How To Autopilot Staff Training At Your Practice Using Infusionsoft

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On this Physical Therapy Profit Academy Tutorial we’re going to show you the exact strategy that you can use to onboard new members of staff easily, without even having to be at your clinic.

It’s tough thing for a PT business owner…

When you decide to hire a new member of staff, and have to somehow figure out how to balance training a new employee, whilst running your PT clinic at the same time.

It’s so tough in fact that sometimes, just the thought of even having to go through the whole process means you don’t hire any new staff at all, (even though you know you need to, to grow your practice and increase profits).

I know this because I’ve been there.

And before I set off on my journey to the states to spend time with my coaching members this year – I spent 3-4 months avoiding this whole process!

But what if I told you there was a way to cut down on the stress and hassle that taking out certain staff members, and hiring new ones brings?…

Well there is – and it’s all done with a system I love and have built my business around:


Let me tell you why as a clinic owner this system will change your life….

How To Autopilot Staff Training At Your Practice Using Infusionsoft

How To Make Onboarding Easy And Hassle Free

The number one thing that I believe to be holding most PT clinics back is the way in which new staff members are trained and brought into the business.

Let me tell you a quick story:

Just before I left to travel America, we asked three members of staff to leave. Now it wasn’t because they weren’t ‘good’ at their job… I just didn’t believe that at that moment in time, they could take my PT clinic to the next level.

Before I told them to leave, what held me back was the fear that we wouldn’t be able to train new members of staff whilst at the same time, keep up the level of service we’re proud to provide our patients.

Big frustration.

MASSIVE frustration.

I felt stuck!

But here’s the thing, when I returned from my travels, everything was running fine at my clinics, but I could sense one thing – tension.

There was a big tension in the business all because other members of staff were having to constantly train AND keep going over things with new team members, which was getting in the way of their daily tasks – and you can’t have that happen.

So I decided to do something about it and bring an end to this frustration completely…

With the power of Infusionsoft I’ve created an entire system where every single process at my practice is pre-recorded and scripted, so that when a new member of staff arrives at my clinic on a Monday morning, we’re able to show them the exact training videos and processes we currently use to get them up to scratch within the quickest time possible.

…10 days!

And the best part? With the sophistication of Infusionsoft, you don’t even have to be there to train them!

Every single thing that happens in your clinic, from the moment a new patient rings the phone, walks through door, sits in the reception area and leaves to go home after their treatment session… there’s a process for that which Infusionsoft can deliver training on to that new member of staff (meaning they can follow step-by-step exactly how things should be done without anyone having to show them how!).

It’s something that I’m working on with my Next Level Coaching Group members – it’s a game changer, saving you hours of time to put towards growing your business each week, AND freeing you from the frustration of thinking ‘how do I replace a staff member I want to remove?”… for good.

With this system I’ve created you’ll be able to autopilot the entire on-boarding process whilst growing and scaling your clinic at the same time.

Because let’s face it, as small PT clinic owners, we don’t have time for people to be dragging their heels before they’re up to scratch.

Want to know more?

Reach me here and I’ll give you a demo of Infusionsoft, the software that allows me to “autopilot” the growth of my clinic at any time, no matter where I am.


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