Why Doctors Secretly Dislike PT Owners

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True Story – take notes:

A few years back now I reached a level in my “income” that ECLIPSED almost all of the doctors that I USED to rely upon for referrals.

I was just “26” at the time.

Aged 26 and earning yearly, twice as much as most of the doctors (who were sending me referrals) ever could in their entire career.

Think about that for a moment…

Is it any wonder that I was “suddenly” met with resentment to my asking for referrals??

Of course not.

But here’s the thing:

Why Doctors Secretly Dislike PT Owners
It was an amazing day in my life when I realized that the same guy who THINKS he’s cleverer…

…who THINKS he’s more valuable in society…

…and who THINKS that I need him to survive…

…earns less money than I do!

But it was also the day I realized WHY many doctors resent PT’s like you and I.

It’s because as small business owners, we’re the MASTER of our own destiny.

No corporate ladder to climb.

No “5 years” of service to get the next pay rise.

No “partners” to ask when we want to reward ourselves with a nice little bonus or extended period of time on vacation.

Most doctors have a ceiling on their salary and a limit to their vacation time.

(And that REALLY irritates them because after all of the study, they’re still STUCK!).

So then…

Can you imagine how these same doctors felt about a “26” year old physical therapist pulling into their car park of their office one day in his black “Porsche 911”, Carrera S4, with the sun roof down, dark sun glasses on and my favourite Cd playing my favourite songs, LOUD??

A “threat” perhaps??

A threat to their “ego”…

…a threat to their “pride” and their “self worth”?

All of the above.

See, doctors, they’re smart people.

And are FULLY aware that if you really wanted to, you REALLY could make a lot more money than them.

And they don’t want that to happen.

So what they’ll do is every now and again play a few games with you – just to ensure they stay in control.

When they think you’re getting a bit “too big for your boots” – that you’ve had a few too many referrals recently, they’ll find ANY excuse to limit the referrals to your clinic – even if just for a short period of time.

They want you to do “ok” – but not “too well” as the money is supposed to flow UP (to them) and not DOWN (to you).

They’ll invite you to buy them lunch…

…further “exercising” their power and control over you and you life…

…they’ll build your hopes with promises of referrals – but then fail to deliver them (JUST so that you call back and ask “is everything ok…” OR, “did I do something wrong”)…

FURTHER enhancing their grip on you and your life.

And of course, they’ll be nice to your face.

They’ll tell their secretary to call you back and tell you “not to worry” because there “just hasn’t been any referrals to send you recently”…

BUT REALLY, what they’re doing is reminding you that YOU need them…

And that makes them feel instantly POWERFUL and far more IMPORTANT than you.

Because after all, medical school (and society) told them that’s the way it was supposed to be.

The way to end the turmoil (of relying upon doctors) you’re likely living with?

Two ways:

1. Like me, make the “mistake” of pulling into the doctors office with the top down (and system up) in your back Porsche 911 Carrera.


2. Learn to “Market” directly to the consumer and create an INFINITELY HIGHER ceiling on your earning potential (than them) – that’ll mean you never have to call their offices again.

I did both.

The choice is yours.

Pick number “2” and you’ll quickly get to number “1” as well.

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