[True Story] Another PT Clinic Owner Who Is Relying ONLY On Doctor Referrals

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So yesterday I did three “Strategy Calls” and one was with a pt clinic owner from Cambridge, Boston. 
A guy currently surviving ONLY on referrals from doctors who refer post op knee replacement patients to his clinic. 
We’ve chatted on Skype now a couple of times about what is the best way for him and his business to move forward so that he can begin to generate his own referrals
– AND – 
take advantage of direct access and stop wasting time on chasing doctors proving “harder than ever to reach than ever”.
(His exact words!) 
But here’s the thing: 
My “system” – and what I said I could do to help, he didn’t feel was right for him – at this moment. 
See, he KNOWS it’s what he needs…
And he knows it’s going to be what he HAS to do (eventually)…
But, it just doesn’t feel right at this moment for him to invest in my system for finding new patients.
…Even though it’s working in different counties and states in the USA at this VERY moment and even though my “ads” are generating phone calls from new patients who had they not seen the ads I write, would NEVER have even considered visiting a pt.   
BUT anyway…
He now has a very clear understanding of what MUST be done to get more patients in his business that means he isn’t going to be relying upon just 3-4 doctors. 
I left him with some tips for his website – something which I sensed is frustrating him more and more as NO referrals come from that either…
Even warned him of the pitfalls of advertising “in-clinic seminars” without having an “offer” to move the people who attend from “pupil”, to paying patient. 
So what I’m trying to say to you is this:
If you’re at all interested in learning about the options you’ve got for getting more new patients into your clinic (via direct access), then why don’t we have a conversation about it? 
It might be that what I can do IS right for you and your clinic. 
But if it’s NOT, I’ll do my best to help you decide what is – and tell you where to look to get it.
Would that be worth the 30 seconds of your time it will take to fill this form out:
www.ptprofitacademy.com/strategy >>
Claim a strategy call with me by filling out this form here:
www.ptprofitacademy.com/strategy >>

Paul Gough 
P.S Was talking with a client of mine from CA yesterday…
…and as we’re preparing a new marketing piece set to run in the newspapers soon, we spoke all about the different types of problems that his patients with back pain face…
And they’re NOT things like: sciatica, SI Joint stiffness or muscle tension or anything medical like that. 
It’s much more important than that…
Things like: being unable to play golf, surf, sit in their beach chair, run, go to the Pilates studio, or play at the swing park with their children, is WHAT the REAL problems are.  
Only when back pain stops any of these things do people think they even have a problem – despite the pain they’re suffering having been there for weeks or months! 
Do you know what your prospective new patients REAL problems are? 
If you don’t, it’s very difficult to attract them to your clinic.
We’ll talk about this some more on a strategy call. 
Apply here:
www.ptprofitacademy.com/strategy >>

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