Hypocritical PT Business Owners

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Hear me out…

So I spent the weekend in North Scottsdale, Phoenix…

I’m here spending time in the clinics of some awesome PT’s that I’m helping to move forward with their business…

On Saturday, I took a “hike” to the top of “South Mountain” with some of my team who are here with me:


I always find that when I’m doing something “physical” like hiking up a mountain, the conversation gets REAL!

And this “hike” was no exception.

As we climbed, I spoke about the growing number of businesses being run by “hypocrites”.

Why “hypocrites”?…

Because the owners live their life one way, but run their business another!

Let me give you an example of what I mean:

I don’t know you from this far…

But I bet you RARELY, if ever, make impulsive decisions about buying something that costs more than $500 (…the average cost of PT these days factoring in co-pay and deductibles).

If you saw an advert today for a weekend vacation, a new TV, a new kitchen table, a watch, or anything else in that price bracket, EVEN IF you wanted it or needed it today, chances are you wouldn’t rush out and buy it on a whim.

I’d wager that what would likely happen is that you’d have your attention “snagged”…

Your interest “heightened”.

And, you’d maybe head on over to the website or down to the store to ask one or two questions that would likely advance the sale… 

If you went to the store, you’d probably want to spend at least 20-30 minutes with the sales representative to ask some questions about the new TV you were considering – just to make sure it is going to be right for you.

In essence, you’ve already decided to buy, but what you’re looking for is someone to help validate that decision so that you can be confident in handing over the $500 the store is asking in exchange for the TV.

You know what else might happen?…

You might ask for 24-48 hours to think on it.

To way up your options…

To talk it over with someone at home and consider the VALUE of the proposed TV while in the comfort of your own home – a safe place to make good decisions – before handing over the credit card.

In reality, this whole process could take 2-3 weeks.

(If not longer).

Maybe even 2-3 visits to the store to pick up the remote and play with the TV so you can get a feeling of what that new TV might look like in your front room…

…even begin to think about if this purchase might make “Monday Night Football” (or whatever you love to watch) an even better experience for you and the family.

And when you get to THAT point, guess what you do next?

That’s right, you BUY!

Now contrast that with what is happening at most PT clinics today…

Where’s the provision to help someone who thinks and acts just like you – make that same decision – over a period of weeks?

For most, it’s non-existent.

It’s all “book now” OR “download your forms here”…

If people make decisions like the process I’ve just described, what makes PT Owners think that running an “ad” that announces:

“I’m a physical therapist, 

call me today”

…is ever going to work?

It never will.

But it continues to happen for two reasons: 

The first is “arrogance”.

Many PT’s are literally drowning in their own self-importance and think they’re too busy to help their patients UNLESS they’re getting paid.

(Actions speak louder than words!)

The second is “naivety” – because despite years of medical school training, most PT’s have neglected to ever consider the most fundamental aspect of every successful business – PEOPLE.

And most people rarely make good decisions on impulse. 

In fact, by the time they hit “40”…

… most people have made so many bad ones, they’re *paralytic* with fear about making another one that they make no-decision at all – even if they’ve got chronic low-back pain.  

Want to know how to spot if you’re being a “hypocrite”?

It’s easy…

Look on your clinics website right now…

If it’s the “ME, ME, ME” show – a website focused on you and your great service and qualifications (and not helping the consumer make better decisions) – then you too, are likely to be guilty of living one way, but running your business the other.


Rant over.

If you’re ready to leave the “me, me, me” show behind…

…and head in a new direction that sees you begin to help people BEFORE you get paid for services…

I’ve been doing the “GIVE BEFORE I GET” thing for years now…

It seems that the more that I give, the more that I get.


A business owner who’s successful because he DOESN’T focus on the almighty dollar.

Go figure.

Paul Gough

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