What’s The Difference Between A PLAN – And A Marketing System?

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In comes a question from a PT from Oregon just a couple of days ago:


“Paul, I am some-what confused over what is a PLAN – over a Marketing SYSTEM…

I hear you talk about both.

Can you shed some light on the difference between the two as I am pretty sure that I need both – I just don’t know which one to start with”.

– Mike, Turning Point PT, Oregon.


“Great question”!

And, let me answer it for you.

A Marketing Plan is something that acts as a road map – a route – a GPS – towards the target on the wall.

What’s the “target on the wall”?

Well, that could be something like $10,000 per month revenue from cash-pay patients, or direct-access type referrals.

If you are an In-Network Provider – setting a PLAN like this – and executing it – is likely to be the best money you’ll ever earn.


Because if 80% of your business, that is reimbursed by Insurance, is averaging $110 – and you can bring in an additional 20% of revenue at a cash-pay rate of, lets say, $170, then the additional $60 profit is all YOURS.

All of it.

This is called LEVERAGE – and it exists inside of every business when you choose to look closely at the REAL income streams happening in it…

(You do look at this, right?)


If you are a CASH-PAY clinic – having a Marketing PLAN is an absolute must…

…In-Network providers have an out-let – a “go-to”, if you like – in Doctors, so they can, for now, always fall back on the doctors-luncheon trap in the absence of a PLAN…

You and I don’t have that luxury.

So what is a Marketing System?

Well, a SYSTEM – that’s how you do the work of FULFILLING the plan…

A SYSTEM helps you to hit the numbers that you set out in the PLAN – more easily and faster.

So the inevitable question is, which one should you concentrate on first?

I guess that’s up to you to decide…

If you need a PLAN, take a look at this:

Where to get your New Marketing Plan.>

And if you are wanting to create a scalable Marketing System, then look at this one:

New Patient Accelerator: Highlights of Module 2 – creating a System

Both are vital – and the order, I guess it depends upon YOU…

Some people like to dive straight into creating a Marketing System and then later realize that the System would be more efficient if it was working towards achieving a goal set out in a PLAN…

…others, they want to do the ground work FIRST, line all the ducks-up in the right spot – THEN get the system running.

It doesn’t really matter…

What matters most?

That you make a start!

Just pick one – and actually DO IT! 😉

Get a Plan here.

System details here.


Paul Gough


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