What A Patient “Price Objection” Really Means

In comes this message from one of my coaching group members last night:


“So I scheduled a new client a few weeks ago for today – who canceled and then used money as her excuse.

When she tried to cancel I reminded her about all of the things (her goals, visions, etc) that she shared with me over the phone and was able to convince her to keep her appointment.

Still – in my mind I was thinking – this is going to be a waste – I already knew from the phone call that she was going to need a lot of sessions with me to make any kind of improvement, and if she was already complaining of money this was going to be a waste of my time.

Nonetheless – I showed up today ready to give her 110% value even if she never came back. I delivered my prescription of care completely unattached to the outcome and she paid for the eval plus 10 sessions right on the spot! $1575!!”

– Carrie Jose Grove, Portsmouth, NH.


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This email sums up pretty much EVERYTHING that I’ve been preaching since the day I started…

…and is precisely how I’ve grown my own clinic so successfully.

It’s because there’s NO such thing as a price objection.

Only a lack of certainty in the outcome (in exchange for the time and money) being felt by MOST patients at the beginning of a new relationship – with anyone.

PT’s included, and ill health offers NO exceptions.

What A Patient -Price Objection- Really Means

The way to beat it? (…the uncertainty)

Easy… “stop selling PT”.

Nobody wants it.

(Or very few, anyways…)

What do they want?

Solutions to problems…

To achieve their “goals”…

To be able to close their eyes, look into the future and see an active, more mobile – independent way of living (free of pain!).

The trouble is…

…for many PT’s…

…they DON’T take the time to build the systems that allows you to easily acquire this sort of information BEFORE price is even discussed.

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It’s a case of:

“The phones ringing…
someone answer it…
take their insurance details
and get them an appointment!”.

That was fine – in the 1980’s.

But not now that we have a consumer who spends all day – and all night – connecting and engaging on things like Facebook and Instagram…

…or searching for information (looking for any other alternative to PT that they can find), on Google.

There’s a reason that Google is a multi-BILLION dollar company.

There’s a reason that Facebook is a multi-BILLION dollar company.

And that’s because they figured out how consumers want to ENGAGE and CONNECT…

…and how they want to search for solutions to their problems.

And they’ve made it easy for them to do both!

Any PT clinic – anywhere in the world – that doesn’t have a system in place that gives prospective consumers INFORMATION in-advance of the price conversation…

…OR, who doesn’t take the time (like 10-15 mins on the first phone call) to connect and engage (in the same way that Carrie did above…)

…is, without doubt, going to leave at the end of every day wondering why the phone is ringing LESS…

…why people are committing to LESS (sessions)…

…and why they are always wanting to pay LESS!

The end result?

At best – a “flat line” in clinic profits and years and years of struggling to survive.

The solution?

Drop the lame excuses like “we’re too busy”, “they don’t want to pay” and all the other disrespectful crap that is being piddled around about patients who are simply SCREAMING out for MORE, before they commit.

They are paying more – it’s time to step and give them more.


Paul Gough

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Paul Gough

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