Never Forget What You’re Actually Selling…

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This week I’m taking you back to an episode of the show that was recorded live from a Mastermind event I held in Dublin, Ireland where I share with a room full of clinic owners why patients REALLY drop-off, and how to keep them on schedule:


Watch the show here.

 On the show I cover:

* How to communicate with patients when they come to the end of their treatment plan

* What apple and the World’s most successful businesses do to keep people coming back

* Why patients REALLY pay for Physical Therapy

* How patients make purchase decisions

* How to help your staff keep patients on schedule

* And so much more on this episode of the Paul Gough Physic Rooms Show…

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Enjoy the show.


Paul Gough

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PAUL GOUGH is a multi-time No.1 bestselling author of The New Patient Accelerator Method, The Physical Therapy Hiring Solution, To Sell is Healthy, and The Healthy Habit. He is also a former professional soccer physical therapist turned successful clinic owner from the UK (a country where healthcare is free). He is the founder of the Paul Gough Physio Rooms – a successful cash pay clinic he started from a spare room in his home with no money down and with no business or marketing skills. He has since scaled his clinic from one to four locations, and zero to $1m in cash pay revenue and he now helps clinic owners all across America and around the world to get more cash pay patients using his proven systems.

About Paul Gough

PAUL GOUGH is one of the top Marketing and Business Coaches in the physical therapy industry and his Systems are helping clinic owners all across America run more profitable clinics. He is a published Author, Newspaper Columnist and before his stunning success in business was hired by top professional soccer teams. HIS SUCCESS STORY is one that inspires many pt's around the world - at the age of 26 Paul QUIT a high profile job in professional soccer to begin his own clinic. He had NO money, NO business or marketing skills and NO experience - and yet now owns and runs 4 pt clinics and has a proven track record of growing a physical therapy business from 0 - $2m in record time.
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