Accelerator Method – 24/7 Inquiries From Your Clinic Website (Part 5)

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Week 5 of Accelerator is here, and this week we talk about how to acquire new patients using your website by following the Accelerator Method.

But before we begin… if you’re only just joining us on this 6 part highlights series, you can catch up on the previous ones here:

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In week 5 I taught my group of amazing PT Business Owners how to effectively use their website to win more of the massive pocket of people currently being overlooked for PT by most clinic owners when they’re marketing their services.

Most people have no clue what we do as Physical Therapists, or if a PT can even help them with the problem they’ve got…

And many people are just simply too “skeptical”, lack motivation, or remain confused about the benefits of what a PT even does.

So when you take that into consideration, it makes sense to STOP communicating with people about Physical Therapy… And start talking to them about their CURRENT problems, and show them how you can be the solution to overcome those problems.

And we can most definitely do that on our website.

So, with that said here’s 10 of the biggest takeaways from week 5 of Accelerator that I share with my students, so they can help people make better decisions and stand out from the other clinics in their town, online…

Key Takeaways

1. Your Website IS Your Business

It’s amazing just how “neglectful” of their website many business owners are – in any industry, not just PT!

Most won’t, or don’t want to accept it, BUT, your website IS your business.

With over three billion internet users worldwide (and with that number of users growing by as much as 10% each year)… if you don’t have a good website that compels people to become paying patients, and multiple streams of getting prospects to land on your website…

…Then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to generate more revenue and profit for your PT clinic, as well as the golden area of opportunity to serve the 93% of people who are going to a doctor in pain, and still NOT leaving with a referral for PT.

Why is this?…

2. Your Clinic’s Website Is The Profit Center To Your Business

Basically everything online is changing and just like the iPhone, the internet is rapidly evolving too.

Your clinic’s website now, is the profit center to your business.

Once upon a time a website was just a sideline. It was something as a business owner you quickly set-up without much thought because people said you needed one.

And you probably had a lot of people tell you that if your practice has a website that looks nice, is dressed with lots of fancy buttons and pretty pictures, then people would be calling your clinic and simply come to you…

That’s not the case.

Essentially your website, and the online presence that you have, is the defining presence of your business. Having an online presence where people can effortlessly find you – is now critical to you serving more people.

3. All Roads Lead Back To Websites

Just think about the process you go through before you make a decision about purchasing something, or handing your money over for a service…

9 out of 10 purchase decisions lead back to a website.

If you see something in a newspaper – you check it out online.

See something on Facebook – you check out the website.

Want to buy something – you go to google and browse websites online before you purchase.

Your patients are exactly the same – people make the same purchase decisions on a Physical Therapy Website as they do on any other industry website – and it’s done more successfully by providing as much information as possible to help the customer make a BETTER more informed decision.

So if you’re not online, or your website isn’t geared towards helping people make better decisions – you’re losing out on a lot of valuable inquiries.

4. Your Website Is Key To Business Success

What a lot of people don’t get, is that if their website isn’t set up properly, it can be the one thing that’s stopping you from making BIG money.

The majority of clinic owners believe that the purpose of their website is to sell something – that people will find you online, and simply book appointments right away.

And some people do… But the reality is, not many will.

Take this for example…

Did you know that less than 6% of all commerce is actually done online?…

And that a huge 85% of people who visit your website will leave and NEVER take any action?…

Think about that for a moment, just how much money could your clinic’s website be losing you?… Thousands, upon thousands of dollars??

And with less and less people being referred by a Doctor, and re-imbursement fees being slashed, you definitely can’t afford to let this happen.

5. The Purpose Of Websites Has Evolved

…They’re no longer just for selling, or getting people to book appointments.

Your PT website is there for people to make inquiries, to build trust and relationships, to establish authority and expert status.

6. Websites Are No Good Just Looking ‘Pretty’

Most PT websites are built to communicate with people actively looking for a PT clinic…

…you now know that there’s NOT that many, and that explains why so many business owners are so frustrated by the performance of their sites.

And given that there’s Physical Therapy clinics aplenty in your small town…

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.56.08

…the chances of being successful just because you have a nice looking “me-too” style website all about you and your PT – is slim.

Does that mean that having a website is a waste of time?

Far from it…

It just means we have to design your website slightly different…

7. You Need A CLEAR Message

Most websites start with something ego-centric with a message that’s all about them, and how great PT is…

And of course you and I know that PT is what a lot of people need, but when most of the world have no idea what we do, it’s vital that your website has to have a clear message about what you can do FOR THEM.

An example of what mine is for the Paul Gough Physio Rooms?

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 16.59.45

Which brings me onto this…

8. Know How Your Patients Use Google

Think about someone with chronic low back pain right now…

How do they use “Google” to solve their problem?

We know that most people are NOT searching for PT.

So what are they searching for?

INFORMATION – in the form of ADVICE – on WHY their back pain is happening…

…and THEN what they can do about it.

So, how about we design websites to reflect what consumers are actually DOING and LOOKING for?

(Rather than creating a site which is only about our services?)

9. The BIG Mistake A Lot Of PT’s Make…

…With their website is this – they use a “done for you” style company to design their website, who are WRONGLY assuming that anyone with low back, or knee pain etc, is thinking about choosing a PT.

(And it’s not their fault!)

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Google is a QUESTION engine – meaning most people who use it, do so to get ANSWERS to problems.

I know for sure there’s 100X more people in your town today typing “back pain advice”…

…than typing “good physical therapist” into their iPhone. .

So, one of the easiest ways to boost response from your website is to design it in such a way that you’re the one able to answer their questions.

10. A Great Tactic To BOOST Website Response

One of the biggest mistakes of any PT site is to ask people to “Book An Appointment” or “Schedule Now”.

You might get one or two people who are ready to “book now”…

…but you’re NEGLECTING to consider the HUGE amount who aren’t.

Asking me to “book now” is like asking me to get married when we’re on our first date.

You wouldn’t do it.

Better to ask people to MAKE AN INQUIRY which is much less of a commitment, and easier for them to do…

This “Book Now” issue explains in a “New York minute” why so many owners look at their website, see that 400 people have been on the site, and yet only 3 people booked.

It’s less than a 1% response rate – which is TYPICAL FOR MOST SITES…

…And yet on my site, the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms”, we get anything from a 15-20% RESPONSE/CONVERSION rate.

Why? Simply because on my site, we let people take “baby steps”…

To sum it up: Remember, success in business is simply about working out how humans interact in every day life – then re-creating that, inside of our business.

When it comes to marketing – contact details is the new currency you should be thinking about.

Not “how many referrals did I get today…”

It’s “how many INQUIRIES did we get today, that we can begin relationships with”.

It’s just a matter of earning their trust – which takes a little time, but once you do have their TRUST, you inherit a very valuable patient that is likely to stay with you for life.

See you here next week, for Module 6 where we’ll cover how to leverage everything we’ve covered so far to raise your prices above the $160 mark, and achieve “price freedom”.


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