Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Win-Back System

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 Key System Number Two From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Win-Back System


So key Infusionsoft system number two from our Infusionsoft training guide, something I call the win-back system. So what’s the win-back system? It’s a way of winning back a patient who told you, no. So a lot of times it happens. You don’t want a two patient tell you, “No, not right now. Can’t afford it, want to cheaper option,” or whatever. And the galleys used to think that that was a given, that just patients said no, and that was it, it was done.


There’s nothing else that could happen, until I put this system in plan. This is easily one of my most profitable systems. Most patients leave a physical therapy clinic and the owner thinks that it was down to the money that the patient said no.


So if you ever get push-back from co-pay or deductibles, or costs, or just halfway through the treatment plan, they tell you they found somebody cheaper, you can naturally show him that it was all about the money. Now, it isn’t always about the money. Oftentimes, they’ll just give you excuses, because it just isn’t the right time. It doesn’t mean that you’re not right, it doesn’t mean that your price is not right, it just means that right now, in that world, it’s not right. And that’s the messed and most important thing. So it’s important to understand that, that the price might be all right next month, but this month, it’s a problem. Okay, good. Let’s just build a system that factors that in.


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And when you grow and as you scale your business, this will become more of a factor. So in the beginning, you know, if you’re the only therapist, or you’re still heavily involved in patient care, you can control a lot of these things, and you keep the stuff in your head. But as your business gets bigger, and you start to expect PTs to call these people back or you relying solely on a physical therapist to make this call back to get them back on schedule, it’ll happen. And if it’s a frustration of a lot of business owners that, is that they expect the PT or the expect the front desk person to call these people back.
And with all the will in the world, it’s not gonna happen. Even if they do generally set out that day to call the three people back who dropped off schedule or, you know, you do, all this stuff gets in the way. So having a system working for you means that these patients can be coming back to you while you’re treating somebody else and/or doing something else because Infusionsoft is doing the hard work for you. So it’s got nothing to do with the money for most people. It’s a timing issue for most people, or they’re just weren’t ready for it right now, same thing. So they often make excited decisions at the beginning and come and see you, and the expense was the only thing that they could think of to slow the decision making process down.


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So often a month or two letter, that patient still hasn’t received the care or the outcome that they needed, nothing changed except they know accept that they need what you do. So if they leave your care to their, you think they’re going somewhere else, and most of the time they’re not, because if it wasn’t the right time with you, it wasn’t the right time with anybody else. So nothing will have change, most of them will still have that chronically knee pain or back pain. But what will have gone on is they’ve had another two months to realize how valuable and the need for your service actually is. Patients are very likely to call you back. This is why this works.


Out of their own free will, we wish they would but they just don’t. Six to eight weeks later when they’re still suffering with that knee pain or back pain, and they haven’t got it solved, they don’t call you back. If only they did, but they don’t. The reason is they’ll often feel silly and stupid for saying no to you a few weeks ago. They might think that you think they’re tight. You know, we live in a very judgmental world, and they may think that it probably isn’t true, but it’s their perception of it that matters. And all of this is gonna get in the way from them ever coming back to see you even though they want to or need to.


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So have a system built inside Infusionsoft for nurturing the patient back to my physiotherapy clinic. It started by a receptionist who enters the details into another webform. So we have another one of those webforms, which just kick-start another system of communication to that particular person. We just put their name, telephone number, and email address into the webform, and boom, Infusionsoft starts talking to them on our behalf. So I don’t need to worry about my secretary or physio remembering to do it today. The system will do it for me.


And on average, we win-back around about six of 10 patients within three months, and they always come back better patients because they’ve either tried some other crappy provider, or they’re in a worse condition than they were because under the two months of back pain, they’ve got even tighter or stiffer or the chronic pain is the inflammation is whatever. So they often come back as better patients. So the win-back system from our Infusionsoft training guide is incredible.


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