Why I Took The Longest Route To Get To Las Vegas On The Impact Tour

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As I wrote this to you I was getting ready to set off on my trip to Las Vegas…

…or, “Lost Wages” as SouthWest like to call it! 😉

But here’s the thing:

I’ve decided not to fly the one hour 5 minute flight and instead, rent a car from Dollar.


Well, it was a Wednesday – and every Wednesday we “staff train”…

So I thought I’d use the time wisely (en-route to the APTA P.P.S Conference) to work with my staff.

See, I’ve flown two of them over from the UK to attend this event with me…

And, I know we can spend the “5” hours together in the car more wisely than jumping from an Uber to a line, into another line, waiting around a departure lounge – hoping that the flight takes off on time – and then getting back into another Uber when we land at McLaren airport…

Staff training is important.

On my list of the top “3” things that have helped the Paul Gough Physio Rooms to become so successful would be the time we have dedicated to investing in my company culture and excellence.

To be precise – 3 hours every week.

3 hours of relentlessly pursuing growth and learning so that my staff are never falling behind…

…because every week your staff don’t, they do! (Fall behind.)

Now when I tell people just how much time we put aside to train staff, many  “GASP” with disbelief that I would do such a thing and ask how it’s even possible (profitable) to do so.

My answer?

“It’s NOT possible to NOT do it
and still expect to be successful”.

One thing I’ve learned about running my own business – and now helping others all over the world – is that once you get to a certain level in business, as much money is lost by your staff as it is actually made.

Not “lost” as in someone forgot to call a new referral…

…but the significant difference between what the patient MIGHT have given you VS what they actually did give you.

See, it’s the little things that make the difference…

Like telling a patient that “you take patients with Anthem Blue Cross – but you don’t directly bill Anthem Blue Cross” that keeps them on the phone long enough to show them the benefits of your service…

(If you’re Out Of Network)…


Asking “3” of the right questions, in the right order, BEFORE a patient agrees to become a patient that completely changes the way they feel about you, meaning they’re happy to comply and spend more with you.


Having a therapist trained to take the time to actually find out why the patient is REALLY there in the first place – and not lazily assume that it’s “just” to ease low-back pain.

Tip: they are rarely ever there to just “ease back pain”… it’s always something much deeper than that and most PT’s who experience push back at their Eval’ simply haven’t addressed it.

Of course…

Those same PT’s will have you believe that “the patient just didn’t want to pay”…


And so it goes on…

The more training that we do, the more successful we get.

Just a thought…

But as 1000’s of PT’s head to the APTA conference today I’m 100% certain that the conversations in and around the event will be about how difficult the situation is for PT’s right now…

…and how “something needs to be done, by someone”…

Maybe that something is to spend more time on learning how to help people to make better decisions about their health – and using time wisely to set your self apart from everyone else??

Just another thought.


Paul Gough

P.S Here’s a picture of two of my amazing staff – Amy and Rachel – just after landing in San Diego on Saturday night:

Needless to say they are loving being part of the IMPACT TOUR and are excited to meet up with many of the successful PT Business Owners we have helped over the last year or two…

The full IMPACT TOUR dates are here – and it’s not long before I make my way to the EAST COAST.

P.P.S Did you see last weeks Paul Gough Physio Rooms show?

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