Telehealth: What Does The Future of PT Look Like?

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What happens when this all blows over?

Lock-downs are lifted. Businesses are allowed to open back up.

Does the world go back to normal?

Do we forget all about Telehealth? I don’t think so.

I suspect a lot of you who pivot to telehealth are going to find that not only do you love it, but you have a skill for it.

And with this new skill you have gained, you will now be able to expand your network and horizon of people across state lines and internationally. And some of you are even starting to think like that.

During Module 2 of my Telehealth Income Explosion Program, I spoke with Mark Milligan, a digital healthcare expert, about just this topic.

The following is what he predicts post-Coronavirus life is going to look like for the Physical Therapy community…

“I honestly think that there’s going to be a massive switch with health care delivery in this country after this and we all have to be ready to deliver some part of our care digitally, not because of payment, but because of patient demand. 

People are going to have a larger understanding of the value of their time after all this has passed and we need to capture and be able to meet that demand as health care providers. 

When this is all said and done, you may have 15% to 20% of your patients that you captured fully digitally. That could be an extremely valuable component of your business. So it’s also going to modify the health care workforce too. You’ll be able to leverage and utilize employees and staff and deliver telehealth and not in a brick and mortar. You may very well change your business model after this, depending on the size of the practice that you have.”

While I agree completely, I do encourage everyone not to make any rash decisions in their business right now. Remember, there are two phases to this and we are only in phase one.

That being said, down the line, I do believe this is a great avenue for people who want to pursue a new learning adventure and a purposeful one at that.

I think something like this genuinely gives you another leg-up and anybody who commits to wanting to be good at Telehealth would really be honing their craft.

It will not only be a great thing to be involved in but secondly, super valuable when a patient all fo a sudden can’t make an appointment for whatever reason and you can say “let’s just do on Skype”.

These are the things that in the end will add up to making significant improvements to people’s practices.

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