Marketing For Physical Therapists : A Lesson On How To Market To Find Your Own Patients

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One of the most common reasons that a PT will ask for my help is, by their own admission, something that goes like this:


“I know I need to “market” to get more patients, I just don’t know how to do it as successfully as I would like”.


…Is that happening to you?

If it is…

Then over the course of the next few emails I’m going to help you out by giving you a few “tips” on how to better market to find more patients and make more cash.

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Ok, where to start…

“Ah yes…”

Well, the first thing I think I’m going to do is tell you that getting good at marketing is NOT easy.

No way.

And in a strange way, I hope that makes you feel a little better.


I sense that many PT’s get frustrated (and even stressed out!) at this whole “marketing their services” thing – even more so when they look around at their competitors who “appear” to be marketing better than they are.

But here’s the thing:

Most “marketing” efforts are ineffective and wasteful.

Done only because the business owner feels as though they HAVE to do something, just because the other PT’s around them are doing it.

And, as a general rule, there’s a “copy cat” mentality in play too.

One clinic looks across town at their competitors, see’s them advertising on TV, on the radio, appearing first in the paid for Google Ads, in newspapers or magazines, even buying up “likes” on Facebook – and feels forced to so the same.

Maybe even on a bigger scale, spending more, trying to gain the advantage.

But doing so with no real understanding of what to say (or write) in those AD’s to motivate people to respond.

And the number reason why the phone doesn’t ring as much as the business owner would like?…

Usually because they don’t know precisely “WHO” it is they’re trying to catch the attention of.

Truth is…

All successful marketing must start with a crystal clear idea of the type of person you want to see walk through your clinic doors.

In marketing terms, that’s known as identifying the “WHO” or the “Market” you’re going after.

And, is one of the three critical components that make up what I call a *Marketing Triangle* that is essential you know more about.

See, if you’re sending out postcards, trying your hand at Google Ad’s or even Facebook, you’ve got to know “WHO” it is you want to target FIRST – so that you can say the right words to motivate that specific person to take action i.e. call your clinic (and not your competitors across the street).

Want to know more about how to choose the right “WHO” and the “Marketing Triangle” that will help you solve your problem?

If so, be sure to open up the next email you get from me in a few days time where I’ll explain more on how to market to find your own patients successfully.

In the mean time…

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Go ahead…

HIT REPLY to this email and let me know what concerns you most about marketing.

What have you tried so far?

How successful was it?

Are you frustrated by what your competitors appear to be doing successfully to market their services, and wondering why you can’t do the same?

Let me know by hitting Reply.

I read all replies and love to hear from you.

Talk soon.

Paul 😉

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