Email Marketing: What They’re Not Telling You About How Easy It Is To Get Referrals From Past Patients.

Comes an email from a PT Owner asking about my email strategy:


“Paul… I’ve been following your emails for sometime now… I look froward to reading what you have to say and consider you to be very generous with information you give away.

I note recently you have mentioned “email marketing” as a means for getting past patients to come back to your clinic.

I’m curious about the open rates you get – just I keep hearing that email marketing is dying and I believe that less and less people are opening their emails these days due to the excess volume we all receive.

Keep up the great work.

– Dylan. PT. Washington State.


First up…

Let me say the that “irony” is NOT lost on me that someone is questioning the effectiveness of email marketing – by replying/responding to my email marketing.

Untitled design-8

Go figure.


About the open rate thing.

First up, it’s pretty irrelevant.

Let me explain:

The only thing that I’m ever interested in when I send out emails to past patients is the response that I get.

Now, I NEVER sell directly in an email.

All that I’m looking to do is to get a handful of people to show an interest in a particular topic that I’m writing about – say, an article I’ve written on ways to ease “back pain”.

At this stage … most of the “clickers” (on the article) they have NO intention what so ever of calling me.

They’re just looking.

Inside the “store” (so to speak)…

…holding the dress or shirt out in front of them, but not really serious about buying it!


But, when I note the interest, my follow up goes to work.

And with a little help of a few more emails and one or two phone calls – in the end, how ever long it takes, we get the referral.

And as a happy by-product of this strategy…

We will ALWAYS get a call from a past patient who reads the post, remembers he has back pain, and just calls the clinic.

And will often say something like this:

“When I got your email, it was like a “sign”
that I needed to do something about
my back pain…”

Well, guess what… it was!

A sign from me that I’m here, my phone line still works and I know how to solve the problem that you’re having.

And about the open rate “dropping” thing.

People who tell you email marketing doesn’t work are usually trying to sell you on something else – such as direct mail.

But here’s what they won’t tell you:

The open rate for people aged 50+ is actually going UP.

(Not down).

It’s now the most common way that people aged 50+ communicate with each other and it’ll likely stay that way.

Open rates in GENERAL are going down because the “millennials” (…and people in their 30’s trying to be “cool”) are using everything BUT email to communicate with each other.

Those guys wouldn’t dream of sending an email or opening one unless everything else failed.

Good news is, those guys are NOT your ideal patients.

(They don’t have the cash nor do they value their health enough to invest in it regularly).

To sum up todays lesson… email marketing is likely to be an ever increasing “secret” weapon in your arsenal to boost sales at your clinic.

If, you chose to implement it.

“Spy” on how I do it, if you like??..

Here’s a secret link that lets you onto my “past patient” email list:
Just enter your name and email …

…and you’ll get to see how I “work” my list to keep the people on it entertained, healthy and happy to come back and see me – all in 500 words or less.


Paul Gough.

An Independence Day Firework Display of Love (…For Your Past Patients!)


As most PT Owners head back to their clinics today to *wait* for referrals to arrive from doctors…

…one owner I know is busy scheduling the past patients he emailed over the weekend offering them a chance to come back and see him.

His reason for emailing and making his past patient list an offer (of claiming a limited number of free sessions this week…)


“Independence Day!”

Why not?

What better “excuse” to show an Independence Day firework style display of LOVE (…and appreciation) to your past patient list, than on the 4th of July, with an offer offer a free “screen” to check over any nagging back or knee pain (…or whatever!)?…

Everyone else is doing something like it.

(Why should you miss out on the extra revenue in your business?)

And guess what…

It worked!

Here’s the word for word message my client (in California) sent me yesterday:


“Paul… I sent the email
at 10.15am.

By 10.18am I had the first one
(past patient) ask if I they
could have one of the

Got him on the schedule right away!”…



The point?

There’s sooooooo many ways that you can quickly and easily re-activate past patients and boost revenue at your clinic.

And often times it’s much quicker, cheaper and easier to do it than you think (…or others are telling you!)

Like “email”, for example.

See, with email it’s easy to react to topical things happening in the news and create your own “promotion!”

An example:

I know if my clinic was the other side of the pond… the first thing I’d be doing today is making a big push to target FEMALE SOCCER players in my marketing, with an irresistible offer to make contact with my clinic.


Because they’re likely to be on a HIGH this week after winning the ladies world cup last night.

Right now (…and for the remainder of the summer) women soccer players are likely to be more MOTIVATED than ever to want to play at their best.

And what’s the one thing that will get in the way of those ladies playing at their best?

That’s right… “injuries”.

That said, why not shape your newsletters, emails and or past patients postcards to target this group of people… and make it easy for them to get fitter, quicker, than “Carli Llloyd” scored her first two goals against Japan last night!…

(In less than 5 mins!).


Finding your own supply of new patients is actually really simple.

Easier than it’s ever been.

That said, if you’ve spent the last 10 years inside your treatment room working all day as a practitioner treating patients… I can understand why you might feel as though you’ve lost touch with all of these new ways to market your practice.

That’s why my “Next Level Group Coaching” Program would be perfect for you.

There’s a “Facebook Secret Group” full of success hungry owners from all parts of the U.S already onboard with me… and we’re talking through strategies like this on a DAILY basis.

It’s the next.big.thing in PT Practice Marketing (…and Sales) and we want to know when you’re going to join us all?…

Apply in time, here:

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Be quick.

Just 3 new Owners per month and if some other PT from your town gets in first, the doors get locked shut!


Paul Gough.

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[Direct Access Marketing] How To Promote “Free First Visits” – Without Appearing Needy Or Looking Desperate For Business!

Next, let’s talk about the “temptation” to give way FREE first SESSIONS.

If you’re new to marketing or just not sure how to do it but are keen to get more direct access patients through the doors, it’s very tempting to promote FREE!…

Now, I’m a big fan of free information.

Giving away free information to help people learn more about what you do and how you can help i.e a free report with tips to ease back pain (…lead generation style) IS the rock that I built my own $1m dollar pt clinic on.

And even though we’re doing well month-on-month, I’m regarded as THE go-to guy in my area, a published author in the health field on Amazon, a weekly newspaper columnist for two different papers with “mini-celebrity” status in the towns that I serve, I STILL like to promote FREE first sessions to grow my clinic.


Because if it’s done right, it can bring people into your clinic who otherwise would never have considered it.

Doesn’t matter how good you are, how good they think you are, or what people say about you – there’s A LOT of people out there who doubt that what you do is right for THEM!

(Big difference, massive difference!)

And offering a “low barrier to entry” – something that lets these people come to see you with little or no risk so they can decide for themselves how good they are – is a profitable strategy.

Thing is, if you do it wrong – it can leave you appearing needy or looking desperate for patients.

(And no one wants to put their health in the hands of a “desperate” for business clinic!)

See, people don’t know the laws of direct access (they also don’t care!) – and they don’t realise that what you’re doing is simply trying to help them out by offering a free session.

Most people either ignore free completely because they think it has little or no value, or they mostly assume you’re not very good at what you do and have to resort to “giving it away” free – because no one else will buy it.

Which IS going to hurt your referrals in the long run.

So you’ve got to advertise free in the right away.

There’s rules you can follow whether you’re running small ads in the newspapers, or trying to catch people directly from your website with your offer of a free consultation.

It starts by changing the name of your “free exam!” to _______ and making people QUALIFY by doing ______.

Then, you’ve got to do what I’m currently teaching the other owners on the caching program right now, which is say “________”.


I’ve said too much for this email.

If you want some help to implement a better SYSTEM for attracting Direct Access patients at your clinic, let me know by filling out this form: >>> 

I can answer your questions well enough so that you can do it on your own, or, if you like the sound of what I say but not got the time to do it, ask me do it for you.

Either way, I can help.

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Paul Gough

P.S Non of what I teach is “theory”

Everything I teach in my coaching groups or to my private clients is what I am CURRENTLY using in my own practice to WIN in the back drop of a completely free health care system back in the UK.

Think about it…

Everyone who ever choses to come and see me and is happy to pay for my services – also the option of a completely FREE physical therapy option funded by the government.

Even the “tourists” can walk into a pt clinic in Britain and get free pt treatment.

Yet… last month alone we did 152 absolute BRAND new (self-referred) patients using these strategies.

They are working in many towns and states in the USA and they WILL work for you too.

Lets talk: >>> 

Physical Therapy Marketing Q&A Session.

Round up Q&A time…


Q.) “Paul, what’s been your biggest frustration in marketing?

Answer: Hearing everyone in seminars tell me that I needed a follow up system, not really sure or knowing what one was, or where to look to get started.


Q.) “Where would you advise to start at creating a marketing system?”

Simple. Create a free tips report for your ads (like “bait”) then send out follow up emails. Start with 12 emails or so over 30 days. Then later, add direct mail and telephone calls to the campaign too.


Q.) “Paul, what’s your biggest mistake you’ve made in Marketing?”

Easy. I was looking at and “copy-catting” the wrong people (like big corporate hospitals) & trying to advertise like they do (brand awareness) i.e. Not asking for an immediate response or giving a compelling enough of a reason to call my clinic from my ads.

One more:

Q.) “Which marketing media has made the fastest and biggest difference to your life and your clinic profits?”

Emails. I send regular broadcast emails to existing clients – and “automated”, follow up emails to leads and potential new clients” who show an interest in my service.

(See how I do it, by joining my patient email broadcast list here >>>)

Last one:

Q.) “To someone completely new to marketing, where would you advise running your first ads?”

Go “offline”! i.e. start with a newspaper ad or something like a postcard.

Offline is very easy to control costs and track response than something like Google or Facebook – which can easily eat through a budget in hours with nothing in return.


All right, that’s it for todays “Paul gets marketing questions, you get answers” show.

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Paul Gough.


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Advice For “Newbie Marketing PT’s” Who Want To Take Control Of Their Own Email Marketing… And Make Tons More Profit By Doing So

Came a question about sending emails to patients:


“Currently I put email addresses to my new patients or people requesting my ebooks through my website.

But I can not individually or categorise the list. I can only send broadcast emails to all the people in the list.

There are no names only email addresses. I got this through the company called _____. They handle my website and they send monthly video newsletters to my subscribers.

After reading your report, I’m now thinking of doing this my self.

Which email marketing system would you recommend I use?

– Oliver. Restore Physical Therapy LLC, Rochester Hills, MI.



My advice is this:

You’ve got two options.

One is to get a simple email system to capture contact details and blast out emails only.

It’s the “cheaper” option in terms of up front cost and monthly payment.

If that’s what you would prefer, then there’s a few I could suggest.

“Aweber”, “Mail Chimp” or “Sendpepper” are all very similar and will do what you need.

Then there’s “Infusionsoft”.

It does everything.


Sure, it “costs” a little more in the beginning – but, (and in my humble opinion), if you’re running a busy clinic and want as many parts of your business and marketing AUTOMATED as is possible, then you should seriously consider it.

You’ll need to learn how to work it.

And it will only do what you tell it.

But which ever you choose… “Email Marketing” is something that I would urge you do – for your profits sake.

It is quite possibly the single fastest way to increase profits at your clinic – particularly if you already have a bunch of names and addresses in your clinic database.

(Easy to add them all to any of these email systems I just mentioned).

Then just do something like this:

Send your first email (using “Aweber”, “Infusionsoft” etc) and tell patients that you’ll be emailing regularly with some handy hints and tips, plus some fun stories about what you’ve been up to etc, even with offers to save some money on their health.

Make it VERY clear where they can “un-subscribe” in the first few emails – and you’ll find that 99.9% of patients you write to will be very happy to hear from you there after.

Do it right, and they’ll be passing your emails round to friends and even replying asking for you to send more.

Want to see how I profit from emails at my own clinic?


Use this special link and add your name to my clinics email list:

Join Paul’s Patient Broadcast Email List By Clicking Here >>>

You’ll get emails from me that all my patients do….

…and see precisely how I “work my email list” to continue my relationship long after a care plan is over – and how I encourage patients (and their friends) to come back to see me, time and time again.

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All right, lesson over for today.

Reply with your questions on this.

Paul Gough.


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