The 5 “Disney World” Profit Strategies That Every PT Clinic Could Use…

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Spent the whole weekend at Disney…

I go twice per year…

Once as a “daddy” to a two year old…

…and, once as the owner of a business looking for “Marketing and sales” ideas to implement into my own practice.

With that said…

…let me share with you 5 strategies that Disney uses that you, like me,  could apply at your own practice to boost profits.

Ready? Here, we, go…


  1. The “Up sell” in the shops at end of Main St – just as your think you’ve spent all that you’re going to, BOOM, there’s a shop waiting for you as you leave and there’s another $30 gone on candy!……where’s your “cash up sell” as patients are about to leave PT?
  2.  Vacation club – basically, a monthly subscription to ensure your vacation dollars get spent with Disney, year on year – have you got a monthly subscription massage program at your clinic? (…mine is called “a year or care”!)

3. They make you book dining or get priority fast passes before you even arrive in Orlando – Disney wants to control the start to end experience and this is the equivalent of booking all sessions in advance!

4. Discount for paying for all your tickets in full – noticed how they incentivise paying for more days up front?

It’s just $10 extra to pay for day five… we didn’t want it, but we bought it and imagine how many extra dollars we’ll spend in the theme park when we get there for that fifth day!…

(Are you giving clients discounts for being “a compliant/hassle free patient?? I have NO problem giving patients discounts for paying up front AND telling them why… i.e. because I like to reward my best patients).

5. Brochures/Literature sent in the mail on request, prior to booking your vacation – Even Disney does “lead generation”. The most profitable, most well know, most trusted brand in the world recognises that they have to give people information first to help them make the right decisions – are you giving your patients information to help them choose you??


…What’s that you say??

Strategies for a “theme park” aren’t appropriate for a small Physical Therapy clinic?

…Even though they’re working for one of the most successful companies in the world??

I beg to differ…

…In fact, I’d wager that these things are more suited to the Physical Therapy industry, than a theme park.

And now, more so than ever.

See, it’s the clinics who look out side the box at the “billion dollar” companies – and not at their competitors across the street just scrapping a living – who will prosper in this new health care economy.

And it’s going to get EASIER…

Having spent three days at the APTA conference talking to 100’s of PT’s, I can tell you that there’s a LOT of “doom and gloom “about the PT industry right now…

…Which is great for YOU.

Because while they’re all discussing how bad it is and whose fault it is…

…you’re the one reading these types of emails, investing in program and courses, looking for fresh new ideas to sky rocket your clinic to new, higher levels of success.

There’s OPPORTUNITIES to do something different, every where you look.

All that’s left for you to do, I guess, is actually take some action and start making some changes.

Especially if your clinics numbers have flat lined.

Because failing to take action on the ideas and opportunities I give you is a bit like going to Magic Kingdom, and choosing not to get your 3 “fast pass” tickets that’ll jump you to the front of the queue – and save you a ton of hassle and frustration.

And you know what??

As it happens, you can get a business success “fast pass”, from right here, now,

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Maybe some more Disney tomorrow.

“See Ya’ Real Soon!”,

Paul Gough

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