Scott Gilbert, Canyon PT, Phoenix (AZ)

Dear Physical Therapist,

Before I tell you all about my amazing new “Next Level” - Advisory And Coaching Program For PTs, there’s something you should know about me, right away:

Despite the success that I’ve had helping Physical Therapists in the USA - I’m NOT a professional business mentor, a “guru” or a consultant of any sorts.

No, I’m a regular “small Town” Physical Therapist who just happens to know a LOT about finding tons of ideal patients, making the clinics of PTs more profitable AND easier to run, too.

I arrived on the coaching scene by “default” and somewhat reluctantly at first.

Yes… it happened only after I spoke on stage to a bunch of Business owners at a Big Marketing Seminar in Chicago, openly revealing the new ways I was using to run my own clinic, that I was asked to come back and speak again, and then told that I really should share what I know, with other PTs in the USA, who would profit immensely from my PT marketing systems and business strategies.

And the truth about when I got started in coaching, is this:

As Soon As People Found Out That I’d Grown a $1,700,000.00 Clinic Chain in Record Time, I Got SWAMPED with Demand From Other Physical Therapists…

As you read this, please remember – I have a very successful chain of 4 Physical Therapy clinics, and 13 happy staff that I employ to this day (…here’s the website of my clinics so you can check them out for yourself

And, although I was flattered by the amount of requests from PTs to help, you won’t need me to tell you that free time is hard to come by for any business owner – and so private “one-on-one” coaching, although highly lucrative, became difficult to continue with at such a high volume.

And what’s more, I’ve also got a young family to look after too - including my son “Harry”, who was just 1 month old at the time I made the leap from “Insurance Slave” to “Cash-Only” clinic owner.

So What I Did Was This

I decided to put up a small website and focus on helping MORE clinic owners in the USA get more patients and more profits with the systems I’ve used myself.

But, I was shocked to see that within 24 hours of me putting this website up, over 13,000 people had opted into my email list.

(So many that my email server “crashed”, and I had to upgrade it the next day just to be able to let more people join…)

And since then, that number has grown to more than 23,247 (at the time of writing) who are looking for my marketing and business ideas to help drive up profits in their own clinics.

In fact, many of the folks who hunted me down online were people who hadn’t started a Physical Therapy business yet, but wanted to learn the BEST strategies to grow a new practice fast when they went out to start their own clinic.

(A good indicator of the fierce competition all of us business owners are soon to be up against with all the changes taking place in our industry and the emerging new cash economy).

Anyhow, I’m flattered, and at first was a little “freaked out” by all the attention.

But I’m not complaining!

Everyone has been “super nice” to me and I really appreciate that.

I Knew Right Away I’d Have a LOT of Physical Therapists Who’d Want to Learn From Me, and I’d Have to Find the BEST Way to Help Them All Succeed

Now, because I was inundated with so many requests for Private, “One-On-One” type coaching, and because I really wanted to help everyone of them, what happened next was this:

I realised that with TOO much private, one-on-one coaching (and there is plenty of demand for that), I’d be busy day and night and miss out on the “Time Freedom” that has been my goal since I automated the marketing in my businesses.

Basically, I want to keep my own patients happy and cared for, have plenty of time to spend traveling with my family, playing with my now 1-year-old son, and still be able to dedicate some of my time JUST to helping clinic owners (or aspiring clinic owners) like you - particularly if you’re battling against insurance companies and local Physicians “in bed” with the big corporate hospitals and refusing to send any new patients your way despite your hands-on skills likely being better!

Now, all though I still work with a small, hand picked group of clients on a private, one-on-one basis, each paying me $24,000 per year to have personal access to me, I decided that I would find another way that I could reach out to MORE Physical Therapists and offer my help to boost their profits immediately and set them free from “Big Insurance” OR worrying about a big hospital setting up near by and stealing all of their patients.

So I decided to create an amazing community to accelerate the success of other Physical Therapy business owners who were practically “knocking down my door” to learn my secrets.


So, what I created was this:

A “Next Level” - Advisory And Coaching Program for PTs who want easy and regular access to me to solve their business problems and learn what’s driving the most profits NOW, in our “hands-on” therapy types of business.

And because I know only to well how busy you are likely to be, I’ve made it really easy for you to enjoy being in the group and getting access to everything that you need to solve all your biggest business challenges, at a time that suits you.

You’ll get access to me every week where I’ll work to solve YOUR problems, sent Master Class Videos and on-line seminars to watch at your convenience (when all your patients have gone home or during your lunch break) as well “done for you” blueprints to copy from, walk through scripts, written hand outs, quick action guides, and the EXACT implementation procedures that will bring your clinic success … all created by me in my own clinic and pre-tested specifically for OUR type of business in response to the problems you tell me you’re experiencing.

And, because you’ll be in a group with other successful and forward thinking PTs, you’ll get to connect with other members of the group on a 24-7 basis as part of our online private members forum- and learn how other Physical Therapists just like you are overcoming the obstacles and challenges they’re facing on a daily basis (so that you can recognize each one - and quickly smash them out of your own business).

It’s from investing my own time and money in Mastermind Group Coaching Programs like this that I’ve experienced some of my own biggest BREAKTHROUGHS in business.

And, because I’ve been involved in some of the best that America has to offer, everything that I’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to group coaching, is what has gone into the creation of this program and is the reason why so many people want in!

And Here’s What’s Included In This
Mastermind Coaching Group

  • Two 2-day closed door meetings with Paul and the group focusing on rapid implementation of leading edge New Patient Acquisition Strategies, Marketing, Sales, Internet Marketing, Business Systems and Advanced Thinking strategies.

  • In addition, meetings will include “round table” mastermind discussions, Q and A sessions and actual implementation at the event.

  • You can bring one key employee or your partner with you to attend each meeting.

  • Meetings will be held at a luxury hotel in Orlando, Florida, in the spring and fall.

  • Weekly, in-depth Q and A call with Paul Gough. This is an important part of your “Next Level” - Advisory And Coaching Program For PTs membership. It enables you to get ongoing weekly support from Paul. You can bring your challenges and questions to the weekly group calls and Paul will personally support you.

  • Monthly hot seat. Chance to have your business worked on personally by Paul.

  • Exclusive Marketing Master Classes. These will take place both at the live event and between the meetings, recorded on video to watch at your convenience. The Master Classes are designed to give you all the knowledge, skills and strategies you need to ensure you have all the marketing and online marketing knowledge for extraordinary results. The Master class curriculum includes: Display Advertising, Pay Per Click, SEO, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Facebook, Office Staff Training and Time Management.

  • Marketing Pieces Critiques. Send Paul your marketing pieces at any point and he’ll critique each one for higher response and profits.

  • Online Private Members Group. You will get exclusive access to the Group’s Facebook Private Members Group, enabling you to share information and network with other likeminded members, 24/7.

  • Premium access to Paul Gough’s team of suppliers. Only ever made available to “Next Level” - Advisory And Coaching Program For PTs Members.

  • The option to hire Paul Gough’s senior web designer. Only ever made available to “Next Level” - Advisory And Coaching Program For PTs Members.

  • 50% saving on all other training courses and programs and seminars for the lifetime of your membership.

  • Access to the online training VAULT – you’ll be given your own personal login to the “Next Level” site to access all the previous trainings, master classes and coaching calls.

  • 911’ emergency access. If a major problem, challenge or issue comes up, contact Paul directly on his personal email. This is the most important business insurance policy you can ever own.

Now, If You Are REALLY Serious About Owning a More Profitable And Successful PT Business… And Finding More Time & Financial Security For Your Family, Then Here’s What You Should Know About I Can Help You Achieve All That…

The clinic owners I help prefer to call me their “coach”.

And that’s how I like it.

Because I’m nothing like any of those over paid “consultants” or “gurus” who fish around Physical Therapists using their clever sales tactics to sell a “theory” of what should work – but rarely ever does – simply because they’ve never ran a successful Physical Therapy business of their own and because of that can never really be sure it’s actually going to work in the industry today.

So, one of the things you should be asking yourself when deciding to work with any marketing and business “coach” is this:

“Has this person made money in a REAL PT business – or are they just selling ‘how to make money’?”

Now, here’s something else you should know about me…

I Created From Scratch, Grew, Independently Own and STILL Operate a Prestigious “Cash Only” Physical Therapy Practice That Is Now A Saleable Asset Worth Well Over $1,700,000.00 Million Dollars

Yes… I created a prestigious $1.7M dollar (and rising) “self-built” Physical Therapy Practice which operates in 4 different towns, in a country (the United Kingdom) that offers ALL residents a government-funded (almost socialist) COMPLETELY FREE alternative to what I do.

Please know this too: I didn’t buy into any type of franchise, I didn’t get given the business (or inherit it from anyone), nor did I receive ANY financial funding or backing to launch it.

I started from NOTHING.

That means I know what it takes to get to where you want to go - no matter where you might be starting out from.

And “yes”…

I had my own battles – selling against a completely free health care system was HARD and most doctors would send patients to the bigger hospital systems... BUT I’ve figured out a way to WIN…

Admittedly, getting going was tough at first.

And because I’ve experienced that, I know what it REALLY takes to be successful when you’re backs against the wall, or you’re getting “beat up” by insurance companies all day long who wont or don’t want to settle bills, or pay the fees you deserve.

More: I know just what it feels like to be a “small town” clinic batting away against Physician and Doctors in bed with the big hospitals who already have a head start with their huge marketing budgets!

I even experienced other PTs who ridiculed me for daring to think that I could go it alone and become financially independent, and “dare” to ask for cash, from most, if not all, of my patients!

Yes - I started as an “Insurance Slave”: When I first started, 80% of my clients came in via Insurance Company or Lawyer type referrals from “no win, no fee” whiplash injuries, and I can tell you I didn’t enjoy working with those guys much at all.

Now, I’m Cash-Only: But those days are over - I have proved a lot of people wrong, defied the odds and “sickened” all the doubters in my industry who told me higher prices and an insistence on cash couldn’t be done in the Physical Therapy game, and definitely not in a country that the “same” service is available FREE.

Yet now, because of everything I learned about “Direct Response Marketing”, I’m able to charge higher prices in my “small town” clinics, (each situated in an economically weak area of the Northern UK), than most of the Physical Therapists, do in big cities like London.

Here’s How I Now Operate
My Physical Therapy Business

Now, I collect cash upfront from 90% of the patients who come to my clinics.

I take NO “flack” from ANY insurance companies, staff, OR patients and I actively encourage my staff to “FIRE” patients who I think will give me, or them, hassle or who wont follow our recommended care plans.

And, in adopting this approach, I continue to LOVE what I do AND the staff that I work with, as well as the patients that I choose to help and serve. I go home with my head held much higher feeling much happier about myself, and what I do.

And what’s better than all that, I get to be the type of Dad who is REALLY at the dinner table every night and even able to take his family on vacation when and where we choose.

You’ve Likely Heard Broke PTs Say “Marketing Doesn’t Work” –
Ignore These People

Unlike most coaches – who have little or no practical experience in actually doing what they teach you – I have built a clinic which has made well over $2 million dollars in just the few short years we’ve been open, and I plan to make much more as I continue to work on my own business, whilst helping you to grow yours too.

I find ALL of the high paying cash patients I need using the little known automated world of “Direct Response Marketing” - which is what I teach to others in the “Next Level” - Advisory And Coaching Program For PTs Coaching Group.

And, what further makes me very different and unique, is this:

What’s Different About Me Is That I Actually Do Everything That I Teach… First I figure Out How to Make It Work In My Own Clinic, Then I Pass It On To Members Of this Program…

I share with you only the newest, most innovate strategies and breakthrough marketing ideas to grow your patient list and business profits EXPLOSIVELY.

There’s NO hype or theory, just what is proven to work in our industry and it’s what I’m applying in my own clinic EVERY DAY, right now.

In fact, here’s what one well-known member of my advisory program said about me recently:

I studied Dan Kennedy before I met Paul and I see lots of similarities… I don’t think anyone is ahead like Paul is when it comes to direct marketing in our industry… He is like a 'marketing machine' and what I like about him is that he is actually doing himself what he teaches you to do!

Thomas Dalonzo-Baker,
Founder of "Total Motion Seminars" Total Motion PT, Raleigh, (NC)

And, unlike most marketing coaches, I didn’t turn to “coaching” because of a failing PT practice or a desire to earn more money. No, I am not doing this because of the money – far from it.

In fact, to ensure I can REALLY help and make a BIG difference, I am going to be very SELECTIVE about who I let into my coaching groups and that’s why I insist on talking to you personally before you can officially join the group – just to confirm that we’re both right for each other.

With that in mind…

Here’s The Criteria For Joining The “Next Level - Advisory And Mastermind Coaching Program”

  • Be willing to share, during the meetings and on coaching calls, your successes, victories, failures, frustrations and problems

  • Be willing to present your greatest success at meetings

  • Attend one of the two half yearly meetings (please aim to attend both)

  • Have an honest desire to grow your business to at least $1,000,000.00 net – or double your current profits – whatever is higher

  • Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information discussed at the Mastermind meetings and during calls

  • Twelve Month commitment

  • Qualify to join (after a Free Coaching Call with me personally where I’ll work to solve your biggest business challenge at the same time)

Here’s Who Can Apply To Join Us All

For obvious reasons, like quality control, this group is strictly limited in the number of people who can join. Moving forward, 80% of the space of the group is to be taken up by Physical Therapists from the USA.

But, because of the HUGE interest I’ve had in this group from outside of the USA, I’m also going to make space available for the TOP Physical Therapy Business owners from places like the UK, Australia and Canada.

You’ll benefit from the Mastermind Group if:

  • You own your own PT business or are in charge of finding your own patients.

  • You want to make more money

  • You know you need to market to find more new patients – but don’t want to commit your hard earned dollars to an advertising campaign that you’re not 100% sure will even work!

  • You’re fed up or frustrated with constantly trying to reach out to local physicians or doctors getting harder and harder to reach – and you want to know a better way to get NP’s.

  • You’re under the constant threat of local, currently referring doctors, SELLING OUT to the big hospital systems meaning your referrals sources could be KILLED over night!

  • You’re a PT Owner who would be happier with 50%, 100%, even 200% growth in current profits.

  • You’re a small to medium sized PT clinic currently being “beaten-up” by the huge marketing budgets of the big corporate hospitals - suffering because you have no marketing skills and don’t know how to compete with a much smaller budget.

  • You want better for your business and your PT skills than being a slave to third party referrals and the low fees (and delayed payment terms) which they offer.

  • You want to know how to turn insurance patients in to “cash pay patients”, quickly and easily – we call that an “upsell”.

  • You’re worried about the impact that the (soon to be introduced) nation wide CUT in insurance reimbursement fees, will have upon your take home pay.

  • You have been let down badly or got burned by a “guru” or a business consultant in the past who over promised you results, teaches out dated strategies, or worse, asked you to do things they don’t and never have implemented at their own clinics, using/risking their own money first!

  • You realize that you need to learn more about marketing if your PT business is to ever reach its full potential

  • You want to create the success you deserve by mastering the most important business skill there is

If you think any of those describes YOU, and you DO decide you want to join the group then…

All Of Your Biggest Business Problems Will Be Solved For You AS THEY HAPPEN – That’s What This Mastermind Coaching Group Is About

The “Next Level” - Advisory And Coaching Program For PTs is totally focused on SOLVING all of your business problems, making you more money, finding you more free time, and you being able to give your family more of both, as well as building the kind of business you can be proud of, one that is going to generate much “good will” and be respected in your community above all others.

This is not just about “filling your head with ideas”, but on helping you take on the very best ideas in the Physical Therapy industry which are working right NOW, and implementing each one in a carefully structured way – with the result that you finally achieve the TRANSFORMATION in your business and your life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Because you’re going to be wildly successful too, together we’ll be showing the Physical Therapy Industry the More Profitable, More Fun, More FREE alternative to worrying Over Doctor referrals (and being held back by having no marketing skills), that most owners live with each day!...

See, back in the UK I’m known as the first “Cash Only” guy.

And, lots of jealousy exists because of the success I’ve had simply because they all said it couldn’t be done - not in a county where what I offer at a premium price, is completely free and where the main supplier of clients to a Private clinic like mine is Big Insurance companies (whose deductibles are complex and pain staking and offered through private work salary schemes), and lawyers referring whiplash cases, and the like.

Secretly, I know that all my peers in the UK where hoping that I would fall flat on my face and that’s why I’m going to be very selective of which UK Physical Therapists I let into this Mastermind group.

And besides – I don’t really want my competitors getting hold of my best business building, marketing and profit boosting tactics patient advice – and using it against me if they decide to set up close by me.

And finally…

You joining my Mastermind Group like this and being successful with all of us, helps me on the ‘crusade’ that I’m on to have myself immersed and surrounded only by Physical Therapist’s who think differently like me, and who refuse to accept the status quo of being controlled by insurance companies or being beaten by the Big Corporate Hospitals because they know deep down in their hearts that there HAS to be a better way to enjoy helping more people, and make lots more money at the same time ;-)

Anyhow. Now you know what’s in it for me…

Here’s What To Do Next

I know that this type of top level coaching, specifically for Physical Therapists is difficult to find, and that this is a rare opportunity for you.

To receive a No-Charge, No-Obligation, One-on-One, Private Coaching Consultation so you can determine whether my “Next Level” - Advisory And Coaching Program For PTs is right for you, then just press the green button below and confirm your details.

…When you’ve done that, I will personally contact you by email to schedule a 60 minute private telephone coaching consultation where I’ll work to solve the biggest challenge that you’re currently experiencing in your business.

Dedicated to your success in business,

Paul Gough

P.S Here’s what one PT Owner said about why he felt he just HAD to join the program:

Paul is refreshingly honest, straight-forward and easy to talk to and I love his no-nonsense approach to direct marketing. You’ll find with Paul that he is up front about what to expect, and more importantly, he is honest enough to tell you what NOT to expect, as far as a massive influx of new patients happening by tomorrow. I’ve recommend him to other PT owners who have been equally impressed with their results.

After joining the program, it was so NICE to officially start working with Paul and actually start seeing the results - instead of always hearing about his good stuff from others!

Dean Volk, Volk PT, Concord, (NC)

This Advisory and Mastermind Coaching group is founded by Paul Gough - Author and Multi-Clinic owner who helps small and independent PT Owners to grow more profitable clinics. 

Paul has a proven track record of growing a PT business from zero - $1m in record time and what should not be over looked when reading that, is this: his clinic receives NO referrals from doctors. 

That’s right… the phenomenal success at his clinic is thanks to the huge volume of patients he is able to attract through his “direct to consumer marketing” techniques, many of which he reveals inside this Next Level Advisory program.