Advice For “Newbie Marketing PT’s” Who Want To Take Control Of Their Own Email Marketing… And Make Tons More Profit By Doing So

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Came a question about sending emails to patients:


“Currently I put email addresses to my new patients or people requesting my ebooks through my website.

But I can not individually or categorise the list. I can only send broadcast emails to all the people in the list.

There are no names only email addresses. I got this through the company called _____. They handle my website and they send monthly video newsletters to my subscribers.

After reading your report, I’m now thinking of doing this my self.

Which email marketing system would you recommend I use?

– Oliver. Restore Physical Therapy LLC, Rochester Hills, MI.



My advice is this:

You’ve got two options.

One is to get a simple email system to capture contact details and blast out emails only.

It’s the “cheaper” option in terms of up front cost and monthly payment.

If that’s what you would prefer, then there’s a few I could suggest.

“Aweber”, “Mail Chimp” or “Sendpepper” are all very similar and will do what you need.

Then there’s “Infusionsoft”.

It does everything.


Sure, it “costs” a little more in the beginning – but, (and in my humble opinion), if you’re running a busy clinic and want as many parts of your business and marketing AUTOMATED as is possible, then you should seriously consider it.

You’ll need to learn how to work it.

And it will only do what you tell it.

But which ever you choose… “Email Marketing” is something that I would urge you do – for your profits sake.

It is quite possibly the single fastest way to increase profits at your clinic – particularly if you already have a bunch of names and addresses in your clinic database.

(Easy to add them all to any of these email systems I just mentioned).

Then just do something like this:

Send your first email (using “Aweber”, “Infusionsoft” etc) and tell patients that you’ll be emailing regularly with some handy hints and tips, plus some fun stories about what you’ve been up to etc, even with offers to save some money on their health.

Make it VERY clear where they can “un-subscribe” in the first few emails – and you’ll find that 99.9% of patients you write to will be very happy to hear from you there after.

Do it right, and they’ll be passing your emails round to friends and even replying asking for you to send more.

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All right, lesson over for today.

Reply with your questions on this.

Paul Gough.


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