My 1 BIG Tip To Light Up Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Customer Service

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Leaving Orlando today…

…about to board a flight to Myrtle Beach (SC), to spend a “VIP” day with my own business coach in Conway.

We talk once per week, and I visit his office once per year for a full day talking High Level Marketing Strategy.

It’s without doubt, the highlight of a trip that’s taken me from the West coast to East coast, across the last 6 weeks.

But, before I board, let me share with you one more idea that I “stole” from Disney.

I started this one at my own practice a few years back.

It’s called “Magic Moments”…

And, how it works, it this:

My 1 BIG Tip To Light Up Your Physical Therapy Clinic's Customer Service
Basically, all of my team – admin and staff PT – meet every Wednesday morning (without fail, whether I’m there or not) and what they each must do, is re-call one “magic moment” of the week.

It can be something they did, or, as I like best, something that they noticed another member of staff do for one of our patients that was, well, “magical”, in how it made that person feel.

See, my companies mission statement is this:

“To significantly brighten
the day of our patients, so much
so that we want to be the one
they talk about at home,
later that same day”…

(…Notice there’s NO mention of “easing any pain”, “educating” or restoring “function” – don’t tell the APTA lol 😉

And, “Magic Moments” helps us to do that.

What’s more, it allows my staff to regularly feel great about themselves and stay focused on their individual purpose, and our over all, company mission.

As a result, profits go through the roof.

Our attention to detail in the customer service dept. is second to non.


Because I realized a LONG time ago that JUST being a great health care provider, just isn’t good enough any more.

Even doctors are starting to fall foul of the often “dreadful” service they give out.

The consumer rules.

They have the choice.

And, you and I must deliver something that no one else does.

The problem is, 200,000 + people in the US are capable of delivering “PT”.

So my tip for you today is this:

Business is actually really simple.

Talk to people about their problems as *they see it* so they know that you “get them” and can provide a solution like no one else does (Marketing).

If you do that, more of them show up.

Then, when they all arrive, LOVE them like no one else has the time to do (…customer service).

Do both of those things, and my bet is that your PT business will BOOM in 2016 and beyond…

Who knows, maybe I’ll see you in the line for “thunder mountain” at Disney World next summer spending that more free time and more money you’ve found and made, having a TON of fun with your family, too??

Sure hope so.

It’s fun out here.

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