What I Learned From Anthony Robbins About Getting Referrals From Direct Access

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So yesterday I spent the day with Tony Robbins son, “Jaerik”!…

Jaerik Robbins
(Jaerik Robbins on the left, Paul Gough, right ^).

And during a conversation I had with Jaerik – he let slip one of THE main reasons (in his Dad’s opinion!) why people are held back from living the life they truly want.

And it’s this type of thinking:


“I’m too YOUNG to do that!”…

Very quickly becoming:

“I’m too OLD to do that!”.


And what happens is the person saying it NEVER actually notices the day they made the switch (from “young” to “old” being the excuse!).

And you know what…

The more I listened to him, the more it made sense of a lot of what I hear from people who are put off from investing in their health with something like “physical therapy”.

See, one of THE biggest reasons people chose NOT to do something about their achey back or knee, is that they think they’re “too old” – and that it just wont be worth investing in it!

It’s as if they think:

“I’m 65, it’s too late for me, what’s the point of getting it sorted now, there’s no way I can justify spending money children’s inheritance money on pt – I’ll just live with it!”

And you know that problem with this is?

These people are YOUR patients.

These are the people with back and knee pain who should be self-referring to you via direct access.

But they’re not.

They are held back by self-limiting beliefs that are KILLING the number of referrals you should be getting.

And you know what?…

I suspect a lot of PT clinic owner’s are back by the same self limiting beliefs, too.

Not “age” ones…

But, a lack of belief in their “marketing abilities”, or to be more precise, their lack of understanding of HOW marketing actually works (and not wanting to get the decision wrong).

So what do they do?


Except get more and more frustrated by their lack of progress – and just HOPE that those doctor referrals don’t continue to dry up, a POPTS doesn’t set up across the street, or the chiropractors ease down their adverts.

Which is WHY one of the best places for you to start to find those referrals from direct access you want, is with talking to someone who will “walk you through” how marketing ACTUALLY works

– AND –

How something like direct response marketing (“old school” marketing) might work in YOUR pt clinic BEFORE you have to commit to running ads, spending money on a website, buying up space in magazines, or sending out postcards!

That way you’ll be in a better position to make a more informed decision, a better one, and a more confident one!

Do you think some advice like that wold help you?

If so, get your free strategy call with me here:

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On the call you can ask as many questions as you want about “marketing” …and discover what COULD possibly be done to help you get more new patients.

After that, take all the time you need to digest what I say and decide for your self if you like the sound of what I suggest you do next.

Here’s the form again:

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Just click the link ^ and fill out the simple form to give me a sign you want some help to get more referrals from direct access:

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Talk soon.

Paul Gough


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