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Marketing Ideas For Physical Therapy Clinics Looking For More Self Referred Patients:

"Getting New Patients in 2024 Is a LOT Easier Than "Sucking Up To Doctors”, "Buying Their Lunch" Or “Sending Tickets For The Game”... Let Me Show You 9 Different Ways To Market Your Clinic So That You Can Grow Your Clinic With Self-Reffered Patients, Happy To Pay In Cash…"

Get The Amazing Free Report That Reveals How Paul Gough Has Successfully Marketed To Over 10,000 Self Referred, Cash Paying Patients... In a Country With a Completely Free Socialist Health Care System!

NOW IS the time to protect your PT Clinic profits AND finally join 1000’s of other Owners who are growing successful practices INSPITE of local doctors getting harder to reach. The Free Report entitled: “9 Marketing Ideas - How To Get More New Patients Even If You Can’t Get Referrals From Doctors”… shows you the NEW way to Market your Physical Therapy clinic and ultimately, how attract your own rhythmical supply of NP’s. Here’s just some of what this amazing new report reveals:

  • How to get more new patients using simple, “old school” style advertising that most PT’s are overlooking (…be quick to do this before they all catch on!).

  • Which is better to attract more new patients - online with Facebook, or offline with Postcards? That all depends, but if you’re new to marketing or have no marketing skills, here’s which one I suggest …

  • The small change you can make to all your ads, taking literally seconds to do that’ll significantly improve your chances of New Patients coming to you via Direct Access.

  • The “secret” STRATEGY for attracting NP’s I’m using in my own clinic – it’s the one that means I never have to worry about doctor referrals again OR insurance companies slashing reimbursement fees!

  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!...

There’s so much more inside this report that Paul couldn’t possibly reveal in public, for fear of his competitors finding out. Press the red button NOW to get your currently free copy of the Marketing Ideas report delivered to you instantly.

Best Selling Books For Physical Therapists By Paul Gough

"As well as a Successful Clinic Owner, Paul Gough is a Small Business Author...
Look Below To Find Out Which Of His #1 Best Selling Books Will Solve Your Physical Therapy Clinics BIGGEST Challenge..."

The Challenge

You're a cash pay PT clinic owner struggling to get a predictable flow of new patients OR, you are an Insurance based PT clinic owner struggling to get enough referrals from doctors and wanting to get more cash pay patients to make more profit...


The Solution

Paul Gough's Accelerator Method book

The Challenge

You're a new or fledgling clinic owner looking to make your very first hire, OR, you’re an experienced clinic owner “battle-scarred” from previous hiring nightmares and you're now looking to finally “crack the code” on recruitment - thinking about hiring soon...


The Solution

Paul Gough's Physical Therapy Hiring Solution book

What Other Physical Therapy Clinic Owners Are Saying About Paul Gough...

In just a few months of joining this program, we’re already getting to the point we don't have to do ANY physician marketing – thankfully, I am over that! Knowing what I know now, I would rather spend the time marketing directly to, and on the phone with potential patients, and NOT rude MA's, office coordinators, and cocky physicians.

Paul’s strategies have completely transformed my business… this is the most excited I’ve been about PT in 5 years since opening!

Scott Gilbert Multi-clinic owner
Canyon PT. Scottsdale, (AZ)

Since working with Paul I have seen a constantly steady rise in prospects and new patients. Last month I ran an ad in the Sunday paper and had 40 prospects call/email and ended up turning 8 into paying patients in the first week - an immediate ROI of 332%. Using the skills I have learned from Paul I also e-mail my past patients and have brought in 20 past patients who otherwise would have remained lost. The ROI on my investment of working with him, easily triple digit, month on month!

Andrew Vertson Multi-clinic Owner, Intecore PT
Orange County, (CA)

Get Access To Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

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Paul Gough

  • Internationally Known
    Physical Therapist
  • Owner Of 4 Cash Based
    PT Clinics
  • Marketing & Business Coach
  • Author & Newspaper Columnist

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More PT Profit Academy Members Talk About Paul Gough...

Paul is refreshingly honest, straight-forward and easy to talk to and I love his no-nonsense approach to direct marketing. You’ll find with Paul that he is up front about what to expect, and more importantly, he is honest enough to tell you what NOT to expect, as far as a massive influx of new patients happening by tomorrow. I’ve recommend him to other PT owners who have been equally impressed with their results.

Dean Volk Multi-clinic owner
Volk PT, Concord, (NC)

Every day I face competition from 3 well established Chiropractors - all in the same street as my pt clinic – and that’s made it difficult for me to get self-referrals. I met Paul, and in just a few short weeks he helped me put a marketing system in place at my clinic that is now helping me move away from relying on doctor referrals and from seeing 30 patients a week, towards my goal of 100. His desire to help is second to non I’ve ever worked with and he will give you great idea, after idea, after idea

Oliver Patalinghug Restore Physical Therapy LLC
Rochester Hills, (MI)

Forget About Chasing Doctors For Referrals,
Direct To Consumer Is The NEW Way To Grow Your PT Practice

"Here, you can watch a “Mini-Marketing Master Class" by Paul Gough to get some proven Marketing tips that’ll help you reach out to more of the people in your town, BEFORE they visit their family Doctor… "

"Here, you can watch a “Mini-Marketing Master Class" by Paul Gough to get some proven Marketing tips that’ll help you reach out to more of the people in your town, BEFORE they visit their family Doctor… "

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