Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Never Ending Discharge System

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 Key System Number Three From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: The Never Ending Discharge System

System number three from our Infusionsoft training guide, the never ending discharge system. So what’s this? Well, it’s a systematic way of keeping in touch with our patients long after their care finishes. It is a sequence of automated emails pre-written to engage with, and constantly connect with patients. On discharge, the patient gets entered into Infusionsoft via another one of these webforms.
So this time it’s obviously not the secretary. At the final session, when care is over, you know, that initial phase of care, our therapist will have access to this webform through a link again, through URL, they’ll keep this on their laptop or on their iPad, and they just fill out. And you can see what we have there. We have some information, so we don’t just want to know that they’ve been discharged. What we want to be able to do is know what circumstance is the discharge. So we will have been speaking to them about all the things that we can offer them. You know, massage packages, orthotics, my book, Pilates Class etc. maintenance, plans, year of care, whatever. So we put that in the primary interest, then we put some comments for the follow-up team.

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So Johnny might be telling Vicki…so Johnny the therapist might be telling Vicki that this person is very interested in staying with us, you know or coming back to us in the next few months. And then we’ll put a follow-up priority. We’ll have high, medium or low. So if Johnny thinks that this person is a high priority, he’s much likely or very likely to buy more sessions from us very quickly, he’s class as a high priority. And we can see he was discharged, discharge completed by. He hit Submit, and then Vicki starts to get all of the information that’s been entered into this webform.
So Vickie’s in my follow up team, the person who brings out and is one of the most important departments in my physical therapy clinic, she can get on the phone. She knows the name. She knows what they’re interested in buying, and she knows the type or the mindset of the… you know, where the person is right now, and what else they’re looking for.


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So this is a huge for our cash-up sales, and this is how we make probably anything up to $10,000 equivalent to our practice right now because of this one single webform. I promise you, like infusion… if you know what you’re using Infusionsoft for, which is what this webinar is about to show you how to use Infusionsoft, then what possible for Infusionsoft, and then ultimately what’s possible for your business as a result of Infusionsoft, and you do it, there is no debate whether or not it is worth the value.
Going with the cheaper providers often cost you significantly more money because of what you can’t do. So if you’re planning on using this type of thing, and you are somebody who get stuff done, this stuff is powerful for your business and your profits at the end of the month. So Infusionsoft will send an appropriate email to the patient to say, “Hey, thanks. You know, thanks for coming to see us. We really appreciate you, so we give you some gratitude,” but it will also send a task notifier. So that’s something that goes to Vicki, or Sarah, or the appropriate person in my office to remind them to make a phone call to the person.


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So we make 24-hour and 30-day phone calls, and the plus term is quality control calls, and we just ring up and say, “Hey, how did you do? How did it go? Did you love what we did for you,” etc. And then at that point when they said, “Yeah, I had a great experience. Thanks very much. We got a care.” “Well, listen, Johnny said that you are also interested in A, B or C,” so it’s an up-sale opportunity. And those two calls there are responsible for, right now, my practice, $10,000. If your practice is bigger than mine, it will be more, if it’s less it will be smaller, but I promise you, as your business grows, that figure grows as well if you use this system.
The 30-day phone call brings three out of 10 patients back to us because we ring them up and there’s 30 days left, they may not be 100%. And that’s what we do, is just have that conversation. But this system from our Infusionsoft training guide works because it reminds the people in my office that this task needs to be done, and it will never stop sending them a task reminder until the task is done.


This is how you get stuff done. You don’t just ring up to the staff member or email a staff member saying, “Did you make the phone calls?” You go inside Infusionsoft and find out if they made the phone calls, because one thing’s for sure, it’s Infusionsoft will not have a day off. Your staff member might not be feeling great or might be a bit lousy that day, but Infusionsoft doesn’t care. It will keep telling them that Mrs. Smith needs to be called, do it, and you can see whether or not they’ve done it.


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So that’s what it starts to look like inside the account, okay? I’m not going to go too deep into the ins and outs, you know, the tech aspect of Infusion, because it really isn’t important. What’s important is that you know how to use it, and what you want from it. This is just the tech aspect of it, and you know, we can provide this type of training for you if you do choose to move forward. But ultimately, this is what happens.


These are called campaigns. These are marketing campaigns, and it really starts to help you understand the journey and the flow that a patient goes on. So we’ve got the Start button there. It can says, “That’ needs to be followed-up.” That cycle in the middle, it says, “Follow-up, make phone call,” that’s telling Vicki or Sara, when that webform gets filled out that I showed you, that this person needs a call, needs to call back tomorrow, needs to be called back next week, etc. Remove them from the sequence when it’s done. So you can see the Stop button, until somebody hits stop, because the person’s been called, they keep getting a reminder to call the person.


There’s a little of tagging going-on, and we can use time is to say, “Hey, after one day, do this, two days, do that.” So again, this is the kind of tech side of it, and these are the campaigns that you build out inside of Infusionsoft. Do not worry about these. These are the actual easiest aspect of it, and we know how to drop all of these into your Infusionsoft app if you did wanna kind of get it. This is about what you can get from Infusionsoft. And if you know that, this technical aspect of it is a doddle. Unfortunately, most people do the other way around. Most people who start here thinking that they need to know the tech aspect of it, and it doesn’t produce the results that they want. If you start with what you want from it, the tech becomes very, very easy. There are a lot of people who can do the tech, very few people who understand how to make the strategy all work.


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So what does this system do for us? It’s more referrals, more friends, and family of patients using the information we give them. We can get success stories. We ask people in the emails that we sent to them as they get discharge would be willing to come and do a video. We can ask for reviews online.


So remember, physios filled out the form. I’ve now got my team on the phone to them, but I’ve also got emails going out now asking for referrals, asking for reviews to be left on Google and Facebook, connect with us on social media so I can build life-long relationships. All of this is going on as a result of this discharge system. And we’ll give them opportunities to buy other products and services.


So the system will go on forever after they get to charge. You can have 12 months worth of emails, 24, whatever you want. And in the different emails that you’ll send them, you’ll say, “Hey, you know, did you know that we did massage packages? Hey, did you know that you could get orthotic? Do you know that we do workshops? Do you know that we have health and posture classes,” whatever. It talks to them on our behalf forever. So we can also ask them to come back and see, is it six and 12 months for a review or a top up? So every point of the journey, you know, different patients go into the system each day, and obviously, when they get to the appropriate six-month or 12-month phase, they’re gonna get an email that says, “Hey, are you ready for a review or a top up?” And my staff get that as well.


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So they get a task notifier at sixth month that says, “Mrs. Smith, she’s been gone for six months. Do you want to give her a call and see how she’s doing?” They’ll get another one after 12 months that goes, “Hey, you know, Joe hasn’t been in for twelve months, give him a call and see how he’s doing.” So we’re getting this stuff done. And it’s not that the people in your business won’t do it, it’s that the people in your business don’t get reminded to do it regularly. It’s that they don’t get prompted to do it. Nobody serving them with the absolute, this is being 12 months, and this is what Infusionsoft lets you do. It’s the driving force behind my business, and it helps me to get the best out of the people. You can only leverage two things in business, one is people, and one is systems. And this is how you get the best out of both.


So why do you need this? Well, here’s why. Most physical therapy businesses, the last thing that the patient remembers is the sound of the credit card machine taking their money. So this is my chance to ensure that full value for their money is received and felt. I don’t give up on the relationship just because they aren’t giving me any money now that they are better. I’m using software and I’m using technology to put my people back in front of them, and to continue to send them communication pieces through email, through postcard, through direct mail, through whatever, all thanks to Infusionsoft.


It also ensures that the first thing that they felt and the last thing that they remember is controlled by me. Not matter where I am in the world, remember, I’ve got my valued added welcome sequence, which has me on video, and our staff on video, I’m controlling that initial. Remember, the first impression is the most important. but the thing that they feel at the end is just as important. Most of what goes on in the middle, yeah, they’ll be, you know they’ll be very… they’ll talk about that, and it’s very important. But if you can control the first thing, and you control the last thing, those are the really the two things that human beings remember when they do interactions with any business. So you can control it thanks to these systems.


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