Viva Las Vegas! (…And Then Onto Phoenix)

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So I’m sat in the departure lounge of San Diego Airport…

…hoping that my short 47 minute flight with “Spirit” will actually take off on time – and that I don’t get yet ANOTHER email from them in a few hours to say “we are sorry for the delay” and offer me a $50 credit off my next flight with them!

(Has happened a few times to me already lol 😉


It’s day 18/48 of the Tour– and I’m flying in to give a talk later today on “Lead Generation” at the Jeff Moore/Jerry Durham Patient Experience Event happening this weekend…

I have “4” hours to talk on this subject…

…and interestingly enough, I’m only planning on talking on it for about 60 minutes.


Because before I can teach the HOW – it’s important to teach the WHY.

As in, WHY is Lead Generation Marketing so important to PTs NOW??

And that’s a fundamental aspect of ANYTHING that involves asking people do things – that is important to know and understand.

For example:

Before you tell me about your amazing treatment plan – tell me why I need it (… don’t take for granted that just because I am in your treatment room I know why I need you..)

Before you put out “5 Exercises for Achilles Pain” on Youtube – tell me why I need to do them in the first place…

Before you teach your staff a new way to answer the phone – tell them why the old one wont work any more…

And so on and so on.

Failing to TEACH THE WHY is a big reason so many people don’t get done – what they try to get done.

The reason oh so many people do not teach the why?..

1. A lack of understanding of how people actually make decisions


2. A ‘perceived’ lack of time in how “busy” our lives are that we feel that we have to spend more time focusing on the HOW.

Could this be one of the reasons why so many business owners keep running in circles – never quite getting the outcome that the HOW they are teaching promises?…


Ok, so I gotta’ dash – looks like we are out on time.

If you are around the Las Vegas area later tonight – let me know and we’ll meet up at 7pm – venue to be confirmed (check out my Facebook)…

…and if you are in the Phoenix Area – the Meet Up is happening on Sunday 5th, 5pm, Downtown Sheraton Hotel.


Paul Gough

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