Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Marketing Automation

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 Key System Number Seven From The Infusionsoft Training Guide For Physical Therapists: Marketing Automation


So key system number seven from our Infusionsoft training guide is marketing automation systems (using infusionsoft). It’s a way of acquiring new patients at your practice without you having to physically do anything. So for example, prospecting to doctors, it’s manual labor because you have to keep on doing it. Acquiring the names, email, and telephone numbers of new patients, for example using Facebook, that’s automation, that is marketing automation.


So there’s two examples, one would be Facebook, it could be Google, it could even newspapers. You can get people to respond to a newspaper ad, and go to a website and collect data that Infusionsoft will pick for you, and we can also automate asking for referrals.


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So how do you make this work? All right, I’ll give you a bit of teaching around this. Pick your perfect patient, and Facebook lets you find that specific person based upon their hobbies, their interests, their location, their age and their gender. You run an ads into the news feed of that perfect person that looks something like this. So that’s I’ve been doing Facebook ads now for a few years. This is my perfect patient. She suffers with neck pain. Isn’t necessarily looking for physical therapy in the beginning, so I just offer her some information and I just start the relationship with her.


So essentially, what I’m doing is exchanging my expertise in the form of a free tips report and then I ask for their contact details including name, email, telephone number. This is Lead Generation, this is how you build businesses. You build businesses independent of doctors using something called Lead Generation, where we take names and email addresses, find out what’s wrong with people and what they want, and then we start relationships with them to show them how we can help them.


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Infusionsoft sends you the details of the person who made the inquiry, it looks like this. So when my ads run on Facebook, you can see them, in the title this comes from Infusionsoft to my front desk, back pain report from Facebook. So Sue left us her email and a telephone number, and we already know what her problem is. One of the things I love about Infusionsoft is this thing called behavioral dynamics that allows me to ask questions like this. So on the opt-in, when people take free information from us, we ask them, “What concerns you most about your back pain?” And this lady, we give them an option of three or four things, and this lady tells us that she wants to avoid depending on painkillers to ease back pain. Now, I can send her emails all about pain killers to ease back pain, that’s how powerful this is.


So instead of sending her generic emails about PT, I can now sent Sue emails all about how I can help to live with less back pain without needing pills. Is she more likely to buy from me than the guy who’s just saying, “I’m a PT, buy for me,” of course, she is. So Infusionsoft does this fabulously well. It is a very powerful way of communicating with people about very specific problems, okay? And that’s the task reminder that you get from Infusionsoft. So that’s the referral. What you’re looking that there is a modern day referral. So instead of a fax coming through from a doctor, it now coming through from somebody like Infusionsoft that says, “Sue has a problem, start the relationship with her. There’s her telephone number, and there’s her email.”


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Now, I can get seven or 8, 9, 10 of them every single day. And that’s what Infusionsoft does. It takes the name of the email and begins to send the pre-written series of automated emails. And the goal is to nurture the prospect to becoming a patient, a paying patient. We have these nurture systems set up for people with back pain, knee pain, neck pain, spot injuries, ankle pain, etc. Like, we have all of the systems set up.


So here’s how it works really. Patient goes to my website or could do. You can have a look at that, Person takes the free report because that’s what most people want. Most people don’t go to websites to buy, they go looking for information, big, big, big, big difference, and it’s why most websites don’t work. And why most owners are so frustrated with their websites because it’s set up to sell stuff using infusionsoft. The most successful websites give people information. And then what happens is, if you look to the left there, there are all the different webforms, again, don’t get overwhelmed by the techie that’s easy.


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