Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Reactivating no-shows/Cancellations

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 Key System Number Five From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Reactivating no-shows/Cancellations


So key Infusionsoft system number five from our Infusionsoft training guide, systematically reactivating these drop-offs and no-shows that we all get, particularly as you get bigger. If you’re a small one-man band right now, you may not have a huge problem with it, but I guarantee, as your prices go up and as you grow and as you scale, and as you bring more people in, it is a problem just naturally. You know when they say, you can’t get staff to care as much as you, or you can’t find staff to care as much as you, that’s because it doesn’t exist, it’s a fallacy, does not exist. So they will never be as in as you are. So the conversations won’t be as good as what you provide. The engagement won’t be as good as what you provide. So you have to have something that helps you that counters that. So even if these people do drop-off for no-show, you have a system that wins them back.


So why is it important? Well, they do naturally get more frequent, and although you can limit it, it’s not possible to stop them all, but what you can do is have a system to reach out to them that works for you, and is kick-started the moment they do not show. So we use another webform, the kick-starter series of pre-written emails, so this one is done by the secretary and we communicate with the patient about coming back to us.


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First of all, we ask them if they’re okay, and tell them, “We’re worried.” So you don’t just say, “Hey, you know we’re billing you. We’re giving you a $50 bill coming through the bills, blah, blah, blah,” because they couldn’t find a problem. So we just say, “Hey, are you okay?” And we tell them that we’re worried. Can you just get in touch to let us know that you’re okay.


We offer them simple ways to get back in touch to re-book the treatment, and the emails continue to go out until that person is back on schedule. So we’re not chasing, we’re not wasting time chasing. Surely, there will be one or two calls, again it will be kick-started by task reminders that go to somebody in the office that says, “Steve Smith did not show up, give him a call,” but underneath that, we’re also able to send text messages and emails.


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A task reminder goes out that Infusionsoft sends to the appropriate person, and that person is charged with the responsibility to get a person back on schedule. And the ultimate reminders keep getting sent to that person by Infusionsoft until the person shows back up. Can you just imagine that? If you could even just get one person or two people every month depending upon the size your business to show back up, as a result of this type of system, what would that be worth you?


So if one person drops off after three sessions, who should have had 12, and you’re making $100, on average $50 a visit, even if it’s $100. Let’s just keep it around numbers, there are no other nine sessions there, $900 twice a month, $1,800. So you keep doing the math on how much value. Now, you’re up sales in place at $10,000. You’ve got people who staying on schedule. You’ve your no-show council rate is down, like this stuff, seriously adds up. The compound effect of all of these systems to my business is thousands. I would not like to think what my life would be like without Infusionsoft.


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