Marketing Tips For Physical Therapists Frustrated By A Lack Of Physician Referrals (And POTS)

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If you’re anything like most of the other PT’s who I help, one of the challenges, (maybe even *threats* to your business), is from physicians and doctors.

(Either setting up against you, or just not referring regularly enough).

And I understand, how, if you’re a small town or independent physical therapy clinic just trying to make a living and hoping for a few referrals to boost your profits – it can be frustrating when they don’t come in – despite your best “marketing to physician” efforts.

And if you’re battling away against a physician owned therapy service positioned across the street, then that frustration must be even worse as you watch their car park fill up each day with patients (and not yours).

So, what are *we* going to do about it?

Well, I have a few solutions.

(Proven ones that work, too).

Want to know more?


Well, the first thing you’ve got to do is stop focusing all your efforts and energy on “marketing to physicians”.

Who wants to rely solely upon referrals for all the referrals, anyway?

What if the one that you’ve got a nice relationship with, the one who sends say, 60% of your clinics referrals, decides to take an extended vacation?

Or, retire early?

Worse yet, set up his own clinic against you because he realises how much cash is to be made from owning a pt clinic he and his friends can refer to?

(His reimbursements are dropping too, remember).

So lets focus on a different style of marketing.

“Marketing solutions”…

Preferably to patients you love to work with – hassle free, high paying, always show up, follow through on care plans etc etc.

Now, did you notice how I NEVER said “market your services”.

Despite what the “APTA” and the “guru’s” out there are telling you, doing that is a waste of your time.


Simply because patients don’t really care about “your services” and as much as the APTA want to “raise awareness” of how great a profession physical therapy IS, people don’t have the time to listen.

So what to do?


You’re going to need to know how to get the attention of prospective patients LONG BEFORE they decide to call there network (and end up in the care of a medical doctor).

And how to do it?

It starts with marketing solutions in the form of “bait”.

Offering something that somebody wants.

Something that makes their life EASY and hassle free – and less painful or more active, of course.

This bait has got to be something that can help someone solve a problem or pain in their life.

And your marketing has to at least let them know that there is a solution out there that doesn’t involve anything too strenuous or difficult – like calling their network or arranging to go and see a doctor – and tell them exactly how and where to get that solution (i.e. by calling your clinic).

This type of marketing is known as “Direct Response”…

And is way more effective than running adverts that “raise awareness”, “get your brand out there”, or wasting time “marketing to physicians” (who don’t have the time to read what you send them any way).

Interested to know more about how you can use direct response marketing to beat the POTS and generate your own continuous supply of new patients?

If so…

Watch for my name appearing in your inbox over the next few days when the marketing lessons will begin.

In the mean time, Hit Reply with your questions for me.

I’m interested to know what marketing you’ve tried so far…

Did it work successfully?

Was it an expensive flop?

What’s the single biggest thing that frustrates you about marketing that you’d love to know the answer too?

Go ahead, HIT REPLY…

I read all your replies and love to hear from you.

Talk soon.


P.S If you want me to help you solve your problems personally…

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Be quick though…

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