Sales Book For Physical Therapists: Permission To Be Yourself At Work – Granted

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This is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of my Best Selling Sales Book for Physical Therapists, “To Sell Is Healthy – Get The Unshakeable Confidence To Sell Your Physical Therapy Services – At Twice The Price You Are Now” – Get the book here.

“I put it to you that to be better at selling, you don’t need to change that much; you just need to change what you’re doing when you arrive at work. Do the reverse of what you’re likely doing right now and stop trying to be a “professional” version of yourself. Just be, well, yourself.

Being professional means being responsible, polite, and courteous to your colleagues and clients; it means painting yourself or your company in the best possible light. It doesn’t mean become stiff, rigid, and uptight or change the way you speak in order to come across as more intelligent or important. If you’re worried about what the customer thinks of you, change the customer. The right ones will love you for it.

Whatever you do, do not become someone else when you’re at work. Give yourself permission to be the best possible version of yourself; to talk and communicate with your patients in a way that the people who love you, love you to do, and watch what difference it makes.”

Continued on page 53…

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