When It Comes To Attracting Perfect Patients, Focusing On Less, Gets You More…

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On this Physical Therapy Profit Academy Tutorial we’re going to show you the quick and easy way to create powerful marketing pieces, to help you attract more of your perfect patients… and less of your hassle ones.

Sound good?

If so, read on because it’s really easy to do and you can start doing it today.

Success In Marketing Is About Three Things

1. The Message

2. The Who (your perfect patient)

3. The Media you pick to advertise in (Facebook, newspapers etc)…

We’re going to look at the “message” and the “who” you’re creating that message for.

So first, let’s take a quick look at the “who”… if you know WHO your perfect patient is, it becomes really easy to achieve marketing success because you’re reaching out to the exact people you want to attract to your clinic.

Knowing your ideal patient allows you to grow and scale you clinic – predictably, and reliably. Something that very few Owners ever get to feel as though they’ve achieved.

Failing to identify a ‘perfect patient’ is a mistake that most PT business owners make. It took me years to figure out I ever needed to do this – never mind get clear on it.

But because I didn’t, it meant that for years I was playing the equivalent of a game of “blind archery” with my Marketing and looking back it’s no wonder that so many of my Marketing pieces wouldn’t fire.

When It Comes To Attracting Perfect Patients, Focusing On Less, Gets You More…

Let’s look at it this way…

You’re passionate about your services, you know you can help people, and you want to tell everyone about what your clinic does.

And if you do that, you have a better chance of making more profit and growing and scaling your practice.

But the problem is, not many people are all that interested in “physical therapy”.

Just the way it is.

Less than 3% of the population even know what we do or how we help – so we need to be a little cleverer than just running ads that announce “We’re a friendly PT clinic, call me today if you’ve got pain…”

(That’s called “Brand Awareness” – rarely ever works for small business owners like you and I.)

Our chances of success in Marketing are much higher if we ADVERTISE something that makes it easier for them to make decisions about their health.

Information about your services is a good place to start.

It’s a low-level commitment to you and your services that makes more people more likely to respond.

But the thing is…

We don’t just want anyone responding.


And without knowing (before you run your ads) “WHO” you’re talking to in those ads, it’s difficult to write powerful ads and you’ll get very little response… waste a lot of money… and worse – turn a lot of people off, too.


Because without a perfect patient in mind, the messages you use in your Marketing are simply not compelling enough – they won’t resonate enough to encourage people to take action.

And if they don’t take action, they don’t become patients.

And that’s all success in Marketing comes down to – am I able to motivate these people to WANT to take action after reading my message?

Like I always say, rarely does “I’m a physical therapist… call me today” ever motivate anyone to respond.

But here’s the thing, the good news is when you have a clear image of who it is that you want to work with, marketing becomes a whole lot easier…

Let me show you how…

This week in one of our live group coaching calls with my “PT Entrepreneur Community”…I spoke about this exact topic.

One of the PT’s in the community, whose ideal patient is a ‘Cross-fit’ athlete, was struggling when it came to crafting the perfect message to reach out to these types of people.

He was using messages that HE thought would resonate…

…images that HE thought would hit home…

…but didn’t.

You see, he hadn’t become clear enough on WHO these people really are – how they see themselves, and what they want from going to “cross-fit”.

Make no mistake… whether your ideal patient is a woman aged 50+ who suffers from low-back pain, a college dancer, or a cross-fit athlete – the first thing you have to do is start talking to them, in THEIR own language.

Use and write the words as they would talk to themselves, in their own head.

Something like:… (and we’ll take Cross-Fit Athletes as an example)…

“Attention Cross Fit Athletes… if you can’t figure out why you are not achieving your times or reps or you WOD…”

Etc, etc, etc.

Using words like I showed you, is way more likely to attract the attention of a cross-fit athlete type patient.

First of all I referred to them as ATHLETES!

Which is how they see themselves!

As Physical Therapists, we need to be able to resonate with people enough… so that when they’re unable to do of all the things they want to do…

Like lift heavier weights, play with their grandkids, go skiing with their friends… whatever it may be – they need us in their life to get them there – and they KNOW that we seem to get them better than anyone else!

So, if you want to take your new patient acquisition to the Next Level, there’s a lot more to your clinic’s Marketing than just writing some words on an advert and posting it out.

There’s a science and skill behind writing laser-focused messages putting you in a position where you stand a much greater chance of getting people to pay for your services, HAPPY to pay for you services… and beating all the other PT clinics in town with your amazing marketing skills.

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