The Low-Cost Way To Get More New Patients From Your PT Website

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On this PT Profit Academy Tutorial we show you how to CONVERT more new patients currently looking on your clinics website, and at the same time, keep “top of mind” with your past patients meaning more referrals coming in – all thanks to this new, low cost way of using the internet.

It’s a common problem amongst all business owners…

No matter how much money they spend on their websites… things just don’t seem to work out the way they should. Your not getting any extra conversions from your website despite that new button, that new picture or the change you made to the headline or video.

Here’s the stats:

85% of people who visit any website leave and NEVER take any action.

We’d all like to think that every single person that comes into contact with our PT business online, will follow a very straight and orderly path to booking an appointment, and paying for our services having read about them on there.

But in reality, the patient’s journey to your treatment room, isn’t as straight forward as that.

The reality is, 99% of people will visit your website… and then leave, failing to take the next step – getting in touch with you and booking an appointment, and you’ve lost them forever.

But what if I told you there was a way to solve this problem?

To stay in touch with the people who visit your website who don’t get in touch?

It might be that they got distracted, they thought they’d think it over a little longer or even go to check out the competition.

All very common problems that add up to one thing – no money being exchanged for your great PT services.

Introducing “Re-Marketing”

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Along side, Google PPC, Email Marketing and Inbound Marketing… one of the biggest game-changers for my own physical therapy clinic profits, is Re-Marketing.

(Here’s my clinics website:

How it works?

Well, you may be familiar with feeling like a company is following you around everywhere you go on the internet, since you were on their site a day or so ago.

You skip from Facebook, to CNN, the NY Times, to your favourite online shopping website, and everywhere you look, you see a banner advert for that same company.

Seems pretty impressive right?

And you might have wondered how they do this…

That’s “Remarketing” and it’s also very simple to use for small businesses – it makes us look huge when patients see us on websites like the Huffington post or CNN – which is just one of the reasons it gives you so much chance of success with acquiring leads and converting them into new patients.

Here’s an example of one of my own clinics Remarketing ads appearing on CNN’s website:

Ad 1 (1)

Essentially, with Remarketing you put a “pixel” on your website, so when someone visits your website, they are captured, and added to the audience that will see YOUR clinic’s ad.

From now on, they’ll see you everywhere they go.

This internet marketing tactic is extremely powerful, and will give people the impression that you are everywhere, regardless of the size of your PT business they’ll think you’re the biggest PT clinic in the whole of the USA.

And even if they don’t call you the first time after seeing your advert – eventually they do, as they will keep on seeing YOUR advert, and you’ll be at the “top of their mind”.

And it’s that being “top of mind”, that is critical to the success of any Marketing. If you’re at all interested in taking the leap into the very profitable world of Internet Marketing and boosting conversions from your website, you may wish to look at this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.59.43

It’s a program with 7 ways to boost NP’s at you clinic – and five of them are game changes for how you use the internet and make sales from your website.

Take a look when you click this link:

7 Low Tech Ways To Get More New Patients

You’ll also have instant access to some of the very biggest changes that I’ve made to my own website to make it more profitable.

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7 Low Tech Ways To Get more New Patients


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