An Independence Day Firework Display of Love (…For Your Past Patients!)

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As most PT Owners head back to their clinics today to *wait* for referrals to arrive from doctors…

…one owner I know is busy scheduling the past patients he emailed over the weekend offering them a chance to come back and see him.

His reason for emailing and making his past patient list an offer (of claiming a limited number of free sessions this week…)


“Independence Day!”

Why not?

What better “excuse” to show an Independence Day firework style display of LOVE (…and appreciation) to your past patient list, than on the 4th of July, with an offer offer a free “screen” to check over any nagging back or knee pain (…or whatever!)?…

Everyone else is doing something like it.

(Why should you miss out on the extra revenue in your business?)

And guess what…

It worked!

Here’s the word for word message my client (in California) sent me yesterday:


“Paul… I sent the email
at 10.15am.

By 10.18am I had the first one
(past patient) ask if I they
could have one of the

Got him on the schedule right away!”…



The point?

There’s sooooooo many ways that you can quickly and easily re-activate past patients and boost revenue at your clinic.

And often times it’s much quicker, cheaper and easier to do it than you think (…or others are telling you!)

Like “email”, for example.

See, with email it’s easy to react to topical things happening in the news and create your own “promotion!”

An example:

I know if my clinic was the other side of the pond… the first thing I’d be doing today is making a big push to target FEMALE SOCCER players in my marketing, with an irresistible offer to make contact with my clinic.


Because they’re likely to be on a HIGH this week after winning the ladies world cup last night.

Right now (…and for the remainder of the summer) women soccer players are likely to be more MOTIVATED than ever to want to play at their best.

And what’s the one thing that will get in the way of those ladies playing at their best?

That’s right… “injuries”.

That said, why not shape your newsletters, emails and or past patients postcards to target this group of people… and make it easy for them to get fitter, quicker, than “Carli Llloyd” scored her first two goals against Japan last night!…

(In less than 5 mins!).


Finding your own supply of new patients is actually really simple.

Easier than it’s ever been.

That said, if you’ve spent the last 10 years inside your treatment room working all day as a practitioner treating patients… I can understand why you might feel as though you’ve lost touch with all of these new ways to market your practice.

That’s why my “Next Level Group Coaching” Program would be perfect for you.

There’s a “Facebook Secret Group” full of success hungry owners from all parts of the U.S already onboard with me… and we’re talking through strategies like this on a DAILY basis.

It’s the next.big.thing in PT Practice Marketing (…and Sales) and we want to know when you’re going to join us all?…

Apply in time, here:

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Paul Gough.

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