What You Missed At My Clinic (…Live Footage From My UK Physical Therapy Mastermind)

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Every 4 months we open up the doors of the, “Paul Gough Physio Rooms”, and invite Britain and Europe’s most aspiring clinic owners to come and look behind the scenes…

These ^^^ clinic owners get to work personally with both me and my Team. 

They get to see everything from how we answer the phone, how we follow up with clients and how my team works together when patients are not there. 

For the last two days we have looked at everything from marketing, conversions, prices, recruitment and staff training… to Leadership and tracking numbers…

We spoke about Marketing and what is working right now to continue to bring a steady supply of 80-100 absolute brand new cash paying patients into my clinic all paying £65+ pounds PER SESSION. 

We spoke about how to get off the hamster wheel of waiting for a referral from a doctor or a low paying medical agency…

We spoke about converting inquires to patients and what is the no.1 thing that affects the likelihood someone who found you on Facebook or from a Google search, will actually book an appointment. 

We spoke about Leadership and in particular how a CEO’s job is to set the standards and then help staff to reach those standards.

We want employees to be successful and they can only do that if they know what is actually required OF THEM to achieve it.

A real Leader is concerned not so much with obsessing over a “five year vision” and instead, is more focused on ensuring daily standards are hit meaning the staff can call themselves successful.

One other thing we discussed, how Culture is ultimately defined by how your staff behave when the Leader (you) is not around. 

I’ve learned a lot of lessons on this since moving 3000 miles away.


Enough of me describing what happened… here’s a look at what did happen.

Click below to watch some of the behind the scenes footage I captured on my phone:


So what’s this “mastermind stuff” about?…

If your Physical Therapy practice has stayed the same for the last 6-12 months in terms of it’s profit and the hassle you’re experiencing… chances are it will stay the same for the next 6-12 months. 

After all, if nothing changes, nothing changes. 

The next time I’ll be running an event in Europe/UK is August 29-30th where I am heading to Dublin. 

I’ll be working with some of the most profitable clinic owners from UK/Europe – scratch it out in your diary if you’re wanting to join us. 

In the mean time – or if you can’t wait that long to start making some progress, book a call with my top Marketing Strategist and we’ll give you a few ideas to get your clinic moving. 

– Book A Free Marketing Plan Strategy Call With Paul Gough’s Top Marketing Strategist 

(We can also tell you about the Dublin meeting and if you qualify to come). 

Much love ❤️ to all the clinic  owners out there battling with crappy insurance companies who pay a pittance or dealing with stuck up doctors who refuse to refer patients to great physio clinics like yours.


Paul Gough 


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