[Direct Access Marketing] How To Actually Make Money From All The People Requesting Your Free e-Books or Signing Up For Your Newsletters!

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So let’s look at some more ways you could easily attract floods of Direct Access patients.

Specifically, “how to actually make money from
all the people requesting your free eBooks (or eNewsletter)”

These things…

physical therapy marketing ideas

Or, signing up to one of these:

Ebook Image 3

True story time:

So I was working with an owner recently who was lying awake at night worried about his referrals from doctors drying up…

…and, yet ANOTHER chiropractor having set up in his town likely to make things even more difficult for him to get Direct Access patients – especially ones with back and neck pain.

So after I looked at what he was currently doing to attract new patients, I got to work on making some suggestions.

And one of them was this:

Create An Automated “Follow up System” Using e-mail, Direct Mail and Telephone Calls.

I suggested it after looking at his clinics website noticing that he offers visitors a collection of FREE E-BOOKS, in exchange for their email address.

So far so good.

(This is classic “lead generation marketing” – perfect for small clinic owners!)

It gets better…

In little over 12 months… more than 400 people had come to his website, expressed an interest in his services – and were happy to exchange their contact details for his three E-books.

Here’s where the problems start:

Not one single person had converted to a paying patient.


Because there was ZERO follow up.

Now, I know a lot of owners leave their “e-newsletters” in the hands of a third party company who manages their website.

Which is fine!

But I suspect that what was happening to my client, might also be happening to you too:

Problem 1: 

The E-books are NOT actually even being sent.

They’re just being displayed on a webpage to be downloaded – yet, what is supposed to happen is an email is sent containing the requested ebook to that you  CONDITION the user into receiving emails from you in future (…loaded with more information in those emails about YOUR PT service and how easy it is to self refer!)

Now, just about every owner I speak to tells me…

…”if i could just get more people around here to realise that they can self refer for pt, then most of my problems would be solved!”…

If that’s happening to you… why not do it inside your emails? EVERYDAY, until the people who requested your free e-Books completely understand the “easy” referral process.

Now here’s problem 2:

The types of e-newsletters that are being sent to people who “opt in” or “sign up” are doing ZERO to enhance the likelihood of the these enquires actually becoming paying patients.

Which is SURELY the goal right?

See, the ONLY reason you’re giving away FREE stuff (E-books etc) is so that you can capture people’s details and THEN follow up with even more INFORMATION.

Preferably something specific (to their problem!), relevant to their concerns, helpful (in the decision making process!) and interesting (enough to get read!)… and ultimately helps them make a better decision about Physical Therapy at your clinic.

See, when you FOLLOW UP like this, you have multiple shots at explaining to a patient what you do, who you help, how easy it is to refer (via Direct Access) and even that the first session is free (if that’s your offer!), and you have a much better chance of that person who requested your fee e-Book, actually giving you some money.

Here’s How Much This Could Be Worth To You

400 people gave this “owner” their email address.

Imaging even just a 1% conversion ration (to paying patient).

That would be “4” patients.

If the average patient is worth $1000 – that’s $4000 LOST!

Now imagine a conversion ration of 10% (something VERY realistic even with the most basic of follow up sequences!) – that would be 40 new patients.

That amount my client LOST is now approaching $40,000.

It Gets Worse

Given that many people tell friends and refer family members, the true value that figure is it is even higher.

If just 20% of those 40 people referred their family and friends, there’s another 8 people.

Another 8 patients worth $8000.

So because of a lack of a “follow up system” to convert enquiries made on his website, my client WAS losing about $48,000 in revenue.

So, How Do You Fix It?

First, you need to take control of your email marketing.

There’s just too much money to be made from sending broadcast emails to past patients offering them other products and services – to let someone else do it!

Send two or three emails per week (…never mind once per month!) and as well as aiming to increase revenue by making special offers, you can also enhance your long term relationship by sharing stories about you and your staff, even other patients.

Sharing your blog posts to your email subscribers is a great way to keep your past patient list “warm”… and if you’re using a very clever or sophisticated email delivery system like “infusionsoft”…

Then It’s Even Possible To See Whose Clicking The Links Inside Your Emails On topics About Things Like Back Pain…

Why is that important?

Because if people are clicking links inside your emails to read articles titled: “7 things you could do this summer without back pain…” there’s a good chance that most of them have some kind of back pain discomfort that they want solving.

Get the list of the “clickers” – and give them a call or send them an offer in the post.

To take back control of your emails… just ask your webmaster plug in a new email delivery system on your website.

It’s really easy to do…

Once you choose which email marketing software you want to use, i.e. Infusionsoft or Aweber or Constant Contact, just set it up and send the “code” to your webmaster – and he or she does the rest.

All they have to do is put the code over the top of the current “opt-in box”…

Ebook Image1

(…This thing ^…)

And next time someone fills out your form to request an e-Book, they go into YOUR email database for you to send out messages too.

But there’s more…

Email Is Just the Beginning Of The Relationship With – An Easy Way To Start It.

What you should also be asking for is the persons phone number – and if possible, their home address. 

You’re going to do that so you can have your emails going out automatically and instantly, and if you collect the phone number, you or your receptionist can call the person who requested your e-Book THE NEXT day, and ask more about their problem and what help they might need. 

If you can get their address (in exchange for even more information like another report or pdf!) then you can also send them things through the mail.

Maybe a follow up postcard, like this one:

marketing ideas for physical therapy clinics

…which explains even MORE about why PT is a good choice to ease that persons back pain.

A Good Time To Ask For Their Home Address Is On The “Thanks Page”

The “thanks page” is the page that the visitor sees right after they opt in to get your free ebook!

And here’s something on that topic to be aware of:

I recently critiqued the website of a owner client of mine over in California and his “thanks page” wasn’t even linked to his website…

So what was happening was a visitor was requesting an e-Book, then being taken AWAY FROM HIS WEBSITE, over to the website of the people who were hosting it…

So my question is, what chance did he have of them ever becoming a patient if they are now on someone else’s website? And how confused must they be!

The “thanks page” is the most important page on your website – a HOT prospect sees it when they take action and it’s your chance to ask them to take another action.

Offer something Else As Soon As They Opt In – Like A Free Telephone Consultation To Help Them Some More… 

People start by requesting a free e-book, then you build another bridge by offering them a free telephone consultation which they can request directly from the THANKS PAGE…

Then you ask for their postal address (on the telephone call!) and if they don’t book an appointment with you there and then, use it to begin sending out information through the mail (as well as email!)…

What do you send?

More information to build another BRIDGE to your pt service by talking more about the benefits of them receiving a FREE consultation.

 Here’s a REAL LIVE Working Example Of How To Do This Right… 

Just click the image below to see how I give away my own Free E-Books (I’m a clinic owner as well remember and you’ll see that everything I successfully do!!) AND then go ahead and enter your email address into the system … then watch and learn how I KEEP FOLLOWING up with emails that provide you with more information to help you make a better decision abut ways to end your back pain!…


Your “Building A Bridge” That Leads To Your Clinic Doors

So now, from simply collecting some ones email address in exchange for an e-book from your website, you’ve actually created a sturdy bridge for people to walk along – one that leads right to your treatment room door.

Remember… the no.1 reason people don’t come to see a pt (or buy anything from anyone!) is that they don’t trust THEIR OWN decision making enough to want to go ahead with it.

So, if you use a multi-step follow system like the one I’ve just described, and send people information to help them make a better, more educated and more informed decision about PT, you will see a lot more people walking along that bridge of yours than to the door of any of your competitors.

Finally, Here’s My Question To You…

If you like the sound of actually making money from your free e-Books with a follow system like this, why don’t we talk about how I can help you achieve it?

Lets start with a free IMPLEMENTATION call:


On the free call I can tell you how to do it so that you can go off an do it all by your self,

Or, if you want me to do it for you, just ask!

Choice is yours.

Just click this link, fill out this form, and we’ll talk on the phone or on Sykpe about I can personally help you find more Direct Access patients:


Talk soon,

Paul Gough

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