Physical Therapy Marketing Q&A Session.

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Round up Q&A time…


Q.) “Paul, what’s been your biggest frustration in marketing?

Answer: Hearing everyone in seminars tell me that I needed a follow up system, not really sure or knowing what one was, or where to look to get started.


Q.) “Where would you advise to start at creating a marketing system?”

Simple. Create a free tips report for your ads (like “bait”) then send out follow up emails. Start with 12 emails or so over 30 days. Then later, add direct mail and telephone calls to the campaign too.


Q.) “Paul, what’s your biggest mistake you’ve made in Marketing?”

Easy. I was looking at and “copy-catting” the wrong people (like big corporate hospitals) & trying to advertise like they do (brand awareness) i.e. Not asking for an immediate response or giving a compelling enough of a reason to call my clinic from my ads.

One more:

Q.) “Which marketing media has made the fastest and biggest difference to your life and your clinic profits?”

Emails. I send regular broadcast emails to existing clients – and “automated”, follow up emails to leads and potential new clients” who show an interest in my service.

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Last one:

Q.) “To someone completely new to marketing, where would you advise running your first ads?”

Go “offline”! i.e. start with a newspaper ad or something like a postcard.

Offline is very easy to control costs and track response than something like Google or Facebook – which can easily eat through a budget in hours with nothing in return.


All right, that’s it for todays “Paul gets marketing questions, you get answers” show.

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Paul Gough.


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