PT Marketing Ideas: Why Newsletters Don’t Always Work

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So everyone’s telling you to “market to physicians for more referrals”…

And it seems that everywhere you look for advice on how to do that…

Some company or other is “advising” you to send a monthly newsletter and promising you “85 more patients every month” if you let them do it for you.

But here’s the thing:

Usually, the only people who make money out of newsletters, (the type where someone else does them FOR YOU), are the guys who mass print them!

And worse…

“THEY” say that if you produce a newsletter every month and send it to a doctor or physician – then you’ll get some more referrals from him or her because they’ll have “a better awareness of what a PT does”.

But here’s something to consider:

1.) Since “Obama Care” it’s not just you who has to work longer to see more patients to make the same pay cheque as before (they’ve been hit hard too)!

…So, do they really have TIME to read ALL these newsletters they’re getting from PT’s?

2.) If everyone in your town is “marketing to them” with a “done for you” newsletter (which all look more or less the same), how are you ever going to get their attention and convince them you’re the best?

3.) If they’ve got a “special friendship” with a corporate hospital or worse still, a Doctor friend who owns a PT practice, which many have, your newsletter is going straight in the shredder!

4.) Unless it’s a newsletter about investment funds, making more money in their sleep, or retirement homes in Florida, most simply don’t care what you send them!

(Something to think about…)


I happen to think that “newsletters” to your best patients are great…

But only if done *right*…

…where the “content” and “offers” inside are matched perfectly to your patients needs (which only YOU can know best)…

…then “yes”, you can bring back a LOT of patients to your clinic each time you send it.

(But maybe NOT as high as they will promise).

Problem is this…

MOST newsletters I’ve been asked to critique (which are often “outsourced”), have dis-interesting, unimaginative and almost “HORRIFICALLY” boring content that is more of an irritant to patients then a pleasure to read.

(The only plus point is this: they’re nearly all as bad as each other).

So, just incase they duped you too…

I wanted to help make it more profitable for you then anyone else’s…

And that’s by showing you a “trick” that I use to get people to say GREAT things that ARE interesting to OTHER patients and importantly, that you can use as *ammunition* to persuade many more just like them, to want to do business with YOU;-).

And on this training, I show you THREE different ways to turn a profit from it:

Yes! Let Me Have All These 7 Money Making Tactics That My Competitors Don’t Know >>>

…Meaning you don’t have to have be doing a newsletter to make money off of it.

Best – this tactic is AUTOMATED.

…Meaning you can set it up (and forget it) and it will continue to work all day and night for you effortlessly producing more “FOR REAL” content for your newsletter in one week – than ANY of your competitors could ever get in a year.

On DVD 5… I reveal how to save time, money and even COMPEL people to want to do business with you, in ONE go.

I’d say your investment for this full course (just $197) will be worth it for this 1 video alone – never mind the other 4 DVD’s containing 6 more money-making tactics you’ll be getting at the same time too.

If you want them all, start here:

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P.S If you do like to keep in touch with the Doctors and show them proof of your skills and results in the hope of referrals…

…Then this tactic will make it easier for you to do that too 😉

Start here:

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