Marketing Book For Physical Therapists: “How I Became The Recognized, Trusted, Authority Figure In My Town!”

This is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of my new, Amazon No.1 Best Selling Marketing book for Physical Therapists, “New Patient Accelerator Method: How I Scaled A Four Location, $1,000,000 + Cash Pay Clinic – In A Place Where Health Care Is Free (…And, In One Of The Poorest Parts Of The Country)

“The impact that this marketing strategy has had upon my life has reached well beyond just a better, more financially solid business. Not long after I started this type of marketing, I was approached by two local newspapers who asked me to be a weekly health expert in their publication.

Education based marketing is all about giving value and providing people with helpful information about how to make good decisions about their health. And so, when I was writing the ads to promote my clinic, the editors of the local newspapers liked what they saw. The style of the ads (which I’ll teach you in chapter 8, “The Attraction System”), caught the attention of the editors, and two of them approached me and asked me to write weekly newspaper columns on the topic of health.

Ever since then I’ve written weekly newspaper columns in two of the big newspapers in my area (*I have provided an example of these newspaper columns in your resource pack that accompanies this book – get them at This provided, and still provides, free awareness of my clinic, and it also gave me the added bonus of positioning myself as the trusted authority – almost celebrity – healthcare expert in the North East. Imagine how easy it is to attract patients and raise your rates when you have this going on.

That awareness did this for me, and it can do the same for you.”

Paul Gough’s Marketing book for Physical Therapists –
“New Patient Accelerator Method” is OUT NOW!

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Physical Therapy Marketing Book: “The Most Profitable Move I Made In Business”

This is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of my new, Amazon No.1 Best Selling Marketing book for Physical Therapists, “New Patient Accelerator Method: How I Scaled A Four Location, $1,000,000 + Cash Pay Clinic – In A Place Where Health Care Is Free (…And, In One Of The Poorest Parts Of The Country)

“Switching my clinic’s marketing to focus on cash pay patients was liberating for me – to exit the insurance system was easily the smartest and most profitable decision I ever made. I would recommend it to anyone.

However, if you are mostly an insurance-based clinic as you read this, I am NOT suggesting that you immediately end all of the contracts you have with insurance companies. That would be reckless. However, what I am suggesting is that you give at least some thought to the impact that it would have on your business profits if you dropped 20% of the worst payers and replaced $85 reimbursements, (that take weeks to arrive in your bank) with $250 “fee for service” cash pay patients instead who either pay upfront or as they go.

I’ve got Accelerator Method students all over the USA who have done exactly that. Let me introduce you to one of them, Kim Gladfelter of Physio-Fit in San Jose, Ca. Kim’s average reimbursement from the insurance companies was something like $85, and her running costs were something like $82 per hour. It was almost impossible for Kim to sustain running a business on margins so thin. Twelve months after implementing the Accelerator system in her practice, she had dropped many of those crappy insurance companies and swapped $85 reimbursements with cash-pay rates closer to $200 per visit. Not only is Kim significantly more profitable, her practice is seeing fewer patients and she also has a much better cash flow. Win-win.

Now, here’s a key point: it is important to have both profit and cash flow if you want to grow a sustainable business. I know a lot of insurance-based clinics who are “profitable” on paper but never have any money. They are spending it on expenses faster than they are getting paid, living month to month hoping that the big check will arrive on time, sweating that all claims will get approved. All it takes is one screw up by the billing company you hired and you are in the hole, struggling to pay the wages at the end of the month. All of those problems disappear when you are getting paid at the time of service, or even better when you’re paid up front for a 10-session plan of care.

When it comes to building a physical therapy clinic, cash really is “king”.”

Paul Gough’s Marketing book for Physical Therapists –
“New Patient Accelerator Method” is OUT NOW!

To get your copy go here now:

NOTE: If you order it directly from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE (NOT AMAZON), you’ll pay the same price, BUT, I’ll be giving you some incredible bonuses for doing so… When you go to www.paulsmarketingbook.comchoose purchase OPTION 2 to get the very best free BONUSES that will come with your book including my Wealth Marketing DVD program, Free Facebook Ads PDF, and two months worth of the Cash is King Publication and Coaching CD…

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The Physical Therapy Business School Podcast

Will Your “Q2” Be Better Than “Q1”?

Let me tell you a story about “Ben Ramos”…

He’s a client of mine from San Diego – has a cash-pay clinic in the gorgeous little town of “Solana Beach”…

He emailed me just yesterday to say that he’d just had his first ever “FULL DAY” of paying patients:

“It felt good –
I paid my months rent in
just one day”!

He told me.

And he went on to say, “now I just need more days like that!”

More success stories:

In my Mastermind Program, each Friday we celebrate “Best Weeks Ever”…

…and what’s more, in the last Quarter, more than 60% of my group had their “best week ever”.

(I’m very proud of them all).

So here’s my questions:

What’s the key to “more best weeks ever” and more “full days?”

The answer?

“Having A PLAN”.

And working that PLAN.

Now, if you ask most business owners what they “want” – they really don’t know…

Sure, they’ll say “growth” or “more profit” – but nothing tangible.

There’s no real numbers…

…and because of there’s no numbers – there’s no PLAN to support the numbers.

This lack of a PLAN is also the primary reason why most business’s stop having best weeks ever…

…and, why many never get to experience what it’s like to have a completely full day.

(BTW, Ben is charging $225 per session in CASH – niiiiiice 😉

My next question:

When was the last time either happened to you?


If it hasn’t happened recently – or as frequently enough as you would like – then I’d like to propose we work together to create a PLAN for you to put it right.

A PLAN that is structured, with a clear route to achieving the NUMBERS that support the reason that you went into business for in the first place.

Without a PLAN, it’s difficult to know where you are going – or, if indeed, you’re even close to getting there.

At my Profits Workshop I’ll work with you to personally to create a completely new Marketing Plan for your clinic so that you can work backwards and enjoy ticking-off your achievements…

…rather than walk forwards – constantly hitting brick walls and getting STUCK!

We’re now into “Q2” of the business year – lets make this the one where you made the decision to be more successful…

…so that in “Q3” and “Q4” you can reap the financial rewards.

The More Profits Workshop is happening FOR YOU –  if you think you would be more successful if you knew how to Market your business properly, then hop-on-over to this link now to book out your spot:

3-Day Marketing Workshop: More Patients, More Profits 2017 >

Just “10” people will be in the room with you – and we do that so YOUR BUSINESS gets all of the time and attention needed to make sure you walk-away from the event with a new plan ready to fire perfectly crafted MESSAGES to your PERFECT PATIENTS…

….who, will be as impressed with your ability to resonate and connect with their REAL goals, as they are your ability to reduce pain and limit function.

This is NOT just another “Marketing course” – it’s about working personally with you for 3 days to show you how to communicate with your patients in such a way that completely changes the way the patient feels about doing business with you BEFORE they even arrive.

3-Day Marketing Workshop: More Patients, More Profits 2017 >

And as the “cost” of healthcare surely rises, it’s the clinic owners who can do THAT, who will be the ones taking home the gold-doubloons.

There’s a lot of great, very skilled PTs out there – but not many of them are “fully booked” out.

Maybe it’s because less than 99% of the profession take the time to do something like this – and actually learn how to put their skills to use at scale….

Go here next for more details on how to claim your seat so we can get you full-booked up, week-after-week:

3-Day Marketing Workshop: More Patients, More Profits 2017 >


Paul Gough


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How To Get More Patients To Show Up For A Free First Visit At Your PT Clinic

So I spent Memorial weekend in the wonderful city of “San Francisco”…

I was there to meet up with a PT Owner to talk about turbo charging his ability to acquire new patients (marketing)


Ensure that each one of those new patients is more compliant and follows through on his entire prescription of care (sales).

But I also used the trip as a mini-vacation and took my family to see the sights:

Places like “alcatraz”, “Saucalito”, Pier 39, Washington Square and a whole host of other places that I’d only ever previously seen in the movies.

The shops were great too…

My girlfriend Natalie had a blast and my son Harry loved the Disney Store located downtown.

And while there, we got presented with a number of “offers” from many different retailers… mainly, “opportunities” to “try” or “sample” things for “free”.

(Before we bought).

And it struck me just how in-effective a “Free trial” can be.

An example:

There was this one store who had a pleasant young girl out side of their doors offering a free trial of some new skin care cream.

At least that’s what we assumed it was because all she said to us was “do you want a free trial”?

(”of what”, we both thought).

Now had this girl said something like:

“Madam, would you like a free sample of the most amazing new skin care product that could revitalise your appearance in less than 5 minutes…?”

…then “Natalie” (my girlfriend) might have paid some attention.

Asked another question…

Maybe even walked inside the store for the free trial.

(Then “bought” something!)


Because she’d have been in no doubt whatsoever of the benefit to taking the free trial of the skin care cream in exchange for giving up 10 minutes of her time.

And it’s a lot like that when advertising a “free consultation” at your PT clinic.

Often, the person who you’re trying to attract to your clinic needs to know WHY he or she should take it.

It might be free…

But there’s still a TIME cost involved.

Free is often very over used – to the point it has become completely devalued and hard to give away.

Meaning that if someone lands on your website today and sees a sign for a “free consultation”… there’s a very good chance they’ll completely ignore it, question it’s value or assume that there’s a catch!

Better to load your “free consultation” with a benefit and a compelling reason why (they should try it).

Give it a new name…

A, “Find Out What’s Wrong Free First session”, perhaps?

See, promising something like a REAL diagnosis in exchange for just thirty minutes of their time is often a good place to start.

The trick is though, to make sure they have a crystal clear understanding of what’s in it for THEM and why they should attend i.e the benefit at the end (marketing).

Do that and you’ll book more.

Continue to ride along the back of “free”… and you’ll forever wonder why your google analytics say that 1000 people have visited your website this month but not one person booked from seeing your free offer.

Hope this helps.

Paul Gough.

P.S HIT REPLY to let me know what you think of today’s email or if you want to know more about the topic…

What Would Other PT Owners Say About You?

Let me tell you a short story:

So through the week I caught up (on Skype) with an owner from Philadelphia – Chad Madden of “Madden PT” (and founder of Breakthrough PT Marketing).

(Hi… 😉

And as we yapped about things like “lead generation”, “past patient re-activation” even, “every door direct mail” ideas… we got round to discussing what it was that would REALLY define the contribution to the PT industry, that both of us could make.

And he told me a story about a baseball player from the 50’s named “Ted Williams”.

I was fascinated by it.

How, back in the day when “Ted” was at his peak, even his closest rival — “Joe Dimaggio” — had good things to say about him, giving him the title of “the greatest hitter who ever lived on”.

And it got me thinking about what my own competitors might say about me, back in the UK.

In a round about way…

I’d guess they’d all say something like:

“Paul Gough, oh yeah, he’s great at marketing his business – always has been.”

And I suspect many of them may say that to make themselves feel a little bit better…

To justify my success as an owner as, “inevitable”, because I am “good at marketing”.

And they’ll do that to avoid the obvious “dissonance” (headaches!) that would surely come if any of them considered the fact that the success I’ve had has arrived simply besause of time spent learning two specific skill sets.

1.) Marketing.

2.) Sales.

As well as studying EXTENSIVELY how the human brain works, why and how people are motivated — and a relentless study of how to write persuasive “copy”… aka the words I need to write, and in what order, to get people to take the action I’m hoping for to put more people on treatment beds at my clinic… and how all that fits in to the overall strategy my business uses to dominate in my towns (“Lead Generation”!).

But they don’t see that.

I guess they’ll think that this “marketing thing” somehow comes naturally to me — and that I have some kind of unfair advantage over them.

(If only they could see how much I’ve spent on courses, attending seminars all across the US, coaching bills, mastermind groups and how many hours I’ve lost in my life to jet lag, plus time I’ve missed out on with my boy “Harry”, etc etc etc…)

See, the thing with getting good at finding more patients (from direct access)… there’s no way to just “dip your toe in the water” and do a “bit here”, and a “bit there” — still trying to be a great practitioner.


You’ve got go “all in”… and make a decision to be better at it — better than you are at diagnosing injuries or crafting “12 visit, $1200 value care plans”…

And to speed it up, you’ve got to get someone to show you how to do it.

And yes, that absolutely DOES mean investing time and money into it.

Ain’t no other way.

And it’ll be a life long, continual process, too.

You do CPD to fine tune your PT skills, right?…

Well, I do the same for my marketing skills…

See, I continue to sharpen my pencil to the tune of spending at least 1/3 of my day… everyday… learning more about “sales” and “marketing”.

What I do with the other two thirds of my day?


IMPLEMENT what I learn.

Helping to boost yet MORE sales at my own clinic — and at the clinics if the owners all across the USA who hire me to do it for them, too.

So here’s my BIG question to you:

“What would other owners say about you”?…

Would it be that you’re a great practitioner… “if only you could get a few more patients through the door”?


Would it be that your business is relying far too heavily on referrals from doctors — referrals that are soon to “dry up” as more and more large hospital systems look to dominate in small towns like yours?


Would it be that they say you’re just an old round nice person, and GLAD to have you as a competitor!?…

(Think about the implications of what they last one really means…)

Anyhow, last thing:

If any of those three statements are true about you and your business, and you want some help to move away from that less-wealthy place…

Then why don’t we talk?

I can help you automate your sales and marketing using good old fashioned, direct response marketing that I’ve made work in my own clinic…

And –

At the clinics of owners in places like Orange County (Ca), Wake County (NC), Rochester Hills (MI), Centre City (Pa), Scotsdale (AZ)… and many more places in between.

Assuming that you’re not in direct competition with any of my clients…

I can talk to you about THE best ways to get more patients to refer to you through direct access and specifically, how to automate the whole thing so that you CAN, if you wish, spend more time in the treatment room helping more people with your PT skills and doing more of what you’re already, very good at.

Give me the nod that you’re ready to take your business to the next level, by filling out this short form: >>>

Cheerio for now.

Paul Gough

[Direct Access Marketing] How To Promote “Free First Visits” – Without Appearing Needy Or Looking Desperate For Business!

Next, let’s talk about the “temptation” to give way FREE first SESSIONS.

If you’re new to marketing or just not sure how to do it but are keen to get more direct access patients through the doors, it’s very tempting to promote FREE!…

Now, I’m a big fan of free information.

Giving away free information to help people learn more about what you do and how you can help i.e a free report with tips to ease back pain (…lead generation style) IS the rock that I built my own $1m dollar pt clinic on.

And even though we’re doing well month-on-month, I’m regarded as THE go-to guy in my area, a published author in the health field on Amazon, a weekly newspaper columnist for two different papers with “mini-celebrity” status in the towns that I serve, I STILL like to promote FREE first sessions to grow my clinic.


Because if it’s done right, it can bring people into your clinic who otherwise would never have considered it.

Doesn’t matter how good you are, how good they think you are, or what people say about you – there’s A LOT of people out there who doubt that what you do is right for THEM!

(Big difference, massive difference!)

And offering a “low barrier to entry” – something that lets these people come to see you with little or no risk so they can decide for themselves how good they are – is a profitable strategy.

Thing is, if you do it wrong – it can leave you appearing needy or looking desperate for patients.

(And no one wants to put their health in the hands of a “desperate” for business clinic!)

See, people don’t know the laws of direct access (they also don’t care!) – and they don’t realise that what you’re doing is simply trying to help them out by offering a free session.

Most people either ignore free completely because they think it has little or no value, or they mostly assume you’re not very good at what you do and have to resort to “giving it away” free – because no one else will buy it.

Which IS going to hurt your referrals in the long run.

So you’ve got to advertise free in the right away.

There’s rules you can follow whether you’re running small ads in the newspapers, or trying to catch people directly from your website with your offer of a free consultation.

It starts by changing the name of your “free exam!” to _______ and making people QUALIFY by doing ______.

Then, you’ve got to do what I’m currently teaching the other owners on the caching program right now, which is say “________”.


I’ve said too much for this email.

If you want some help to implement a better SYSTEM for attracting Direct Access patients at your clinic, let me know by filling out this form: >>> 

I can answer your questions well enough so that you can do it on your own, or, if you like the sound of what I say but not got the time to do it, ask me do it for you.

Either way, I can help.

Start here: >>> 

Paul Gough

P.S Non of what I teach is “theory”

Everything I teach in my coaching groups or to my private clients is what I am CURRENTLY using in my own practice to WIN in the back drop of a completely free health care system back in the UK.

Think about it…

Everyone who ever choses to come and see me and is happy to pay for my services – also the option of a completely FREE physical therapy option funded by the government.

Even the “tourists” can walk into a pt clinic in Britain and get free pt treatment.

Yet… last month alone we did 152 absolute BRAND new (self-referred) patients using these strategies.

They are working in many towns and states in the USA and they WILL work for you too.

Lets talk: >>> 

[Direct Access Marketing] How To Actually Make Money From All The People Requesting Your Free e-Books or Signing Up For Your Newsletters!

So let’s look at some more ways you could easily attract floods of Direct Access patients.

Specifically, “how to actually make money from
all the people requesting your free eBooks (or eNewsletter)”

These things…

physical therapy marketing ideas

Or, signing up to one of these:

Ebook Image 3

True story time:

So I was working with an owner recently who was lying awake at night worried about his referrals from doctors drying up…

…and, yet ANOTHER chiropractor having set up in his town likely to make things even more difficult for him to get Direct Access patients – especially ones with back and neck pain.

So after I looked at what he was currently doing to attract new patients, I got to work on making some suggestions.

And one of them was this:

Create An Automated “Follow up System” Using e-mail, Direct Mail and Telephone Calls.

I suggested it after looking at his clinics website noticing that he offers visitors a collection of FREE E-BOOKS, in exchange for their email address.

So far so good.

(This is classic “lead generation marketing” – perfect for small clinic owners!)

It gets better…

In little over 12 months… more than 400 people had come to his website, expressed an interest in his services – and were happy to exchange their contact details for his three E-books.

Here’s where the problems start:

Not one single person had converted to a paying patient.


Because there was ZERO follow up.

Now, I know a lot of owners leave their “e-newsletters” in the hands of a third party company who manages their website.

Which is fine!

But I suspect that what was happening to my client, might also be happening to you too:

Problem 1: 

The E-books are NOT actually even being sent.

They’re just being displayed on a webpage to be downloaded – yet, what is supposed to happen is an email is sent containing the requested ebook to that you  CONDITION the user into receiving emails from you in future (…loaded with more information in those emails about YOUR PT service and how easy it is to self refer!)

Now, just about every owner I speak to tells me…

…”if i could just get more people around here to realise that they can self refer for pt, then most of my problems would be solved!”…

If that’s happening to you… why not do it inside your emails? EVERYDAY, until the people who requested your free e-Books completely understand the “easy” referral process.

Now here’s problem 2:

The types of e-newsletters that are being sent to people who “opt in” or “sign up” are doing ZERO to enhance the likelihood of the these enquires actually becoming paying patients.

Which is SURELY the goal right?

See, the ONLY reason you’re giving away FREE stuff (E-books etc) is so that you can capture people’s details and THEN follow up with even more INFORMATION.

Preferably something specific (to their problem!), relevant to their concerns, helpful (in the decision making process!) and interesting (enough to get read!)… and ultimately helps them make a better decision about Physical Therapy at your clinic.

See, when you FOLLOW UP like this, you have multiple shots at explaining to a patient what you do, who you help, how easy it is to refer (via Direct Access) and even that the first session is free (if that’s your offer!), and you have a much better chance of that person who requested your fee e-Book, actually giving you some money.

Here’s How Much This Could Be Worth To You

400 people gave this “owner” their email address.

Imaging even just a 1% conversion ration (to paying patient).

That would be “4” patients.

If the average patient is worth $1000 – that’s $4000 LOST!

Now imagine a conversion ration of 10% (something VERY realistic even with the most basic of follow up sequences!) – that would be 40 new patients.

That amount my client LOST is now approaching $40,000.

It Gets Worse

Given that many people tell friends and refer family members, the true value that figure is it is even higher.

If just 20% of those 40 people referred their family and friends, there’s another 8 people.

Another 8 patients worth $8000.

So because of a lack of a “follow up system” to convert enquiries made on his website, my client WAS losing about $48,000 in revenue.

So, How Do You Fix It?

First, you need to take control of your email marketing.

There’s just too much money to be made from sending broadcast emails to past patients offering them other products and services – to let someone else do it!

Send two or three emails per week (…never mind once per month!) and as well as aiming to increase revenue by making special offers, you can also enhance your long term relationship by sharing stories about you and your staff, even other patients.

Sharing your blog posts to your email subscribers is a great way to keep your past patient list “warm”… and if you’re using a very clever or sophisticated email delivery system like “infusionsoft”…

Then It’s Even Possible To See Whose Clicking The Links Inside Your Emails On topics About Things Like Back Pain…

Why is that important?

Because if people are clicking links inside your emails to read articles titled: “7 things you could do this summer without back pain…” there’s a good chance that most of them have some kind of back pain discomfort that they want solving.

Get the list of the “clickers” – and give them a call or send them an offer in the post.

To take back control of your emails… just ask your webmaster plug in a new email delivery system on your website.

It’s really easy to do…

Once you choose which email marketing software you want to use, i.e. Infusionsoft or Aweber or Constant Contact, just set it up and send the “code” to your webmaster – and he or she does the rest.

All they have to do is put the code over the top of the current “opt-in box”…

Ebook Image1

(…This thing ^…)

And next time someone fills out your form to request an e-Book, they go into YOUR email database for you to send out messages too.

But there’s more…

Email Is Just the Beginning Of The Relationship With – An Easy Way To Start It.

What you should also be asking for is the persons phone number – and if possible, their home address. 

You’re going to do that so you can have your emails going out automatically and instantly, and if you collect the phone number, you or your receptionist can call the person who requested your e-Book THE NEXT day, and ask more about their problem and what help they might need. 

If you can get their address (in exchange for even more information like another report or pdf!) then you can also send them things through the mail.

Maybe a follow up postcard, like this one:

marketing ideas for physical therapy clinics

…which explains even MORE about why PT is a good choice to ease that persons back pain.

A Good Time To Ask For Their Home Address Is On The “Thanks Page”

The “thanks page” is the page that the visitor sees right after they opt in to get your free ebook!

And here’s something on that topic to be aware of:

I recently critiqued the website of a owner client of mine over in California and his “thanks page” wasn’t even linked to his website…

So what was happening was a visitor was requesting an e-Book, then being taken AWAY FROM HIS WEBSITE, over to the website of the people who were hosting it…

So my question is, what chance did he have of them ever becoming a patient if they are now on someone else’s website? And how confused must they be!

The “thanks page” is the most important page on your website – a HOT prospect sees it when they take action and it’s your chance to ask them to take another action.

Offer something Else As Soon As They Opt In – Like A Free Telephone Consultation To Help Them Some More… 

People start by requesting a free e-book, then you build another bridge by offering them a free telephone consultation which they can request directly from the THANKS PAGE…

Then you ask for their postal address (on the telephone call!) and if they don’t book an appointment with you there and then, use it to begin sending out information through the mail (as well as email!)…

What do you send?

More information to build another BRIDGE to your pt service by talking more about the benefits of them receiving a FREE consultation.

 Here’s a REAL LIVE Working Example Of How To Do This Right… 

Just click the image below to see how I give away my own Free E-Books (I’m a clinic owner as well remember and you’ll see that everything I successfully do!!) AND then go ahead and enter your email address into the system … then watch and learn how I KEEP FOLLOWING up with emails that provide you with more information to help you make a better decision abut ways to end your back pain!…


Your “Building A Bridge” That Leads To Your Clinic Doors

So now, from simply collecting some ones email address in exchange for an e-book from your website, you’ve actually created a sturdy bridge for people to walk along – one that leads right to your treatment room door.

Remember… the no.1 reason people don’t come to see a pt (or buy anything from anyone!) is that they don’t trust THEIR OWN decision making enough to want to go ahead with it.

So, if you use a multi-step follow system like the one I’ve just described, and send people information to help them make a better, more educated and more informed decision about PT, you will see a lot more people walking along that bridge of yours than to the door of any of your competitors.

Finally, Here’s My Question To You…

If you like the sound of actually making money from your free e-Books with a follow system like this, why don’t we talk about how I can help you achieve it?

Lets start with a free IMPLEMENTATION call:

On the free call I can tell you how to do it so that you can go off an do it all by your self,

Or, if you want me to do it for you, just ask!

Choice is yours.

Just click this link, fill out this form, and we’ll talk on the phone or on Sykpe about I can personally help you find more Direct Access patients:

Talk soon,

Paul Gough

P.S To get regular direct access marketing tips like this from me, sign up here:

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How To Run “Direct Access Friendly” Newspaper Ads – Small Ones, That Don’t Cost Much Money, Yet Still Attract Dozens of New Patients

So lets talk about “old fashioned” marketing.

And specifically, about running “Direct Response Style adverts” in the local newspapers (or magazines!).

First, you should know that they still work!

Not only that, there’s never been a better opportunity to make small newspaper adverts work simply because the big advertisers are spending their $$$ else where – mainly online with Google, Facebook, and Yelp! etc.

And that means the newspapers have space to fill – meaning you can get the positions in the paper you want (to boost response) but also, for much less cost than it used to be!

So you’re cost per acquisition of new patient, is going to be LESS!

The first thing you have to decide on, is this:

Are you going for the “Sales Model” or the “Lead Generation” model?

I’d suggest if you’re new to marketing, new to town or just starting to “get your message out there” and thinking of running your first ads .. then go of the “lead generation” model where you give away something that is of interest to a prospective client – like a free tips report or eBook – and is likely to make the person reading your advert actually want to call your clinic to get it.

With this model of advertising, you’re NOT trying to get people to call and book appointments (“sales” model!).


Because it’s just to difficult to make work – and often costly.

All to do with “trust” (or a lack of – at this stage of the advertising relationship!)… something that the big corporate hospitals get naturally, chiropractors have BOUGHT because of years of advertising and being clever with it – and the other, often much larger companies who you might be tempted to copy cat from, they’ve probably got much bigger budgets than you and can comfortably afford to do it (and loose it!).

You and I however, we need to follow the GOLDEN RULE of small business marketing success:

Put $1 in, and very quickly get $2 out (if not more)

And that’s easily achieved if you follow these the rules of running “lead generation”, direct response style ads.

First, it goes without saying that your ads must NOT mention you, your clinic, or physical therapy, any more than is necessary – only to introduce you as the “reporter” of the article, or to tell the reader of your “editorial style ad”, why you’re able to write such “tips” reports or eBooks credibly.

See, it’s an “editorial style ad” that is going to get read – and more likely responded too.

Something that might look like this:

marketing ideas for physical therapists

Doesn’t immediately scream out “advert” does it?

It’s LOADED with words – i.e information!

And by the way… no matter what any one tells you, there’s NO such thing as “too much information” – and especially NOT when you’re in pain looking for the right solution!

This is information that COULD be useful to the person WHO you’re writing it for – and who the headline should scream out too.

Click Here To Get Regular Tips To Boost Self-Referrals Sent To You >>> In that last sentence, I’ve just told you about two components of successful small  ads. The “who” (the person the ad is for)  and the “headline” . But, those  on their own are not enough to make small ads work.

See, there’s actually 6 key commponents of

successful small ads.

And here they are as follows:

1.)  Your Ad must talk to only ONE pocket of people  – i.e people age 50+ with back pain!

2.) It must have a “compelling headline” – the job of the headline is NOT to sell anything, only to  force the reader to want to read some more so that they make it to the next part of your ad…

3.)  An irresistible offer – this could be a “free tips report” or a DVD

4.) Strong, emotive copy – use words in your ad that speak directly to the hopes, fears and dreams of your potential new patient i.e. “Imagine how you will be in five years from now if you don’t get this back pain of yours sorted!”… (Who could ignore those types of words?)

5.)  Time Sensitive/Scarcity – no body wants to miss out on free help – if you’re giving away a free tips report, make it limited in number! i.e only 7 free copies available!

6.) Strong Call to action – if you don’t tell people what to do to get your offer, then they won’t do it! So you must tell them to “call this number now” (or miss out!)

So there you go…

The 6 key components of running small cost newspaper ads that get new patients to call your clinic, “out of the blue”!

Follow the rules of “direct response marketing” – like the most successful chiropractors have done for many years – and you’ll be inundated with telephone calls from people suffering with injuries and problems that you can help.

Provide them with enough information about Physical Therapy – and it won’t take long for them to decide that YOU are the right person to solve their problem. After all… they DON’T really want the free tips report – they just don’t know you well enough (or trust you enough!) to ask for anything else.

Not yet, anyways.

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Paul Gough

P.S As you read this article…

A personal coaching client of mine – a pt in the Rochester Hills area of (MI), just this weekend secured his first referrals from Direct Access using this precise tactic.

We created him three small cost Ads (1/4 column) following the rules you’ve just read, offered a free “tips” report to help people with back pain… made the reader call (actually pick up the phone!) to get it, and when they did, we had a magically worded script in place ready to convert “enquires”, into paying patients.

Want to know more?…

Come join us all, here:

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What I Learned From Anthony Robbins About Getting Referrals From Direct Access

So yesterday I spent the day with Tony Robbins son, “Jaerik”!…

Jaerik Robbins
(Jaerik Robbins on the left, Paul Gough, right ^).

And during a conversation I had with Jaerik – he let slip one of THE main reasons (in his Dad’s opinion!) why people are held back from living the life they truly want.

And it’s this type of thinking:


“I’m too YOUNG to do that!”…

Very quickly becoming:

“I’m too OLD to do that!”.


And what happens is the person saying it NEVER actually notices the day they made the switch (from “young” to “old” being the excuse!).

And you know what…

The more I listened to him, the more it made sense of a lot of what I hear from people who are put off from investing in their health with something like “physical therapy”.

See, one of THE biggest reasons people chose NOT to do something about their achey back or knee, is that they think they’re “too old” – and that it just wont be worth investing in it!

It’s as if they think:

“I’m 65, it’s too late for me, what’s the point of getting it sorted now, there’s no way I can justify spending money children’s inheritance money on pt – I’ll just live with it!”

And you know that problem with this is?

These people are YOUR patients.

These are the people with back and knee pain who should be self-referring to you via direct access.

But they’re not.

They are held back by self-limiting beliefs that are KILLING the number of referrals you should be getting.

And you know what?…

I suspect a lot of PT clinic owner’s are back by the same self limiting beliefs, too.

Not “age” ones…

But, a lack of belief in their “marketing abilities”, or to be more precise, their lack of understanding of HOW marketing actually works (and not wanting to get the decision wrong).

So what do they do?


Except get more and more frustrated by their lack of progress – and just HOPE that those doctor referrals don’t continue to dry up, a POPTS doesn’t set up across the street, or the chiropractors ease down their adverts.

Which is WHY one of the best places for you to start to find those referrals from direct access you want, is with talking to someone who will “walk you through” how marketing ACTUALLY works

– AND –

How something like direct response marketing (“old school” marketing) might work in YOUR pt clinic BEFORE you have to commit to running ads, spending money on a website, buying up space in magazines, or sending out postcards!

That way you’ll be in a better position to make a more informed decision, a better one, and a more confident one!

Do you think some advice like that wold help you?

If so, get your free strategy call with me here: >>>

On the call you can ask as many questions as you want about “marketing” …and discover what COULD possibly be done to help you get more new patients.

After that, take all the time you need to digest what I say and decide for your self if you like the sound of what I suggest you do next.

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Talk soon.

Paul Gough