Staff Training Ideas For PT’s: Protecting Profits And Sanity

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Whether you’re a solo PT or in charge at a medium sized clinic, I know how hard it can be when some of the members of your team are not “up to par”!…

And you having staff that are ineffective or causing you trouble costs you serious money in two BIG ways:

1.) You LOSE vacation time because some of your staff can’t handle all of the responsibilities while you’re gone…

And –

2.) By dropping money from your clinic when clients aren’t given additional opportunities to spend money.

Either way, both are YOUR problem.
(But not your fault).

Let’s talk about the first:

You SACRIFICING time at home or being over worked in your own business.

Well, I know only too well how precious “time” can be.

…Since my little boy “Prince Harry” came along (no, not THE prince Harry), time is my most important asset and I’ve learned to rely upon my office staff more and more, so that I can get home earlier and earlier, to see him 😉

But, if you’ve got staff that are ineffective, or just giving you “grief”, then you’re the one who has to suffer.

The Secrets to Staff that Makes You MONEY….

I look at my expenses sheet each month and I always joke with my accountant that the staff wages should NOT be classed as an “expense”…


It’s because they each bring in 10 X the amount that I pay them.

So let me ask you this next question:

“How much are your office
staff really costing you?”

And which one is bothering you the most?

Is it the thought of all of the money you’re losing because they are NOT motivated to want to give MORE and BETTER service to your clients (who would come back more often if they did)?

Or, is it the amount of “stress” that you take home with you each night because you just can’t seem to get your office staff to care as much about your business as you do?
Which ever is worst, I can help you stop the *insanity* of both.

I know the best ways to permanently boost moral, improve staff attitude and have your PT office the kind of environment that will have your CLIENTS wishing that they worked for you….

I’m being serious too…

Nearly all of my office staff started out as paying clients and ASKED me for jobs!

How did I do it?

Well, I reveal my PROVEN methods for having “effective, profitable and hassle free staff”, on this new course for PT’s:


Whether it’s your profits or protecting your sanity that you’re more concerned by, this is too important for you too miss out on.

Making some more money is one thing…

…But you ENJOYING being at your workplace and being able to take a vacation anytime you please…

WITHOUT ever having to worry about what is happening “back at the ranch”, is, in my humble opinion, much more important.
Please get the training from me here, and in time==>

The price goes back up in a couple of days time.

Right now you can have for just $97 $67.

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