Using Technology To Cripple The “Mill” PT Clinics…

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Greetings from “LA”.

It’s day 30/48 of the tour and here’s something I want to share with you today…

It’s a video that I think you will find interesting – particularly if you are competing against the “Mill” like PT Clinics:

(Press play to watch the video)

It’s my “synopsis” of how small PT clinics should be using new technology to BEAT the big hospital systems.

It’s already received a lot of comments and engagement – it seems to have struck a cord with my community.

If you want to know my thoughts on how you can use things like Facebook, Google Ads, Infusionsoft – and all of the other technology out there – it’s covered on this video.

It’s not about “doing Social Media” – it’s more about using these things to support the patient on the journey they are going on.

Take a watch – it’s all on this video.

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Paul Gough

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