Accelerator – Do Any Of These “7” Things Resonate With You?

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In the last “72” hours I have been reaching out and asking all of the PTs who have signed up for Accelerator, “WHY” they signed up…

As in, what is the biggest challenge/frustration that they want solving as a result of joining the Accelerator Masterclass Program.

Below are the top “7” reasons – have a read and see if any of them resonate with you:


1. Website/Webmaster Frustration!!!

Most Websites are NOT designed for the new “search to task completion” rules that Google is looking for – that means Google is pushing those websites to page 2.

We will show you how to make simple changes to your website so that your Website becomes a profitable asset – rather than stuck in the graveyard of page two on Google.

2. Not enough Profit and uncomfortable with raising rates!

Most PTs are not charging anywhere near what they could be.

Most Cash PTs are drastically underselling their services and struggling financially as a result.

We will show you what to do so that you increase your services by at least $50 per session.

3. Social Media content being IGNORED and OVERLOOKED!

Most PTs are putting out content on Social that is being ignored – and yet, creating the right social media content is one of the best ways to bring new patients to you.

We will show you how to create the right content to resonate with the people happy to pay your new, higher fees.

4. Unable to make Facebook Ads fire!

Most PTs are struggling to make Facebook ads work and because of that they are getting frustrated, wasting time and ad dollars- not to mention missing out on patients.

Things have changed on Facebook – and we’ll bring you the latest updates to make sure you can get new leads and patients from Facebook.

5. No idea where to start with Marketing

Most PTs have absolutely no-clue where to start when it comes to “Marketing to the public” – as such, they are overlooking opportunities to get noticed using Traditional Marketing Media AND reach No.1 on Google.

Accelerator will show you how to do both…

6. Pi**sed with low Insurance Company reimbursements!

Most insurance companies these days are hardly paying enough to cover expenses – never mind to make a profit.

One of the goals we have for Accelerator is to put you into a position to drop 20% of your worst payers inside 12 months – and replace them with higher paying cash patients.

Very few PTs realize you CAN be more profitable by seeing LESS patients.

When you get some more cash pay in your clinic – you will see what we mean.

Others are already doing it – why should you miss out?

7. Ignored/Overlooked by Doctors!

Isn’t this the biggest kick in the teeth ever?

The doctors who PTs have to ask/beg for referrals – barely even take the time to speak to us…

Worse, PTs probably know more about back/knee/neck pain etc than they do – yet we sit below them in the referral chain.

Oh the irony.


So there you go – if any of those sum up how you feel right now, then we invite you to enrol in Accelerator.

There will be “50” PTs on this program – and my best bet is that you are likely to be facing a business challenge or obstacle that they are about to have solved…

Go here to join us – we have “5” space left and we always fill up..


Paul Gough


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