Marketing Book For Physical Therapists: “Clearing Up The ‘BS’ About Why It’s ‘Wrong’ To Market In Healthcare”

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This is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of my new, Amazon No.1 Best Selling Marketing book for Physical Therapists, “New Patient Accelerator Method: How I Scaled A Four Location, $1,000,000 + Cash Pay Clinic – In A Place Where Health Care Is Free (…And, In One Of The Poorest Parts Of The Country)

“…It makes me laugh when I hear some people in our profession say that healthcare professionals “should not be marketing”, or that “it is wrong to market to patients in pain”. Anyone suggesting this is being ignorant and arrogant as to how marketing actually works.

They live closed off from ever discovering how valuable proper marketing can be in enhancing the relationship you have with your patients. What’s more, these people have completely misunderstood how people really need to be helped (at the point of decision), neither do they understand what marketing actually is.

Clinicians often see marketing as “bad” simply because they think it detracts from the superior skill set (that they think they have); they’ve been brain-washed into thinking that skill set is all that’s required. Their self-worth is often tied to their own perceived level of skill and heaven forbid anyone comes along and is more successful simply by having a better website or marketing message.

The person who thinks that “marketing is wrong” is usually the one who is more concerned about credentials and qualifications (ego!). His head is stuck too far up his own “ass” to ever get it out and see that marketing’s only job is to ensure that those skills, and those credentials, are actually utilized. In that respect, and if you are clinically skilled, marketing is your best friend. And you should be embracing it as the vehicle that is going to put you in front of more people who you can help.

I don’t know about you, but I am in business to help people, and over the years I’ve realized that the only way that I can help people is if they actually know I exist. I know a lot of clinicians with a lot of skills who will not market themselves and as a result, have empty schedules and equally empty bank balances. Do not copy their ignorant ways of thinking about marketing. The fact remains that the company with the best marketing always wins. Besides, all those companies that you consider to be great – how did you hear about them in the first place?…”

…Continued on page 52.

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