[Direct Access Marketing] How To Promote “Free First Visits” – Without Appearing Needy Or Looking Desperate For Business!

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Next, let’s talk about the “temptation” to give way FREE first SESSIONS.

If you’re new to marketing or just not sure how to do it but are keen to get more direct access patients through the doors, it’s very tempting to promote FREE!…

Now, I’m a big fan of free information.

Giving away free information to help people learn more about what you do and how you can help i.e a free report with tips to ease back pain (…lead generation style) IS the rock that I built my own $1m dollar pt clinic on.

And even though we’re doing well month-on-month, I’m regarded as THE go-to guy in my area, a published author in the health field on Amazon, a weekly newspaper columnist for two different papers with “mini-celebrity” status in the towns that I serve, I STILL like to promote FREE first sessions to grow my clinic.


Because if it’s done right, it can bring people into your clinic who otherwise would never have considered it.

Doesn’t matter how good you are, how good they think you are, or what people say about you – there’s A LOT of people out there who doubt that what you do is right for THEM!

(Big difference, massive difference!)

And offering a “low barrier to entry” – something that lets these people come to see you with little or no risk so they can decide for themselves how good they are – is a profitable strategy.

Thing is, if you do it wrong – it can leave you appearing needy or looking desperate for patients.

(And no one wants to put their health in the hands of a “desperate” for business clinic!)

See, people don’t know the laws of direct access (they also don’t care!) – and they don’t realise that what you’re doing is simply trying to help them out by offering a free session.

Most people either ignore free completely because they think it has little or no value, or they mostly assume you’re not very good at what you do and have to resort to “giving it away” free – because no one else will buy it.

Which IS going to hurt your referrals in the long run.

So you’ve got to advertise free in the right away.

There’s rules you can follow whether you’re running small ads in the newspapers, or trying to catch people directly from your website with your offer of a free consultation.

It starts by changing the name of your “free exam!” to _______ and making people QUALIFY by doing ______.

Then, you’ve got to do what I’m currently teaching the other owners on the caching program right now, which is say “________”.


I’ve said too much for this email.

If you want some help to implement a better SYSTEM for attracting Direct Access patients at your clinic, let me know by filling out this form:

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I can answer your questions well enough so that you can do it on your own, or, if you like the sound of what I say but not got the time to do it, ask me do it for you.

Either way, I can help.

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Paul Gough

P.S Non of what I teach is “theory”

Everything I teach in my coaching groups or to my private clients is what I am CURRENTLY using in my own practice to WIN in the back drop of a completely free health care system back in the UK.

Think about it…

Everyone who ever choses to come and see me and is happy to pay for my services – also the option of a completely FREE physical therapy option funded by the government.

Even the “tourists” can walk into a pt clinic in Britain and get free pt treatment.

Yet… last month alone we did 152 absolute BRAND new (self-referred) patients using these strategies.

They are working in many towns and states in the USA and they WILL work for you too.

Lets talk:

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PAUL GOUGH is one of the top Marketing and Business Coaches in the physical therapy industry and his Systems are helping clinic owners all across America run more profitable clinics. He is a published Author, Newspaper Columnist and before his stunning success in business was hired by top professional soccer teams. HIS SUCCESS STORY is one that inspires many pt's around the world - at the age of 26 Paul QUIT a high profile job in professional soccer to begin his own clinic. He had NO money, NO business or marketing skills and NO experience - and yet now owns and runs 4 pt clinics and has a proven track record of growing a physical therapy business from 0 - $2m in record time.
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