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WIFI connection has been “scarce” these last few weeks… a result, I’ve not had chance to get my usual regular, sometimes daily emails to you (or my patients).

I apologise for that.

(Happy new year by the way ;-)).

True Story:

I’ve spent the last two weeks travelling through many of Australia’s most beautiful, very “quaint”, very spectacular towns admiring everything from “kangaroos”, to gorgeous “sunsets” and turquoise waters so clear that you can’t help but want to get in and splash around like a young child.

I’ve been travelling with “7” of my closest family and friends.

And, as well as learning a ton things about this amazing Country and it’s history, I’ve leaned a thing or two about PEOPLE – and how they cling on to certain beliefs about what they THINK they need to be able to survive.

Here’s the FULL story:

“WIFI” in Australia is hard to come by.

No Wifi...
And even if you do (find it), it’s as *slow* as it was in the western world back in 1996 when the internet was gathering momentum.

(Doesn’t make accessing “Infusionsoft” and sending out my email easy).

But of course, most of the people I was travelling with didn’t need to have access to the internet to be able to send out emails to 43,151 PT owners in the US…

No, all “7” of the people I was travelling with craved “WIFI” in order to be able to access “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

Picture the scene:

We’d enter places of great beauty…

Places like “Lorne”, “Beachport” and “Apollo Bay”, and the first thing that all of them would do was to inquire about if and when they would be able to “get on WIFI”…

…And it was always very amusing to me!

See, I have very limited participation on those things because too busy am I creating my own life – I have almost ZERO interest in what other people are up to (and/or lying about what’s happening) in theirs.

But I do get it…

…Being “connected” to others via things like Facebook is now something that most people (secretly) would admit that they simply can’t live without.

But here’s the thing…

Because it was *forced* upon them, each one of my friends and family found OTHER things to do with the time gap was created without being on the “net”…

For example, my “Mam” spent more time walking, hired a bicycle most days and did more swimming than she’d ever done in her life.

And, admits that she felt a lot “healthier” as a result of spending less time obsessing over the ting that she THINKS she needs to survive (Facebook)…

…and more time focusing on the thing that she ACTUALLY needs to survive (like exercise).

The relevance for PT’s as we open up in 2016?


Like the people I was travelling with who THINK that they need to have access to “Facebook” to “survive” (gasp!)!….

…Many PT’s STILL, for some reason, think that they need “referrals from doctors” to survive.

The reality is, they don’t.

And only when it’s forced upon them because more hospital systems move into town (and buy out small doctor offices) will those PT’s HAVE to consider marketing directly to consumers.

The question is…

Why wait??

We all know it’s coming to a small town near you sooner or later…

…and when that day comes, will you be ready??

If you wait, it’ll be too late…

It’s just NOT possible for you to commit your FOCUS to marketing to consumers and then expect to see results that’ll keep you alive happen, by the next day.

So, why don’t we make a start on it, now??

Most all of the PT’s I spoke to THIS TIME LAST YEAR told me they were concerned that they would see a “dip” in referrals in 2015…

…each one of them was proved RIGHT.

And yet, each one of them was able to replace those referrals from doctors with referrals from things like “newspapers”, “Facebook”, “emails”, “Google” and many other sources.

If you’re a “cash”, “hybrid” or “In-network” clinic and want to break free from the worry about where doctors will send referrals in 2016, then…

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