Where To Look To Find Patients Before They Call Their Network And Even Get Close To A Physician

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Let’s chat about “Media”…

(One component of the “Message – Media – Market”, Marketing Triangle).

Because you need to know precisely which one you’re going to use to locate your “WHO”.

Or, in reverse, you’ve got to know which media your “WHO” is tapped into – so that you can serve them highly specific messages to trigger response to your clinic.


the goal of why we’re using direct response marketing is to get your prospective patients – with, say, back pain – to take action BEFORE they ordinarily would have (had they not seen your advert) and most definitely before they call their insurance.

Sounds a little “cerebral”, right?

Well, it kinda’ is!

But it’s fun.

And hugely profitable.

And means for less worrying about getting referrals from doctors and more time thinking about what you’re going to do with your profit!

So let’s being another marketing lesson.

Got your pen and paper ready?

Off we go…

“Media” is where you choose to run your ads.

And the list of options is long – often so long that it can feel overwhelming and stop you in your tracks before you’ve even got going.

The Media includes but is not limited too:

* Facebook

* Google

* Newspapers

* Magazines

* Yell

* Coupons

* TV

* Radio

* Etc, Etc…

The question is, which is best?

And the answer.

There isn’t one.

It varies a lot by “WHO” YOU want to reach.

An example:

If you’re trying to reach a 65 year old gentlemen who loves to play golf and take cruises with his wife (because that’s “WHO” you have decided you want to work with), then is he likely to be looking on Google?


But maybe you’d have more chance of finding more gentlemen aged 65 with back pain, by running an ad in a golf magazine, appearing on a website for a cruise company or sending out a postcard to a list of highly targeted individuals who fit this description – and offering them a free “tips” report titled:

“Golfers – How To Swing Without Back Pain Even In Your 60’s”

And of course…

One of the “tips” that is going to be included in that report is YOUR service.

And the goal is to get the Gentlemen’s contact details when he calls to get his free report – so that you can have a nice chat with him to find out precisely what his problems are, what he wants and needs and politely make him aware that physical therapy is something that will help him get there faster.

The process that I’ve just described there, that’s called “direct response” advertising.

And my advice is that whatever Media you’re going to choose – it must allow for you to deliver a “direct response” message – or skip it.

With that said, your goal as captain of your ship should be to use as many different MEDIA as possible to seek out your preferred “WHO”.

Most clinic owners become very lazy at this…

…choosing to be dependent on only physician referrals which could be stopped at any time…

Or on only one, two or three means of getting new patients, leaving them very vulnerable to sudden disruptions in business and never really feeling as though they can move from, say, seeing 30 patients per week, to seeing something like 100 (and employing others to do the work for them) – not to mention the threat from competition opening up in the market place.


Have you got any questions for me about this?

What Media have you have the most success with?

OR, which one has swallowed up most of your marketing dollars?

(Google Ads or Facebook, I bet?…)

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