Why Being Liked Doesn’t Pay The Rent!

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So these last couple of weeks I’ve been helping 3 Owners to get more new patients to arrive via Direct Access… with a little help from “Facebook”.

Now when it comes to being “on” Facebook, I’m not a big fan personally…

But when it comes to making money “on” Facebook… I LOVE it!…

See, I might not like it…

…but the people with bad backs, painful knees, and stiff necks… do!

i.e your patients!

So it’s impossible to ignore this “Media” as a place to hunt for prospective new patients.

The problem is, everyone is telling you get more likes, just put out a few status updates and or pay to “boost” your posts.

All a complete waste of time – and as I always say, “likes” don’t pay the rent”!

An example:

One of the guys I’m working with right now (not the one who dozed off in the jacuzzi last week, but another, who I’ll keep nameless, but you will know him) was (before we met) running a promotion aimed at getting a few “likes” on his fan page.

He spent about $350 doing it…

And got tons of likes,

But no patients.

And yet, in just this last week (since we changed the “strategy”)… he’s already got his first patients booked in having found them on Facebook, set to proceed with $1200 worth of treatment taking advantage of Direct Access and cutting out the MD.

“Easy peesy”… when you know how.

Anyway, Facebook is such a hot topic of conversation with the owners I’m helping right now, here’s an article I wrote just this morning (in Starbucks), for you to look at:

The Facebook Revolution – How PT’s Can Cash In >>>

Explains more about how to find patients on Facebook… and how to get them to give you some money in exchange for your services AND like you, at the same time.

And if you read all the way to the bottom, there’s a chance for you to get some help to implement this type of marketing into your clinic.

Do scroll down.

Get in on the Facebook Revolution, by clicking here:

The Facebook Revolution – How PT’s Can Cash In >>>

Paul Gough.

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Just kidding 😉

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