A “Wedding To Pay” For – Yet He Still Enrolled (CASH PT Case Study)

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So the Accelerator Program is filling up fast…

…and just one of the reasons it does so is because it works to help CASH and OON PT’s become more successful…

There’s a lot opening up these days – all wanting to get the edge.

And that’s great…

But many are being held back from impacting more people because they don’t have their Marketing plan in place.

Can you relate?

Many PT’s have a nice premises, a fancy logo and even a website – but no Marketing plan.

(That’s a bit like driving without a licence – you might be ok at first, but you’re going to be in trouble sooner or later!)

And that lack of Marketing plan was holding back this “Cash-Pay” PT Mike Wehrhahn if Beach Haven, NJ…

He went all in and opened up his own practice – only to “stall” and “stumble” along the way in a town with a lot of big hospital systems…

What made it worse – there were tons of other cash-pay PT’s all wanting to work with the crossFIT athletes he was targeting.

In a nut-shell, he was “stuck”!

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Until he saw the Accelerator Masterclass program (the last time we opened up registration) – and he knew this was going to be right for him!

He REALLY wanted to enrol…

…but the thing was, his SOON TO BE WIFE wasn’t to keen on him doing so!

She wanted to spend the enrolment fee on the upcoming wedding.


But thankfully – after one or two uncomfortable conversations with his soon to be new wife – they both agreed that it was in their best interests if he did learn how to Market his great PT skills better.

And so despite having the huge expensive wedding to pay for a the same time – Mike enrolled in Accelerator.

The result?

Within “3” months of taking the class – Mike was already $5,000 per month better off.

Needless to say that his new wife loves the Accelerator Method just as much as Mike who is now making more impact than ever…

…earning more than ever…

…and already starting to talk about expanding Next Level PT to a second facility.

Why wouldn’t he?

He now knows how to reach 1000’s of more potential clients online and by using his marketing to add value upfront…

…he’s been able to raise his prices without any resistance.

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Then enroll in the Accelerator Program, here.


Paul Gough

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