What To Do If Corporate Hospitals Are Dominating Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Market Place With Bigger Ad Budgets

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So I read an interview the other day (on a well know pt marketing website) about a pt who thinks he can’t “out spend” the big corporate hospitals who dominate his town with their big advertising budgets…

And as a result…

“Thinks” he has no option but to “surrender”…

And accept that his pt clinic will never be as profitable as he would like, because he’s never going to be able to get his name out there in-front of the big corporates.

Here’s a teaser of what he said:


“I tried paid advertising once, but I really do not have the ability to compete with large orthopaedic practices or hospital based therapy centres for advertising space.

Large scale brand advertising campaigns could bankrupt a small town clinic like mine and is better left to the large corporates”!


And he’s right…

Large scale brand advertising campaigns ARE better left to the big corporates – because they have the money to *waste* and rarely does any form of brand advertising work anyway.

(Unless you’re coca-cola or apple).

And here are a few more things on his comment:

1.) You don’t need a marketing budget to beat the corporate hospitals

A “budget” implies that you’re going to spend the same amount of money EVERY month – whether your ads are successful, or not. Here’s what most people don’t get about advertising: if your ads are successful, spend more, run more, make more $$$.

If they’re not successful, stop and try something else.

2.) You shouldn’t even try and “copycat” what they do

Most small businesses think they should advertise and market much the same as the bigger “brands” (I loath that word), so they spend (waste) a lot of money on image, brand, and presence – often thanks to the advice of the “guru’s and practice management consultants. But that would be a lot like a rabbit trying to emulate a lion.

The big corporate’s have all sorts of reasons for the way they advertise and market that have nothing to do with getting a new patient or making sales.

3.) You do have the ability to not only compete, but WIN when it comes to advertising

Why? Because your agenda is much simpler. And all you have to do is find successful business with similar agendas to copycat. Those using direct response marketing (like what my own pt company uses) that share these two basic ideas:

* Spend a $1.00 on marketing, get $2.00 back. Preferably more, fast, and should be able to be accurately tracked back to that $1.00 spent.

* Never spend another $1.00 unless it directly and quickly brings in that $2.00 (or more).

And that, in a nutshell, is how something called “direct response marketing works”.

And, I don’t hold back in saying this, it could well a life changing principle that if you know more about – could solve your biggest business challenge and help you achieve your main business goal.

Want to know more Direct Response Marketing and how to use it to make more profit in your clinic?

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Talk soon.


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