Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Past patient reactivation

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 Key System Number Four From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Past patient reactivation


All right, number four key Infusionsoft system from our Infusionsoft training guide is called past patient reactivation. This system works for us to get more past patients coming back to us on autopilot. After patients get discharged from our care, they also enter. So remember, this form that I told you, the physical therapist fills out the form, and he just has to do the form. It takes him like three seconds, and all of this stuff now goes on behind the scenes.


So it’s not a big job for anybody, because once you set this up, it’s just a form getting filled up, three seconds, anybody can do it. We also put them into a 12-month sequence of emails, right? One every state it is. Now, listen because this is genius, which tells them about what we call a health awareness campaign, all right? We might be running a health awareness campaign that month, and we were putting different messages and offers that the past patient can get, and we offer them information if they’re suffering with anything mentioned in email.


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So the email might be about back pain. The email might be about knee pain. And what happens is, the patient will reply to these emails asking for the different information, such as back pain tips or, you know, report, or knee pain, or whatever, and when they do, it’s a signal to us that they are suffering with something we can help with so we’re able to call them up and we start the conversation.
So this is them kicked off by the physio as part of the discharge system. Also, sends a different email. And as a result of this system, our patients or they’ll obviously tell their friends about it, they come back and see us very frequently for different injuries that may not have done unless we prompt them using Infusionsoft, so that makes sense.


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Every 30 days because of Infusionsoft, my patients get an email framed as, “It’s back pain Awareness Month at Paul Gough Physio Rooms. We’ve got some free information that we’d like to give you if you or somebody you know are suffering with back pain.” The mail goes to them 30 days, and then 30 days later about neck pain and we ask them to reply. When they reply, my secretary jumps on the phone and says, “Hey, what’s going on?” Because if they’re replying to an email about back pain, they’ve obviously got a problem that you know how to solve. It’s like getting them in the store. Once they’re in the store, have a conversation with them about how you can help them. It bring so many people back to the business, it’s untrue. Why is it important? Because patients procrastinate over everything, their health included. And sometimes they need to be prompted or a signal to do something and make an easy fast step.
So this system responsible for the sign that the patients were looking for to start the process of them coming back and see us. And that’s when I say the sign, it’s quite funny because that’s often what patients will say. It’s like, “Will you send me that email about back pain? It was like a sign that I had to do something because I’ve been waiting to do something for weeks, I just hadn’t got round to it.” It’s like, “Yeah, it was a sign. Like we put that there on purpose to encourage you, to nudge you to come back and to see us.” And it’s absolutely responsible for the huge volume of people who come back to see us without us having to do anything except start the system when they finished our care.


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So again remember, that’s two system started by one webform. Three seconds, all of this happens, three seconds, anybody can do this. Like I said, it’s not the technology that you obsess over, it’s what you want the technology to do. How do you want this to play out? How do you want this to impact your passions? That is what this is about, and why Infusionsoft is so powerful once you know how to use it.



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