Accelerator Method – Get Your PT Clinic Noticed (Part 3)

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Accelerator Week 3 is here and I can’t believe we’re halfway through already!

This week I taught my group of incredible PT business owners live from beautiful San Diego – one of my most favorite places, and on Module 3 we spoke all about something called  ‘old school marketing mastery’ – and when it’s done right, Direct Mail can be the key to a goldmine of additional profits for your clinic. More on that in a moment…

In case you’re only just joining us, here’s a quick re-cap of what we’ve covered so far:

In week 1 we spoke about the OPPORTUNITY that exists to access the 93% of people who are currently being overlooked for PT – defining your ‘perfect patient’click here to read more here.

Then, in week 2, once my students got clear on who that patient was, we dived right into why a lot of people don’t choose to come and see a Physical Therapist, objects, and how to overcome them – catch up on week 2 here.

Now that’s been covered, here’s where week 3 comes into play – this week it’s all about how to ACTUALLY get noticed, so you can serve more people, and build a bigger business.

We’ve put together the 10 biggest takeaways from Module 3 of Accelerator for you to enjoy, here’s a look behind the scenes!…


#1 The 3 Key Ingredients To Lasting Business Success…

1. Get Noticed.

2. Serve more people

3. Build a bigger business

Now you know that, the next big question is this:

“How do you go about getting NOTICED by your Perfect Patient?”…

…So you can grow and scale you business and serve more people better?

By knowing this:

#2 Know Your Perfect Patients Behaviour

Why is this important for your clinics marketing success?

Well, depending on WHO your perfect patient is, their age, and what they like to do – that’ll determine where you want to run your marketing.

Where do they hang out? Do they go to a coffee shop each morning to read the newspaper? Are they active on Social Media?

My ideal patient “Mary”, is aged 53… she’s still reading newspapers…

So if Mary is reading the daily newspaper, can you guess where I’m going to run my ads?

A newspaper!

#3 Newspapers STILL Work

A lot of people will say to me that ‘newspapers are no good’, that ‘nobody reads them anymore’this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If your perfect patient is 50 plus – running a newspaper ad (especially if you’re a small clinic), is one of the best areas of opportunity to get noticed.

Back to my perfect patient Mary, who is 53 – she’s read newspapers for years, and will continue to do so because it’s a habit

Put your ads in front of the people you want to target where they spend their time most – and you’ll grab their attention.

But keep this in mind…

#4 Forget ‘Pretty’ Looking Ads

Most people when they go about their Marketing – want something that looks ‘nice’.

But does a ‘nice’ looking ad make you money?


Not if the message isn’t right anyway!

Most designers would be horrified by the fact that my ads aren’t ‘flashy’, colourful and don’t have pretty images all over them – but they don’t all understand what we’re wanting to do…

Put an ad out there that talks to your perfect patient and an ad they can resonate with – and you’ll have tons of new people who need your help, calling your clinic.

#5 The Purpose Of Your Marketing Is To Build Trust

The message of your ad is the most important thing, don’t get the message right – you’ve lost them.

Remember, trust is one of the things that you need to win over if you want to access the “93%” of people who have been overlooked (who need your help!).

What will you say in my ad?

Well, believe it or not…

NOT an ad that is all about physical therapy.


Because that’s NOT what people are looking for.

So, what are people looking for?…


#6 Advertise Solutions To Problems

Your perfect patient is in need of a solution – but currently they don’t even realize the the solution they need can even be Physical Therapy.

So your marketing has to advertise a solution to their problem.

This problem could be anything from:

* Fear of a life time dependency upon painkillers

* Risking dangerous spinal surgery for chronic back pain

* Not knowing what’s wrong to cause her pain…

So when you realize all of this, you can create an ad that talks about how your clinic can solve those problems!

#7 Talk To The ‘Internal’ Problems…

Those 3 bullet points I just described above – they’re INTERNAL problems.

And the clinics that solve INTERNAL problems (and talk to those problems) are usually a lot more successful, and can charge higher prices.

For context – running an ad that says you solve ‘back pain’ is solving an EXTERNAL problem.

Fine on the face of it, and is definitely one step up from advertising physical therapy… but a lot of patients have learnt to live with the pain for so long, that an ad about ‘back pain’ is likely to be skipped over.

So, when you talk about these internal problems in your marketing – a lot more people will NOTICE you.

#8 Don’t Ask People To Book Appointments

Not in your newspaper ad (or on Facebook anyway).

Asking people to commit and make a decision as big as that in an ad right away, (when they don’t even know you), is a big mistake.

I’m NOT asking for appointments in the ads I run – I’m not asking for them to do anything but take some of my free advice and put one or two of the tips to good use…

…and if they do that, and they experience a “little win” in terms of how good they feel, then most likely they’ll want to know what else I have to offer them.

And when that happens, they ASK for more information – and that’s when you can talk to them all about your PT services.

#9 Reverse Engineer The Process

One of the best things you can do to get committed patients, is to reverse engineer the Marketing process…

What I mean by that is this – with my ads I’ve worked backwards from me wanting them…

…to making them want to ASK about me.

It lets me schedule from a position of authority and confidence, and means the patient is going to be much more committed and fully bought into my plan of care.

What small clinic owner doesn’t want that?

#10 One Form Of Marketing On Its Own – Isn’t Enough

Newspaper ads are great – especially if they get people to call, but what happens when you rely completely on one source, and the calls stop?

There’s plenty of other ways to find your perfect patient.

You could also find also find them using postcards, Social Media, giving talks at sports clubs, attending community events, taking a stall at a fundraising event, using Google Ad words, sending mail pieces to her home…

The number of ways is endless – putting your ad in more than one place, is a great way to establish expert status and build trust.

That’s it for week 3 of Accelerator!

Now you’re armed with 10 of the most powerful ways to grow your business and get noticed by more people who need your services.

To sum it up:

There’s an INFINITE number of ways to get noticed by your ideal patient, but what always remains the same is the STRATEGY to make it work.

1. Pick the perfect patient.

2. Get their attention either online or offline by offering them something of value…

3. And then give them more information about what ELSE you can do.

It’s that simple…

And it is why the “ACCELERATOR METHOD” is working so successfully for small clinics around the US and across the world.

Next week my students have a week devoted to implementing everything they’ve learnt so far into their practice, then in week 4 we’ll be expanding on even more ways to get noticed by prospects online.

So if your perfect patient can be found hanging out on google and Facebook, be sure to stick around for this 😉

P.S. Here’s some pics from the Impact Tour this week:

I got to hang out with Amazing PT “Scott McAfee” in L.A:


“Roxi Zilmer” of ZPT and “Jason Han” of  Healthfit: Performance and Wellness:


And then onto meet up with “Jerry Durham” in Hollywood:


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