What Do You Want To Have Happen? (At Your PT Clinic)

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Story time:

So as I write this note to you although I’m sat on the balcony of my apartment in sunny “La Jolla”, I’m somewhat tired and very “jet lagged” after a long flight to get here yesterday.

12 hours on a plane, but always well worth it to be in what always feels like “home” 😉

And as me and my young family travelled over… with some of the time we had on our hands we spoke about “what we wanted to have happen as a result of being here.”

Now when I first asked this question to my girl friend “Natalie”, she looked at me as if to say “what do you mean”… and proceeded to comment that we were, of course, here for the next 6 weeks to have some “fun”.

“Good answer”, I said.

But lets be a little more specific.

Because unless we have a VERY clear idea about what we want to have happen EVERYDAY when we’re here on this “work-acation”… chances are high that we could leave some fun on the table!..

So we decided to write a list.

And I came up with things like:

* Enjoy a morning walk along the beach at 6.30 am with a fresh coffee in hand.

* Spend at least 60 minutes of every day with my son Harry in the near by swing park

* Get at least 30 minutes of exercise (swim, bike or jog), every single day without fail.

* Watch the sun go down every night at 7.30 pm before heading out for dinner…

And so the list went on…

…just as detailed, just as clear about what I wanted to have happen every single day that I’m in “La Jolla” to ensure that I get the best return on my investment – both my time, and my money.

Other wise, what’s the point?…

And it’s much the same when it comes to my clinics “marketing”…

See, if you don’t have a crystal clear understanding of why you’re sending out that postcard, that newsletter, placing that Ad or pushing “send” on an email to your past patients, there really is no point in doing it and it’ll cost you lots more than it’ll make you.

And of all the mistakes I’ve seen owners in the US make when it comes to “marketing their services”, the biggest, without doubt, is that they just don’t know what they want to have happen as a result of their efforts.

There’s no end goal.

No clear strategy.

Most owners aren’t sure whether they’re asking for appointments (“sales model”), attempting to cast a bigger net by beginning a relationship with prospects by using the powerful “lead generation” strategy… or just taking part in the cash DRAIN that is “brand awareness” and running some ads because it appears that’s what the big hospital systems do.

And so here’s my question to you:

Do you know “what do you want to have happen” at your PT clinic?…

Have you got a crystal clear plan that you’re executing on everyday taking you closer to your goal?

Each time you invest in sending our mailers, EDDM, make a change to your website or run an ad, are you achieving the results you REALLY wanted?…

And since you came to my website a few weeks back asking to join my email list looking to boost your number of referrals from direct access have you gotten any where near to achieving your goal?

If NOT, then the chances are it’s because you’re not clear on what marketing strategy you’re using at your clinic (if any!)…

And as everyday that goes by and you don’t get clear on that strategy, you’re losing a ton of money.

Imagine with me what it would be like if you could just figure out a better strategy for running an advert in a local community, mid week paper, one that costs just $300 to run and delivered $4800 worth of new patients…

Or, imagine sending a single email to your past patients and re-activating “5” of them, each for a new course of treatment…

See, both of those things have happened to two clinic owners I’m working with, in just the last week.

One in Michigan, one here in California…

One is a single clinic owner working “solo”, the other, a multi-clinic owner with a dozen staff.

They’re both using the exact same “strategy” that I made work at my own clinics…

…and they’re now just two of a number of owners beginning to see incredible results happening thanks to the completely new strategy I’ve implemented at their clinic.

Last question:

“When are you going to let me implement that strategy into your PT clinic?”…

If you’re ready to try something different and you think you want move your clinic on to the next level, then let’s talk…

Just hop on over to here and fill out this form:

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…to let me know you’re ready.

Be quick though…

The sun is shining here in “La Jolla” and I got some time in the swing park to put in with my little boy before I head off to watch the sun set on them “seals” 😉

Cheerio for now.

Paul Gough

P.S That same strategy I COULD let you in on…

It’s the one that is keeping my own clinic successfully running back over in the UK as I spend the next 6 weeks here in the sun with my family.

Let’s talk about you getting in on some of that type of lifestyle, too:
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