Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Front desk staff system training

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 Key System Number Six From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Front desk staff system training


So number six from our Infusionsoft training guid:, front desk staff training system. This is a big one that not many people ever even consider to use Infusionsoft for something like this. So from a front desk people are the ones that make the difference that makes the difference. And most of the objections, the drop-offs and the excuses are resistance to the higher prices physical therapy clinics want to charge are the result of poor front desk staff training, I regret to say it. Front desk person doesn’t cost you $25,000. He or she will cost you $250,000 if they aren’t trained to do the job properly. Learned some painful experiences myself, and is why I created the staff training system.


So I put all of my Infusionsoft…sorry, all of my staff training videos, and they get delivered to my…the potential new hires, you know, we’ve offered them a job, and when they can start for two weeks. “All right, good, we’re going to start sending you some video that we want you to watch before you arrive.” You know, “I’m gonna give you the job. Are you okay to watch some videos before you arrive, because I need you to show up, start contributing value. I haven’t got, I’m a small business. I haven’t got time to train you for three or four weeks. I need you to show up from the moment that I say yes and you agree to it.” So we’re able to put them into one of these systems. We create a campaign that we put our most important videos, incoming call handling, how we handle drop-offs, how we want patients to be treated and greeted to etc., they’re all on video.


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So we put them inside a campaign and then enter the email address of the new employee, and they will start to receive all of these training videos. That means they can be trained and retrained regularly using this system, it is incredible. It’s been the most beautiful thing that I’ve done that has contributed significantly to my business. It’s an intangible, and most people overlook this type of thing. But again, why keep wasting energy over, and over, and over, and over on training people over, and over, and over, when you can have a system that just sends videos to their inbox and asks them to watch it, and you can even, if you wanted to go all the way in, you can actually check that they have watched it as well.


So put all of my videos inside of a vault in a library and then I just connect that to Infusionsoft and there’s the videos, they just get sent to them. Here’s how I want to handle the incoming call. You know, this one’s for the video for the physios, how to handle the initial consultation, how to engage with clients in our physical therapy clinic. We go down to the nth degree of everything.


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So this means that when I’m aware, or another business, my staff are watching trainings done by me, meaning the stuff is getting done in the way that I want it to whether I’m there are not. So if I need to make a hire, from the other side of the world, I’m in the U.S., or I’m Australia, or I’m in Canada, and we need to hire somebody, we need to let somebody go, we need to bring somebody in, or whatever, we can post the job descriptions and go through whatever we do.


And by the way, we use hiring funnels as well. We use Infusionsoft to hire people in…we ask them to do certain tasks. So instead of looking at everybody’s CV and everybody’s, you know, going through 150 CVs for job application, we use a hiring funnel. And what that is, is three or four tasks that are done on auto, we ask them to do on automation every couple of days and they only get the next email if they do the fast task right, it’s incredible. So we can actually hire people using Infusionsoft systems, and we can also train them as well.


So two great ways of me being able to be out the country in a way for my business, but still hire the people, and they don’t have to worry. If anything’s going on in my business, and we need to get people into the business, that the people who come in won’t be able to do the job, they will because of this system.


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